7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 12

The Prodigal Father

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2004 on The CW

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  • This episode would've been alright if only by one huge mistake made at the end of the episode by show creator Brenda Hampton who wrote this episode. I couldn't beleive it.

    Ok, I'll admit it...This episode hardly involved the Camden's and it didn't wow me! Why is that!? This is a complaint that has been going on lately with the show starting to shift away from the Camdens and onto so many non-Camdens that keep joining the show. This episode would've been alright if only by one huge mistake made at the end of the episode by show creator Brenda Hampton (who wrote this episode). I couldn't believe it. Let's break it down... (I'm doing it a little differently this week since the Petrowski family was the only real storyline in this episode and everyone else was just...there)...

    The Highs: I really liked the introduction of Vic (Bryan Callen). He was rude, crude and mean and sorta out there---yet likeable. I know some "7th Heaven" fans will probably be put off by Vic, but it's a change of pace on this show that we don't get usually with intentionally rude and crude characters. Many fans are already put off by seeing Peter and Paris already, and now Vic--I know some won't be happy. But I like them---and Vic only adds to it. I guess Eric did his best to help as well as Kevin and the other non-Camdens. Chandler and Eric were great in their involvement in the scenes that had them getting Paris and Peter closer to an anti-social Vic. Everyone else in this episode was really no use----and that's sad to say. But I guess the writers are swapping episodes this season to have a section of characters being more prominent in episodes than others. That's wise considering the huge Camden and non-Camden cast now.

    The Lows: Ok, what is up with writer Brenda Hampton and her obsession over mentally challenged people? Being the creator of 7th Heaven I was quite surprised on how she ended the episode so badly, that was alright so far----despite the Camdens not being there much. I'm talking about the reference to the mentally challenged being proclaimed as "angels" when the Camdens (or what's left of them) was helping the mentally challenged people move into their new home. That was just out there and down right awful of Brenda Hampton to put that in. Did she write that scene in like 2 minutes? Because that's what it felt like. You can tell when she doesn't put much thought into her writing at times, because I can't believe she would write dialougue like that and think it would be okay.

    I just wouldn't have not like this episode if it wasn't for that one scene at the end of the episode. I can do without having the Camdens in this episode, but I can't stand how Brenda Hampton put that horrible scene in. What was she thinking!? I know a mentally challenged person, and to think she thinks they're "angels" was just awful. They're real people too Brenda! They have personalities and some are nice and some are mean, they're just like everyone else and not in your "special" category! Ugh! You made me so upset. I was so put off into writing the review for this episode because I hated this episode over that one scene and I hate not liking a 7th Heaven episode.

    Overall, if it wasn't for that ending I would've been much happier with this episode, despite the lack of Camden activity. Unfortunately, this episode takes a new low this season as it started out very strong. I just hate not liking an episode of "7th Heaven"...but I know it'll rebound.

    Grade: **4 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:
    *Matt (Barry), Mary (Jessica), Simon (David) pallllessseeee come back. After watching this episode it's obvious that we took you guys for granted and need you back. Brenda Hampton doesn't do good without you three.

    *Brenda Hampton---please do us a favor---no more stories on metally challenged people. You've done enough of them over the years and are now running them into the ground with new ones and shoving it down our throats. I'm sorry, I just can't get over that scene in this episode.:(