7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 10

The One Thing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2003 on The CW
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Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) and Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison) begin their student rotation in the ER, but get off to a bad start by arriving late and angering Dr. Norton (guest-star Dennis Boutsikaris), the attending ER physician. Matt and Sarah's relationship is tested when Matt quickly demonstrates an aptitude for the work, but Sarah accuses him of trying to make himself look better than the other students, especially her. However, Matt ends up looking foolish when he can't figure out how to turn off the ringer on his cell phone and he gets stuck fielding calls from his family. Matt's day ends tragically, leaving him to question his destiny.moreless

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  • I absolutely loved it!

    Matt and Sarah start their student rotation. They are late, and Matt forgets his bag of medical things on the subway. Sarah is using her maiden name. Everything there is crazy! The head doctor tells them not to care for the patients. Matt disagrees with this theory and the head doctor dislikes him. A patient, who takes a liking to Matt, dies because the doctor told Matt not to care. Everyone at the house is trying to call Matt, which gets Matt into more trouble. Matt tries to figure out “the one thing.”

    This was an awesome episode! I saw this just as I was starting to take interest in 7th Heaven, so at first, I thought they were showing the wrong show! I didn’t really know who Matt and Sarah were and I only knew who Eric, Annie, Lucy, Ruthie, Kevin, Cecilia, Chandler, Roxanne, and Peter were. When I didn’t see them, I almost stopped watching, but then I found out that it was in fact 7th Heaven. This was a great episode because I really loved Matt’s determination to get through to the doctor. I really don’t like the head doctor. The nurses are really great and I thought that all the medical stuff was cool! Overall, I absolutely loved this episode and I am giving it a 10!moreless
  • Wow, another great episode of 7th Heaven. This is now my favorite episode so far this season. And that's saying a lot considering last weeks episode "Go Ask Alice" was a fantastic episode that I gave a 10 to and decided that was my favorite episode.moreless

    Wow, another great episode of 7th Heaven. This is now my favorite episode so far this season. And that's saying a lot considering last weeks episode Go Ask Alice was a fantastic episode that I gave a 10 to and decided that was my favorite episode. Only a week later and I change my mind. 7th Heaven has had some really strong episodes this November. I must say this is so far a great season for 7th Heaven. It's even better than last year, and that was with Simon (David Gallagher). I must admit, I thought Simon being gone would put a major hole into the series but it really hasn't. I guess Simon wasn't as important to the series as I thought. I mean he didn't have much storyline in season 7 anyway to begin with. Well, maybe the teen heartthrob fans think so. Anyway, with recurring appearances by the great Barry Watson and the lovely Sarah Madison it will be an enjoyable season, and proof was positive with this episode (I don't care what TV Guide says!)

    The majority of this episode took place in New York City in the Emergency Room where Matt and Sarah began their Emergency Room rotation. It's quite obvious that this episode was very "Emergency Room"ish. I should know because I am an "Emergency Room" fan myself. Despite a few minor errors that writer Fred Eisesman made, he did a good job. Besides it's not too bad going out of the usual element of 7th Heaven for a while and trying something new. Let's begin….

    (Note: Sorry again for the late review. The Thanksgiving holiday season took me a little)

