7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 13

The Tribes That Bind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on The CW

Episode Recap

Ruthie gets into the car after school and asks where Lucy is. Mary explains that she is getting ready for a camp, "Camp all by Myself". Simon and Mary talk about how stupid the camp sounds, but Ruthie is mad about their neighbor, Bobby Tripp, but Mary tells her that they can't solve problems that way. Ruthie then tells Simon that Bobby has an older brother and since Ruthie does, they have to fight each other. Annie is at the grocery store and has many problems getting around. A woman, Mrs. Beeker sees Annie and tells her that some of the ladies at the church have decided that they should throw her a baby shower and it will be at Annie's house.

All of the kids show up in the living room and Eric tells them the routine for the birth of the babies. Eric tells Matt that he is the cook, Mary is transportation, Lucy will be making lunches, Simon is clean-up, and Ruthie is to water plants. Annie shows up and Eric sends the kids off to do their things, but they totally ignore that Annie will need help with the groceries. Annie tells Eric about the baby shower that they have planned and Eric is unsure as to why she doesn't want a baby shower. Annie reminds him that the ladies gossip too much and are very hard to handle. Annie decides to call Patricia Hamilton and decides to talk to her. Patricia agrees and will be over tomorrow for the baby shower. The kids bring the things into the house and Eric discusses how their lives are going to change. The kids don't seem upset with it, but they tell him that they have been through it before. When Eric walks out of the room, they discuss if the kids are going to cause problems within the family and their lives will never be the same.

Annie is sleeping and Annie walks around the house watering the plants. Ruthie tells Annie that Bobby Tripp saw her underwear at school and Annie decides to think about it. Eric is picking up the towels in the bathroom and Ruthie asks what happens if they don't like the babies. Ruthie isn't happy with his answers and thinks that he is using his "minister voice." Eric finds Simon reading in his room and walks in then starts doing laundry. Simon asks if their lives will totally change and that he really likes having his talks with his father. Eric finds Matt in the attic and asks Matt if he has been talking to Simon and Ruthie. Matt tells them that he talked to them and is just facing the facts. Matt reminds Eric that he could be the twins' father and that reminds Eric that he could be their grandfather. Eric decides to leave after that and runs into Mary who tells him that the transportation is taken care of. Eric walks into his room and asks Annie if all she plans to bring is a small bag to the hospital. When Annie says yes and gives him a look, he decides to stop talking and tell her that it is wonderful. Lucy then calls and talks to Eric and tells him how terrible the camp is. She explains that people can't talk to each other and look at their "inner voice." Eric reminds her to keep up her spirits since it has only been a couple of days.

Mary is talking to Lucy about how terrible the camp is and asks if she can sue someone for false advertising. Mary gets tired of talking to her and hands the phone over to Matt, but he doesn't want to talk to her and they try handing the phone off to each other. No one wants the phone and that is interrupted by a knock on the kitchen door. Ruthie answers the door to Bobby Tripp and tells Simon that it is showtime. When Simon, Nigel, and Ruthie show up outside, they meet Bobby and his brother, Daryl. They trade insults about each other and eventually Bobby and Daryl walk away. Ruthie is upset that Simon and Nigel didn't beat the guys up. Ruthie tells Mary that they have problems and drops her pop-tart crumbs all over Mary. Lucy is talking to Annie while Patricia is helping her get ready for the baby shower. Annie tells Lucy that she can have someone pick her up from the camp, but Lucy gets upset and tells her that she is going to handle it. Mrs. Hinkle shows up at the house thinking that she is late, but Eric tells her that she is early. Mrs. Hinkle was hoping that she missed the games since she hates them. Mrs. Hinkle walks into the living room and sees Morgan and John over at the house. Mary, Keesha, Simon, Nigel, Ruthie, and Lynn all show up at the Tripp's house and Bobby calls Mark, his 16 year-old brother, and Daryl out of the house to meet up with them. Mary and Mark realize that they know each other and Mark asks her out on a date and Mark tells her that he will call her on Sunday. Ruthie decides that they should retreat. The ladies from the church show up and when they walk back to the kitchen, Mrs. Beeker tells the other ladies that she is jealous of the Camdens since the church just gave them a house. Patricia tells Annie to just calm down since it will all be over soon. A lady asks for a drink from Patricia and everyone looks at each other not knowing what to say. At a restaurant while they are waiting for the food, Matt tells John that he needs to move out since there won't be any room in the house once the twins arrive. He tells John that he has enough money for the first and last month's rent, but John tells him that his parents may need help with the other kids. Eric is freaking out while talking to Morgan about how scared he is when the twins show up. When the food arrives, only Eric and Matt get their food and the waiter just ignores Morgan and John's order.

