7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 18

The Ring

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Lucy asks Mary to watch her bag, it looks like a purse. Why would she leave it behind if she could just put it on her shoulder?

    • When Kevin said that his last name was "Kinkirk" wouldn't Mary have known that was Ben's last name?

    • The last name that appears in closed caption is, "Kinkirk", which is different from that which appears on Kevin's badge "Kinkork".

  • Quotes

    • Eric: He bought her an engagement ring.
      Sarah: You bought me an engagement ring!?
      Annie:You didn't give him any money, did you?
      Eric: We don't have any money.
      Annie: Matt can't afford to buy an engagement ring on his own.
      Sarah: You can't afford this.
      Matt: Yes, I can.
      Sarah: No, you can't.
      Matt: It's only $200.
      Sarah: Excuse me? What did you say?
      Eric: The ring's...
      Sarah: ...A fake.
      Matt: No, it's gennette.
      Eric: A perfectly simulated diamond-like substance.
      Annie: Maybe it's not too late. Maybe you can stop Matt from...
      Matt: Sarah, please! Stop! It is gennette! It's gennette!
      Sarah: I can't even believe you bought me a fake ring! How could you!? It's so fake and cheap and if not getting me a ring weren't bad enough. Just leave me alone, okay!? Leave me alone!
      Matt: Oh, hey, thanks dad. She loves the ring.

    • Lucy: If you don't hurry up we're gonna miss our flight, and thank you.
      Mary: Thanks for what?
      Lucy: For bringing me here.
      Mary: I'm glad you had a good time with Kevin.
      Lucy: We're gonna keep in touch and he's gonna come to Glen Oak when he gets some vacation time.
      Mary: Luce, I'm not going back. Really, I'm staying here in Buffalo.
      Lucy: I know you like Ben, but you can't just camp out in Buffalo and hope that things work out. I mean, you have to go home.
      Mary: I'm not in Buffalo for Ben. I'm here for me. I'm going to be a flight attendant for Jet Blue Airlines. I start my training tomorrow.
      Lucy: That's your plan, a flight attendant? But school?
      Mary: I'm gonna finish school. Once I finish my training I can fly out to Glen Oak any time I want and I can still do classes with you.
      Lucy: Are you serious?
      Mary: Yeah, I want to do this. I thought about it a lot, and it just...feels right. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared to start something new again. But I think this time it's all gonna work out.

    • Lucy: Mary's going to be a flight attendant for Jet Blue airlines. Did I tell you I met a guy? (Eric and Annie shake their heads) I didnt? well he's really cute. He's a cop. His name's Kevin. He's Ben's brother, you know, Mary's firefighter Ben. Well let's gets down to baggage claim. I'm feeling lucky!

    • (Mary and Ben open the door to see Kevin and Lucy kissing)
      Ben: Hmmm...(they ignore him) Kevin!
      Lucy: Hi!
      Ben: Come on Kev. Let's go.
      Kevin: I had a great time.
      Ben: We can see that.
      Kevin: Good night. (they kiss).
      Lucy: Good night.

    • Kevin: (to Ben) Did you know lucy's going to be a minister?

    • Lucy: Man, I love buffalo. This is a fun town!

    • Mary: We're not leaving.
      Lucy: Why you have people to stalk?
      Mary: It's love.
      Lucy: It's a felony!

  • Notes

    • The offical WB description for this episode included the tagline "MARY AND LUCY HEAD TO NEW YORK FOR A GIRLS WEEKEND".

    • This is first appearance of brothers George and Geoff Stults side-by-side on screen together.

    • In Germany this episode is known as, Grandmother's Ring translated.

    • George Stults (Kevin) and Geoff Stults (Ben) are brothers in real life, just like they play on the show.

    • This episode introduces George Stults, who becomes a cast member in the seventh through eleventh seasons. George plays Lucy's boyfriend/husband Kevin.

    • This is the second episode to mention the effects directly related to post 9/11 life. It mentioned how airport security has been increased, and how threats are taken very seriously. This was in Lucy's outragous comments to the security guard at the airport. This is third episode to mention 9/11 directly.

    • George Stults was first discovered 4 years ago when a woman stopped her car in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and handed him her business card. It turned out she was a Hollywood agent and at that moment he was then "discovered". It was only a few parts later where he would land a starring role on 7th Heaven. The guest spot he originally tried out for was in Drunk.

    • When this episode originally aired (4/22/02), Executive Producer Aaron Spelling turned 79 years old.

  • Allusions

    • Auntie Anne: Pretzel Shop

      In the airport at the end of the episode, in the backround you can see a Auntie Anne Pretzel Shop. These pretzels shops have various locations across the US.

    • Mary: I am going to be a flight attendant with Jet Blue airlines.

      Jet Blue Airlines is an airlines which offers cheap fares out of cities such as New York, Buffalo, LA, New Orleans, Washington D.C, etc.