    Matt and Sarah: This was really not the best day for them. I've only been to a hospital a few times but it is very dreadful with sick people around and the Emergency Room is very crowded in New York. I can vouch that since I live in New York City and have been to Lutheran, Brooklyn and St. Vincent's Hospital. Anyway, I think this episode did a very realistic job. Dr. Norton felt very much like a second Dr. Romano who recently saw his untimely death (If you watch Emergency Room you know what I'm talking about). Just like Romano he's mean but I'm guessing how most Emergency Room doctors are. I mean working in an Emergency Room, as a resident with a 30-hour shift is not the most inspiring place to be happy at. Just like Romano Dr. Norton didn't have much empathy for patients. It's not surprising after spending so much time in the Emergency Room that you lose your humanity in people and start looking at your patients like customers instead of sick people. With newbie's like Matt, Sarah and the other staff it's only natural for them to care. It is true that doctors are to care for their patients at a certain point. I mean I think Matt cared a little too much and Dr. Norton cared a little too little. I mean every time Matt loses a patient he can't go to that person's house and adopt their dog. And Dr. Norton was no better, maybe even worse. I felt so bad for Matt when Dr. Norton yelled at him during the end of his rotation when placing the blame on him of his patient dying. The actors were really good and felt so bad. Was it just me or did Matt look like he was about to cry himself? At least matter had a silver lining of having Nurse Kelly and Dr. Sterling to take him under their wing and help him out. I really loved Nurse Kelly. She was understanding yet firm throughout the episode. A true nurse. And it's great seeing that Dr. Sterling did her best to make them as comfortable, yet firm on them. Between Dr. Sterling and Norton, Sterling was better at teaching and being firm, yet understood to trainees.

    Also, I've too seen that there has been a lot of debate among users with Sarah not acknowledging her and Matt as a couple when Dr. Sterling asked. I must say that I can partially understand Sarah. I mean it is common for women today wanting to keep their maiden name (especially when working with your husband) as a profession because they don't want to be distinguished as "so and so's wife" in the working area. It does happen. But I really didn't understand why Sarah didn't flatly come out that she's married to him. I mean it's obvious sooner or later the staff will find out. But technically Sarah didn't lie either. Dr. Sterling asked she was "living in sin" or shacking up" with him and they are doing neither. But still, Sarah should've come clean. It was obvious at the end these two are going to have a bumpy ride as both made mistakes on their first day together and were beginning to drift apart at the end of the episode. Matt doesn't even know if this is "the one thing" for him and Sarah doesn't know how she can work with Matt as she felt he was showing off and trying to steal the spotlight. He wasn't, he was just trying to be the best he can be on this first day and it blew in his face. I can't wait till they come back again later on in the season. The honeymoon is definitely over for these two.

    The Camden's in Glen Oak: Ok, if I had any complaints about this episode it would go to the Camden family calling Matt from Glen Oak. I know maybe somewhere in the actor's contracts it says they have to appear in every episode of the 22 but couldn't they make an exception? There was no use for them in this episode and seemed to be out of place. Ok, I can understand Annie and Eric as they did call him in the wee hours in the morning and were wishing good luck to their son and apologized they were disturbing him. But what in the world were Lucy, Kevin, Ruthie and the rest all about!? And what is with Lucy crying about as Kevin explains to Matt after he calls him after Matt "upsets" her. And the fact that Lucy rudely hangs up the phone when Chandler tells her to hold the phone for Ruthie when he picks up was just hateful. I mean I'm glad she hung up for Matt's sake, but the fact that Lucy is SO MAD at Matt because he was just working is ridiculous. In fact, come to think of it, does Lucy work!? I don't think so. That's another issue I hope the writer's address.

    Overall, this was a fantastic episode. This episode gets a 10 all around despite my lack of liking the Camdens this week. It gets a 10 alone for the episode being around Matt and Sarah as the writers did a great job with their return and an update on their lives together as a newlywed couple. Lucy and Kevin better get back on my good side in the next episode, because I've liked them both pretty much so far this season till this episode. Writers, fix it!

    Grade: **10 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *Debi Mazar did a great job on her role as Nurse Kelly. She's was very laidback: very unusual for Ms. Mazar whose roles for the majority are more hyped up.

    *Couldn't the writers wait an extra episode before they start the attraction factor and reconciliation of Roxanne and Chandler? It's quite obvious they'll be getting back to together soon (who knows, maybe a wedding this season) but honestly all we fans cared about this week is seeing Matt and Sarah.

    *How did Matt get into that woman's apartment after she died to get the dog?

