7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 5

The Rat's Out of the Bag

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on The CW
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Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) makes a surprise visit to Glen Oak and accompanies Kevin to a children's party where he dresses up into a well known children's play character. Elsewhere, Lucy goes to see Sandy on a private pregnancy matter that involves Martin, but lies to Kevin that she is going to visit Simon. Matt and Kevin decide it's best to follow her. Meanwhile, Eric has some suspicions of his own regarding Lucy's visit to Simon, and after spying on her, Eric and Matt also inadvertently find out about Sandy's pregnancy.

Meredith is suspicious of Martin, as she wonders why he doesn't keep his cell phone anymore---which is his way of avoiding Sandy and the pregnancy situation.moreless

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  • Classic!

    Lucy says that she is going up to see Simon. Everyone else thinks that she's lying. Matt, Kevin and Eric follow her up there. They see her talking to Sandy and Eric and Matt notice that she looks pregnant. Sandy wants Martin to be a big part of her life. Lucy finds out about Rose's engagement ring. Meredith thinks that Martin might be dating someone else because he never carries his cell phone. He tells her that he's not, but he had sex with Sandy and he wished that he didn't.

    This episode was great! I loved seeing Matt again! I really like Meredith! I still wish that Martin and Sandy hadn't had sex. I like Sandy though. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • A good 'ol Camden family caper

    I must say that this was a mighty fine episode. It's been a while since I really thought that about the show. "Home Run" was pretty good, but I liked this one more. That one was better written, but this one was more entertaining. Season 10 has been a pretty bland season so far, so this funny episode was a breath of fresh air. It was easily the best episode so far this season. Then again, that isn't exactly saying much. With this ep, and the upcoming holiday ones, season 10 might turn around and the middle part might be an improvement with the slowness that the season started out with. I still have no feeling for Rose or Meredith(although I don't mind her), and I don't feel a whole lot for Meredith either. But it was the return of Barry Watson that elevated this episode to higher standards. Barry Watson and the character of Matt has always been a favorite of mine. The best comedic relief this show has had in it's run has mostly come from him. The show is just better when he's on it. If only they would actually give him a storyline of his own, then all would be right. Like in past episodes, he just comes home and gets involved in whatever is going on with his family, without anything of his own. How's Sarah?. Work?. New York?. I want to know these things. And where is Sarah Danielle Madison anyways?. She can't come and make a quick appearance or two?. Anyways, it was great to see Matt and have Barry Watson back, even if it is only for one episode. I hope there is more, but I am not counting on it. Anyways, what was going on this week in Glen Oak?. Read on...

    Matt is back for a family visit, and he is pretty much with Kevin the whole time(poor guy). Kevin is dressed up as Roscoe, a rat that has his own hit show with the younger crowd. Kevin is going to a children's birthday party dressed up as the character while Matt is supposed to babysit Savannah. The two learn that Lucy is going to drive up and pay Simon a visit. Since this is the Camden family, this starts off the nosiness. Why is she going off to see Simon?. There must be something wrong. Of course, it never occurs to the family that maybe a sister is wanting to visit her little brother. Naturally, she is up to something, but still. This sparks Eric's interest as well. He cancels a meeting with lou to follow her to Simon's college(nice to see you putting your priorites in check, Eric). So far, everything about this has been funny and well put together. But it gets better...and funnier. Simon learns that Lucy is coming and he had no idea, which makes Matt and Kevin more interested in what is going on. Lucy gets to the school and doesn't see Simon, but has a talk with Sandy. Last week, Martin told Lucy everything, and now it's Sandy's turn. She is sure that this is Martin's baby. She tells Lucy that she wouldn't drag this guy into all of this if she wasn't sure. After all this drama, it better be his!. Matt and Kevin show up on campus, with Kevin still in his rat costume. Lo and behold, there's Eric sneaking behind a tree and spying on the two ladies as well. This whole scene was hysterical, and the first time I have laughed at 7th(intentionally, anyways)in a looooong time. Once again, Matt makes a funny situation even funnier. Lucy catches on and the three are reprimanded and go back home. Eric tells Annie that he believes Sandy is pregnant, but reassures Annie that he doesn't think it is Simon's baby. Matt and Kevin have this same talk.

