7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 18

The Ring

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Lucy: If you don't hurry up we're gonna miss our flight, and thank you.
      Mary: Thanks for what?
      Lucy: For bringing me here.
      Mary: I'm glad you had a good time with Kevin.
      Lucy: We're gonna keep in touch and he's gonna come to Glen Oak when he gets some vacation time.
      Mary: Luce, I'm not going back. Really, I'm staying here in Buffalo.
      Lucy: I know you like Ben, but you can't just camp out in Buffalo and hope that things work out. I mean, you have to go home.
      Mary: I'm not in Buffalo for Ben. I'm here for me. I'm going to be a flight attendant for Jet Blue Airlines. I start my training tomorrow.
      Lucy: That's your plan, a flight attendant? But school?
      Mary: I'm gonna finish school. Once I finish my training I can fly out to Glen Oak any time I want and I can still do classes with you.
      Lucy: Are you serious?
      Mary: Yeah, I want to do this. I thought about it a lot, and it just...feels right. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared to start something new again. But I think this time it's all gonna work out.