    *By the look of the buildings outside Matt and Sarah's building it looks like they live somewhere uptown Manhattan or some place in the Village. Their apartment was small but for the Village it is very expensive to live there. I wonder who pays for the apartment and their expenses?

    *Since every other starring Camden and non-Camden appeared in this episode at some point why did not Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)?moreless
Debi Mazar

Debi Mazar

Nurse Kelly

Guest Star

Dennis Boutsikaris

Dennis Boutsikaris

Dr. Norton

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Miranda Kwok

Miranda Kwok

Julie Liu

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Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Camden

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Matt also saw his friend Renee have her baby in the 2nd episode. He took her to the hospital and was in the delivery room when it happened. He didn't see Sam and David being born, and was to young when Ruthie was born

    • Response to letting the phone ring. You only get charged for a call when the person your calling picks up, so they wouldn't have been charged anything for that call.

    • When Matt told Sarah that he wanted to be a doctor because he saw a couple of babies born when he was a teenager was he talking about Sam, David and Ruthie?

    • Why was Peter taking so many cookies or brownies when it looked like Ruthie already had one.

    • Ruthie and Cecilia were just letting the phone ring until Matt picked it up, but doesn't it cost money to make a long-distance phone call and just stay on the line?

    • Why didn't Matt just take the batteries out of his cell phone so he wouldn't get any more calls?

    • Why was there a little pal in the middle of the kitchen floor? Quite obvious for Kevin to see and dig through.

    • How can Matt's cell phone continue to ring for a long time while the Camdens are calling him without hanging up? After about 30 seconds the telephone advisor usually comes on and would tell the sender that the person they're calling is unavailable.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Mr. Adams to Sarah (with niddle): "Ouch!"

      Sarah to Mr. Adams: "Sorry."

      Dr. Sterling to Sarah: "No, never say sorry, it's a sign of weakness."

      Doctor to Dr. Sterling: "Isn't that from an old John Wanye movie?"

      Ruby to Dr. Sterling: "They're like little vampires."

      Matt to Sarah: "You said you wanted to trade. Besides you do better with Napoleon."

      Sarah to Matt: "Why?"

      Matt to Sarah: "Well, hypermanic, dillusions of grandeur, he sounds a lot like your father."

      Nurse Kelly to Matt (about patient): He wants to know if you're a priest."

      Mr. McNeil to Matt: "Bless me, father."

      Nurse Kelly to Mr. McNeil: "He can't bless you Mr. McNeil, he left his holy water on the subway."

      Kevin to Matt: "Lucy your sister my wife is upstairs crying becuase of the way you talked to her."

      Matt to Kevin: "It's Lucy she always crying. I'll call you later."

      Matt to Nurse Kelly: "Is it like this everyday?"

      Nurse Kelly to Matt: "Haha, no. Today was a good day. It gets worse."

      Matt to Nurse Kelly: "I wasn't expecting."

      Nurse Kelly to Matt: "What, all this? How could you? I mean I go home every night after taking care of 15 patients. I come back in the next morning and there's 15 new ones waiting to be seen. I just want to come in one morning and find an empty waiting room just so I could say 'thank God we fixed them all', you know?"

      Matt to Nurse Kelly: "There must be something that makes you come back every morning."

      Nurse Kelly to Matt: "Oh, that one thing. What's your one thing Dr. Camden?"

      Dr. Norton to Matt: "You've been doing this for what, 15 minutes? And you have the gall to blame me for your mistakes? You arrogant little no-nothing."

      Matt to Dr. Norton: "You're wrong."

      Dr. Norton to Matt: "I'm warning you Mr. Camden, go home while you still have a future."

  • NOTES (11)


    • Doctor: Isn't that from some old John Wayne movie?
      An ER resident makes a reference to John Wayne when antoher doctor is explaining that apologizing to your patients is a sign of weekness. John Wayne was a famous movie actor in the 1940's and 1950's.