    This whole storyline was hilarious, and the comedy aspect of it was actually funny and pulled off very well. Normally, 7th's comedy is not funny at all, and usually seems strained and forced. Not this time. Like I said before, this was the first time I had laughed with this show in ages. I have always said that Barry Watson, more than anyone else who is, or has been, on this show, has a naturl flair for light comedy. I'm glad Matt was back, and I'm glad he was funny. Some decent laughs came from Kevin, but it was because of his costume, because we know Kevin, or George Stults, wouldn't be able to be funny or pull off a comedic line. The Lucy/Sandy/Martin part of the storyline was the first time since this started that I didn't mind it. It was actually pretty decent. Lucy is handling things very well, and Beverly Mitchell has been doing a good job as of late. Plus, she has been looking great this season. The caper portion was classic 7th Heaven. With Matt involved in it, it felt like old times. I was going to mention about Eric's spying and all that, but I forgive them for their nosiness because he said it was wrong and he was ashamed. This wasn't church duty. This wasn't a reverend thing. This was a dad thing. He didn't know it was about Sandy until he got there. If it were my kids and I felt something was going on, I would probably be nosy as well. Granted, I probably wouldn't drive up to my kid's campus, stalk around like a stealth operative, and hide behind trees, but I would do anything I could to get some info. Besides, Eric has been like this for years. Why is it such a big issue for people now?. It was all a set up for something fun and comical, and it pulled it off.

    Then there is the Martin/Ruthie/Meredith part of the show. This was the part that really did nothing for me. Meredith is a nice girl, and Megan Henning is lovely, but I wish the writers knew what they were going to do with this triangle and get it started already. I am not a fan of the Martin/Ruthie hook-up, but if they are going to do it, then I hope they get it going soon. This has been going on for too long. Anyways, Martin and Meredith have a pretty good talk in the car. Meredith finds out about Sandy, and Martin tells her that there is nothing going on between them. He isn't seeing her, and never really was. Meredith seems to be happy with this, and Henning was pretty good in this scene. This was my least favorite part of the episode, but it was done pretty well, and was the first time there was a Martin/Meredith/Ruthie/Sandy story that didn't bore me to tears.

    In the end, "The Rat's Out Of The Bag" was a very satisfying episode of 7th Heaven. "Home Run" was better written and done overall, but this one was funny, entertaining, and was actually kind of interesting. I can't even remember the last episode where I thought that. This was the best episode so far this season(but it wouldn't be hard to get that praise), and I hope the show keeps it up. And the ending?. Pretty interesting. Who was Lucy calling?. Someone with some alcohol on the night stand and a flashing red light in the room?. Someone drinking in a cheap motel room?. Was that what it was?. Who in the world was that?!. Sandy's dad?. Can't wait to see what becomes of that!. Annie, however, was practically non-existent in this episode, which was a shame. Seriously writers, there must be a number of storylines for her to have as her own. I would also of preferred a little more info on Matt and his home life. With Barry Watson getting his own show now, who knows when we will see Matt again, or hear anything from him and Sarah. I hope they figure out some way to get him back. Some people complain that the show doesn't know if it's a comedy or soap opera. How about a drama?. Dramady?. Who says a show can't incorporate different things?. So, this was a very good episode of the show. I hope it's not a fluke.moreless
  • Boo-yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about!

    Oh yeah! Here's a perfect example of a drama that has comedy too! This was one of the best episodes of 7th Heaven I have ever seen! If there really IS a cartoon called "Roscoe Riverton", I'd sure like to see it and find out more about it! Barry Watson guest-stars in this episode, which features some of Barry's best acting as my all-time favorite character, Matt Camden. Gee, it makes me wish that MY first name was Matt! But there's nothing wrong with my real first name. It suits me just fine. This episode deserves a 20; 10 points for drama and another 10 points for some good, zany comedy!moreless
  • Just like the series is supposed to be!

    Unbelievable episode. Seeing Barry Watson act his usual Matt-self was stellar. Ever since episode one, Matt has always been an adventurous and witty character. I love his shoot from the hip plot lines and his episodes are great.

    Making "The Rat's Out of the Bag" even better was having him direct. I definitely take this episode as the best one of the season so far.

  • Martin is going through so much right now and the girls around him are being too self-centred to realise that. Sandy thinks that by hooking a good guy, she will fill the void in her life.moreless

    I want Martin and Ruthie to get together so I am not too thrilled about Martin falling in love with Meredith.

    Lucy is starting to be a better reverend - what a relief!

    Rose is really annoying! I want her out of the picture. She makes my blood boil. I hope that the real reason why Rose's character is there is because it's a lesson on pushy people in our lives and how to get rid of them or deal with them.

    This episode is average. It didn't deliver the answers or drama that I was hoping for. It's taking so long to get to Martin-Sandy solution to their situation.moreless

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