At the house, Ruthie is very upset that Mary is a traitor and wouldn't beat up Mark. Mrs. Beeker leads a group of ladies around the house to look at everything, but they are caught by the kids. When asked what they are doing, Mrs. Beeker tells them that it is the church's property and since they are members of the church, they are just making sure that it is well-kept. Mrs. Beeker then leads the ladies into the living room as she tells the other ladies that she can't understand why anyone would get pregnant so late. Mrs. Hinkle tells Annie that she doesn't like the other ladies. The lady who asked Patricia earlier to get her a drink asks her again an then tells Annie that she is lucky to have someone so helpful. Morgan gets upset about his order not being brought out and decides to confront the waiter. The waiter tells him to go somewhere else, but Morgan wants the food and to talk to the manager. Mrs. Beeker and the ladies show up in Mary's room and ask where the bathroom is, then run into Ruthie and Lynn in the bathtub. Lynn asks Ruthie about how she will feel once the twins show up. Ruthie gets all excited about her opportunities to boss people around. Lucy is at the camp and she is bored and keeps talking to herself. Mrs. Beeker tries to get into Simon's room, but he has barricaded himself in his room and is talking to Nigel about how different their lives were when their younger sisters were born. Mary and Keesha show the ladies their way downstairs and then barricade the stairs so that they can't go back upstairs. Mary talks to Keesha about how much life has changed and how Mary likes big families. During the baby shower, Mrs. Beeker introduces her new game to them and the lady again asks Patricia for some cookies. Mrs. Hinkle pours some cough medicine into her drink to get her to go to sleep. The manager shows up at the guys' table and asks them what the problem is. The waiter delivers the food, but the food is cold. The manager then tells them that he has the right to refuse service to anyone. Eric and Morgan decide that they are going to fight the restaurant and the manager calls the police.

The police show up at the restaurant and Sergeant Michaels shows up and threatens the owner that they could be sued for being racist. Morgan asks for his food to be delivered with expediency and manners. Sergeant Michaels threatens that there better not be another incident like this. The lady again asks for a refill, but Patricia asks her why she is offering for her to help her, so the lady tells her that she was so nice to her and she feels comfortable with Patricia. The lady then tells Patricia that she married a black man in 1938 and it was illegal in some places. The doorbell rings and it is Bobby's mother and she tells Annie that her family has been threatening her family, but Annie tells her that it is the other way around. The ladies at the baby shower overhear the argument and when Annie walks back into the living room, she sees the ladies staring at her and Annie decides that she should fake her labor pains. The ladies rush out of the house.

Ruthie finds Matt and tells him that she wants an apology from Bobby, but then Bobby shows up at the house and then all of the kids show up outside and it is a showdown with Steven, the oldest brother. Mary and Mark walk off together and flirt with each other. Matt then asks Steven for help on his homework, but Ruthie gets upset and attacks Bobby. Matt and Steven break up the fight and Steven tells Bobby to apologize. Steven then makes fun of their family having so many kids, but then they both decide to attack each other. Lucy is chanting at her camp. Eric asks about the baby shower and tells Annie that he is worried about not having enough for the babies. Annie tells him that they always think this and they are better for it. Eric is concerned about bringing children into the world like it is, but Annie tells him that it will be ok. The kids are still fighting with the Tripp family in the back when Eric asks why it is so quiet.