7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 13

The Tribes That Bind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Annie is laying on the bed and Ruthie is watering her plants, Ruthie comes over and is telling Annie how Bobby Tripp saw her underwear on the swings at school. While they talk Annie has her right hand behind her head and the left hand on her tummy, the next second Annie has her right hand on her tummy and she has her left hand on Ruthie.. and they switch the views between Annie and Ruthie a few times and it is very noticeable.

    • Why do Reverend Camden and Sergeant Michaels buy food from the restaurant at the end? They're giving money to a racist establishment, which contradicts the moral of the story and isn't Sergeant Michaels on duty?

    • Why is Annie so surprised to learn that the ladies intend to hold the twins' baby shower at the church? Didn't she have baby showers for her other five children? Where were they held?

  • Quotes

    • Daryl: (to the Camdens) Hey, tell your parents good luck with the babies. What is that, numbers 14 and 15?
      Mark: Yeah, our dog only had four, and she's a dog!
      Steve: Well, you know, their dad is a minister.....

    • Mary: I don't know. There's just something about growing up in a big family that makes me want to have a big family of my own.
      Keisha: Uh, not me! I'm having one kid, so it better be a good one!

    • Simon: Dad wants to talk.
      Ruthie: Real bad.
      Matt: Yep. He's got a point, though. Once the twins are born, our lives will never be the same. They'll need lots of attention and quiet and once they're here, they're here. Forever.
      Ruthie: What if we don't like them?
      Matt: Having a baby is like rolling the dice in Vegas. Sometimes the odds are good and you wing big.
      Simon: And sometimes you crap out.
      Ruthie: And Mom's having two babies. What are the odds? (nobody answers) Great. Just great.

    • Eric: Getting ready for the babies is kind of exciting, but it's scary too. Don't you think? Having two new people in the family will be a pretty big change. It's just been the seven of us for a while... Concerns? Thoughts? Fears? Anybody?
      Matt: We know the drill, Dad. Two of you will leave for the hospital, and four of you will come home.
      Simon: We've done this before.
      Ruthie: I haven't, but I can follow along.

    • Eric: It's practically time. Your mother could go into labor next week, tomorrow or today.
      Eric: So, I'm taking this opportunity while your mother's grocery shopping with the only person she can stand to be with...herself, to review. It's been a while since our late pre-baby delivery drill and the routine may be a little rusty. And rusty's not good, because when things get a little crazy around here, as they inevitably will, we'll need the routine. The routine will save us. The routine will make order out of chaos. So, Matt, head cook and bottle washer...please keep in mind multiple food groups and try to serve meals that feature more than one color. Mary, carpooling and miscellaneous transportation. Lucy...
      Simon: Camp all by myself.
      Eric: Right, right. Lucy will be packing lunches. Simon, put out breakfast stuff and then, clean it up. And Ruthie, water the plants.
      Ruthie: Water plants, water plants, water plants. Got it. But if Mom has the babies this weekend, someone's gonna have to cover for Lucy because she's at Camp...
      All: All by myself.
      Eric: You're right, you're right. If your mother goes into labor this weekend, Simon...assist with all meals, Mary move to laundry. Make sure everybody has something clean to wear next week. And remember, bleach is a fair weather friend.
      Matt: So what's the pre-delivery routine for you and Mom?
      Eric: We don't need one. You know, every pregnancy and delivery is different. The key is just staying loose and flexible and keeping your mom calm and relaxed until the big day. Got it?

    • Ruthie: Do you know the person whose guts I hate as a one or a two? Bobby Tripp. I hate the guts inside his guts. And the guts inside those guts.
      Mary: Our little neighbor? Why do you hate him?
      Ruthie: Because he saw my underwear on the swings and he won't shut up and say he's sorry.

    • Eric: Are you all right?
      Annie: No.
      Eric: Is it time? Should I call the doctor? Should we just go to the hospital?
      Annie: I ran into Mrs. Beeker at the grocery store and she insisted that the church women's group throw me a baby shower. Tomorrow. Can you believe it?
      Eric: No. I know you probably already told me several times, but remind me, why are you so against a baby shower?
      Annie: Because those women are difficult, nosey, gossipy.
      Eric: Ah. So my work from the pulpit every Sunday is really paying off.
      Annie: I'm going to go upstairs and call Patricia. Maybe I can get her to come so I won't have to kill myself.
      Eric: Good idea, hon…pacing yourself?

    • Mrs. Beeker: Annie? I can't believe the Reverend and your children are letting you lift things at this stage in your pregnancy. It might induce labor.
      Annie: Well, here and now's as good a place an any to get this show on the road.
      Mrs. Beeker: Well now you can't have those babies until we throw you the baby shower. Now don't do anything until after tomorrow.
      Annie: Wait, no. I thought I said a shower's not necessary.
      Mrs. Beeker: You did, but the ladies at the church knew you didn't mean it. We're all looking forward to it. We don't get to go to our minister's house nearly enough.
      Annie: It's not at the church? The rec. room at the church?
      Mrs. Beeker: No, we always have showers at the house. It's much more intimate. I'll see you tomorrow. Can't wait.
      Annie: Oh hell.

    • Mary: Are you getting Poptarts crumbs all over me and my bed?
      (Ruthie throws the Poptart away)
      Ruthie: No definately not!

    • Mrs. Beeker: (to baby shower guests, holding up a roll of toilet paper) All right, now's the time when we pull off as much as we think we'll need to go around our mom's belly.

    • Eric: (to Morgan) You know, there's that saying, "All that evil needs to take over is for good men to sit and do nothing". I'm tired of sitting.
      Eric: (to the Manager) We're not leaving.

    • Eric: So the baby shower was fun?
      Annie: Well, it didn't require police involvement but that is as much as I'm going to commit to.
      Eric: I'm excited... but I'm also a little worried about these babies. I'm worried that... we don't make enough, we don't have the space enough, time enough...
      Annie: I know. We have this conversation before every trip to the hospital.
      Eric: We do?
      Annie: Yeah. And afterwards we share an inseperable bond that only this kind of anxiety can produce. It's our routine. Things are going to be really different but I'm always going to love you. That'll never change.
      Eric: And you will always be everything I love and want to be when I grow up. But after a day like today, I..I..I worry about bringing new souls into this world at this time.
      Annie: I'm not worried. Their brothers and sisters will make a difference. They'll make it better, and so will they.

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