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7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 5

The Replacements

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Eric makes yet another decision without consulting his wife, who finally comes home to some drastic changes in the house. Elsewhere, Sandy finds herself in a romantic triangle with Martin and a guy from school.

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  • And Then There Were Three....

    Let's begin. Robbie, Kevin, Chandler, Roxanne, Peter, Ben, Martin, Cecily, Sandy, and so on. And now, we are introduced to T-Bone(we saw him a little earlier in the season), Jane, and Margaret. So far, 7th Heaven isn't batting a very good average when it comes to next cast members. Out of those 12 people, only Robbie stands out. He was the last great new addition to the cast. Everyone else was just filling up space, as were there storylines of which were of no interest to me. I am sure some die hards feel the same way. But, 7th Heaven went on. Kids grew up and left. Some came back and left again. There were vacancys in the show and I guess they needed to be filled. If only they took Robbie as the starting point to all new characters joining the show. Maybe then, we would like them. Or like them more. With season 11, Simon is completely gone and out of the picture. No appearances at all. No recurring guest stints from Matt(as Barry Watson had his own show, "What About Brian"), and at this point, there was no Ruthie. For me, that last one wasn't much of a negative. Some say the worst offense this episode gave to the viewers was no Kevin(what would it of mattered, anyway?) and very little of Annie and Lucy. That last part I agree with. It's just amazing how the Camdens attract all sorts of people. I guess word gets around town that you are as good as in with the Camdens if you are young, cute, and homeless. Sign me up!. Okay, I am not homeless. While this episode wasn't entirely "bad", it wasn't great either. I have made no bones in other reviews about the fact that episodes of 7th filled with new characters are never good and I usually never like them. I didn't overly like this one, but there was something to it that made it slightly more tolerable and manageable than others like it. We'll get to that in a bit. First off, let's get into what was happening in Glen Oak in this episode...

    We are introduced to three young teens. All homeless. Naturally, with the Camdens obviously being the only good, nice people with a home in town, they all gravitate there. There is T-Bone(Theodore), who we already previously met. He was the one making the moves on a still depressed, down in the dumps Lucy. I actually liked him then. Gets on my nerves here. He is homeless, but has a job. He has been staying at the Church after hours, unbeknownst to Eric or anyone else. First George, and now T-Bone. I guess anybody can stay in Eric's church without them knowing for a while. Anywho, he walks home with Eric, and lets on that he knows something is not quite right with Eric or his health. Oh, these 7th Heaven teens!. Anyways, they get home and T-Bone is looking for a place to stay. Eric gets another surprise when another female just pops up out of the blue in the backyard. Her name is Jane. Earlier, we see her and her friend Margaret try to pull a fast one over Lucy and get a place in Annie's shelter for young mothers. Jane obviously has an attitude, and quickly informs us that she has sarcasm to boot. Too bad she doesn't do it very well. Eric gets badgered by Jane, who Eric learns does pot, to stay there. But she has also brought along Margaret, quiet and shy, and kinda kooky. The only new character I liked. Eric finally agrees to let them stay the night. Anything more than that would have to be brought up with Annie, who should be returning home soon. We know better. They might as well kick up their heels and lay down the welcome mat outside their new bedroom doors.

    So, what is the verdict on the new kids?. Pretty mediocre. Like the episode. T-Bone was mildly amusing back in the second episode, "And Tonight's Specials Are...", but not so much here. A little geeky and annoying. There is more interest with the two girls. Jane is pretty, but the 'tude and sarcasm were pretty turn-offish. Still, it gives some more steam to the plain T-Bone. Her sarcasm just seemed to be sarcasm for sarcasm's sake, and it quickly got old and pointless. Plus, am I the only one that was completely captivated with her teeth?. Lol. She has great teeth. And then there is Margaret. The one I like the best. She is quiet and shy, and as I already mentioned, a bit kooky. In the beginning, you didn't know what was up with her, or what would come out of her mouth...if anything. 1 out of 3 is not great.

