7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 18

The Ring

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Matt and Sarah are scheduled to go to marriage counseling with Eric. Eric thinks this will be a good time to bring to the forefront the reasons that marriage isn't the right step for the couple right now. Annie knows that this is on Eric's agenda and makes sure he knows that he has to be supportive or deal with a very upset wife.

Mary has decided to go back to Buffalo to collect her belongs from the General and bought an extra ticket for Lucy to accompany her. Lucy isn't the best flier in the world and has a very uncomfortable ride in the plane.

Lucy tells Mary that she shouldn't seek out the fireman, Ben, because he told her that he didn't want to see her again. Mary informs Lucy that she has a plan but she won't reveal it until the right time.

Back at the church before their counseling, Sarah asks Matt if it would be okay if they change their "fake" wedding plans from a small wedding to a big wedding. Matt says that is fine by him, but learns that Sarah has been planning for a big wedding all along. This upsets Matt because he would rather have her be up front about what she really wants, then coy about it. She then informs his that she really would like an engagement ring. They both fight about the fact that they haven't been telling one another what they really want, but what they think the other wants to hear.

Eric figures he can help Matt out a little by showing him that it would be okay to buy Sarah a geminate ring instead of a real diamond. However, when Matt gives it to her, Sarah is a little upset that the ring isn't real. Matt feels bad, but doesn't know what to do. Annie comes up with a solution by giving Matt her grandmother's wedding ring to give to Sarah. Sarah is delighted and accepts Matt's grandmothers ring.

Back in Buffalo, Lucy is still having a bad trip. Her suitcase gets lost in the terminal. She asks Mary to watch her other bag while she reports the lost luggage. Mary forgets the bag and leaves to make a phone call. Since the bag is left unattended it is confiscated by the airport police. This only leads to Lucy feeling more antagonized and has her spouting off they she is a terrorist and everyone's in trouble (sarcastically). This leads to the girls getting detained and questioned by airport security. When they are finally cleared, they learn that the police officer that confiscated the bag is very cute. When he asks the sisters to go out with him and his brother, Lucy makes Mary accept the invitation.

At dinner that evening, Mary hooks up with Officer Kevin and both girls are surprised when Kevin's brother is Mary's fireman, Ben. At first Ben is very hostile to Mary, but during the course of dinner, Mary learns that Ben talks about her all the time to his brother and really likes her. Mary tells Ben that she is still interested in him and would still like to see him, but until he is certain he wants to see her, she has other plans that wants to accomplish.

Ben realizes he wants to continue to see Mary and tells her. Back at Mary's new apartment they agree to pursue a relationship, but slowly. The next morning Mary tells Lucy what her plan is; to be a flight attendant. Lucy flies home to Glenn Oaks and has to tell her parents that Mary is going to be a flight attendant. They are both surprised.

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