7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 13

The Tribes That Bind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Eric: It's practically time. Your mother could go into labor next week, tomorrow or today.
      Eric: So, I'm taking this opportunity while your mother's grocery shopping with the only person she can stand to be with...herself, to review. It's been a while since our late pre-baby delivery drill and the routine may be a little rusty. And rusty's not good, because when things get a little crazy around here, as they inevitably will, we'll need the routine. The routine will save us. The routine will make order out of chaos. So, Matt, head cook and bottle washer...please keep in mind multiple food groups and try to serve meals that feature more than one color. Mary, carpooling and miscellaneous transportation. Lucy...
      Simon: Camp all by myself.
      Eric: Right, right. Lucy will be packing lunches. Simon, put out breakfast stuff and then, clean it up. And Ruthie, water the plants.
      Ruthie: Water plants, water plants, water plants. Got it. But if Mom has the babies this weekend, someone's gonna have to cover for Lucy because she's at Camp...
      All: All by myself.
      Eric: You're right, you're right. If your mother goes into labor this weekend, Simon...assist with all meals, Mary move to laundry. Make sure everybody has something clean to wear next week. And remember, bleach is a fair weather friend.
      Matt: So what's the pre-delivery routine for you and Mom?
      Eric: We don't need one. You know, every pregnancy and delivery is different. The key is just staying loose and flexible and keeping your mom calm and relaxed until the big day. Got it?