    In other areas, we are treated to a side storyline dealing with Sandy and new friend, Daniel. This part was of little to no importance or interest. Instead of a B storyline, I would say this was a C or D storyline. Lol. The best thing that also happened in the episode was the return of Annie in the episode's last few minutes. We are happy when she comes bursting in the door, and think it's kinda funny when she is greeted with a kitchen full of new happenings and people that weren't there when she left. Things are just a lot better when Annie is there. Anyways, not only does Eric fill her in on the new kids, but he also decides it's time to come clean with something else. While we think he is coming clean with his health condition, it is not to be. He tells Annie what he did with Sam and David. He pulled them out of school and has been home schooling them since she has been gone. At first, Annie is naturally upset and not happy with this new revelation. But, as is the way a lot of the time, she comes around and realizes that it may work for them after all. These last few minutes with Annie were the best parts of the entire episode.

    In the end, "The Replacements" was not 7th Heaven at it's best. It wasn't the worst, but the new kids are iffy. I tolerated this one because it was slightly interesting to be introduced to the new additions and find out who they are. This was the last time they were even remotely interesting. It was slightly peculiar that Lucy had such a small part. I guess she didn't fit in with what was going on. Kevin was nowhere to be seen, and you soon realize that his abscence doesn't mean much to the show. His disappearing act wasn't really felt much. He doesn't exactly bring much to the table anyway. But the episode is what it is. I've seen A LOT better, but I have also seen a lot worse.moreless
  • Great, except no George Stults.

    Eric takes in three teens: T-Bone or Theodore, Margaret and Jane. They are all homeless and Jane and Margaret smoke pot. Jane and Margaret try to fake pregnancy to get into the homes for unwed mothers. Annie comes home! She finds out about Sam and David and school and the hamsters. She doesn't want T-Bone, Jane or Margaret to stay. Sandy and Daniel go to Reverend Camden for advice. Daniel wants to have sex, but Sandy doesn't. Both Martin and Daniel want Sandy.

    This was a great episode! I actually like Margaret best out of her, Jane and T-Bone. It was great seeing Annie again! It's obvious that Eric is hiding a health issue. I want Martin and Sandy to be with each other and get married. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • This is the episode where you really notice how many of the kids are missing from the final season...

    I am catching up on summer reruns of 7th Heaven as I wasn't able to watch it during its first run. This is the episode that finally answered the question for me when I watched the series finale in May "who are all of these new people?" Also, I found myself realizing in this episode that I miss the Camden kids. This season Matt's gone, Mary's been gone, Simon's gone and Ruthie's gone! And for half of the episode so is Annie! I'm still unsure if they ever should have done this season but I'm keeping an open mind. And I think anyone who watched the previous 3 episodes before this one was SO glad when Annie finally walked in the door and said "Surprise!!" She is SO missed in the episodes she's not in!moreless
  • 6.0
    i h a v e n o t s e e n t h i s s h o w b u t i h a v e b e e n t r y i n g t o g e t t o s e e i t c a n y o u d o w n l o a d t h i s s h o w o n t h i s s i t e ? c a n s o m e b o d y e m a i l m e o r s o m t h i n g t o l e t m e k n o wmoreless
  • Eric invites people without a home to stay with them as annie is away. She than returns a day earlier than expected.

    I think of this episode as a series classic because the Camden Family usually has someone staying with them other than family. It just seemed so natural for there to be others staying with them, even if it was only for a night. The house seemed so empty before with out any extras hanging around. It was very in character for Eric to agree to having the homeless children staying with them. Eric is always giving. He has always invited anyone in need to stay with them. First it was Robbie and then it was Kevin. No matter who is in need Eric is always willing.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After T-Bone and Eric WALK into from their driveway into the house Jane confronts Eric about Annie but before that tells him she saw him, "Pull into the drive-way". Eric walked home so couldn't have pulled into the drive-way since he didn't have a car.

    • Three new clips each of Catherine Hicks and Tyler Hoechlin appear during the opening theme song of this episode.

    • When Eric experiences car trouble, he decides to walk home with T-Bone. An exterior shot of the Camdens' house with Eric's vehicle parked conveniently in the driveway, even though, in the next scene, they are seen entering the back door after walking home.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Eric and Annie are discussing Jane and Margaret, the two homeless girls staying at their house)
      Eric: How did they meet?
      Annie: (gullibly) At a job fair -- they were both applying to become air traffic controllers. (Eric just rolls his eyes)

    • T-Bone: (to Eric after Eric invites him and the two homeless girls to spend the night at the Camdens) You can't die from having too big a heart, can you?

  • NOTES (4)