7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 19

The Voice

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 1999 on The CW

Episode Recap

At the church, Eric talks to Rudy Stienger, a custodian. Rudy asks Eric questions about his faith and if God actually talks to Eric. Rudy tells Eric that God actually says things to him and that he told him to talk to Eric. Annie is running around the house getting everything ready for the twins. Matt tells Annie that he is going to the library and Simon tells Annie that Patricia Hamilton who suggests that Annie should relax. Mary and Lucy want to go to a club and they have to come up with a plan so that Eric and Annie will let them work there for one night. Lucy is not excited about Mary's plan of telling them at the last minute. Simon tells Eric that he knows that he went to see Eric. Eric asks Simon if he mentioned Eric to him, but Simon says no. Ruthie is playing with a bouncy ball, but Annie is getting annoyed. Eric asks if Annie would like a break, but she tells him that she needs something else, but she doesn't know what it is. Ruthie bounces the ball really high and a monkey in a tree catches the ball. Matt sees Shana at the library hugging another guy. Mary and Lucy volunteer to help out with the twins and then Patricia calls Annie and offers for her to meet up with a bunch of other ladies, playfully called the WICC, the Women's Interdenominational Church Council. Eric tells her to go and when Eric asks her what they do, Annie tells him that they change what they do. Eric gets a call from the Vice Principal at Simon's school that wants to talk about the custodian. Ruthie tells Simon that she saw a monkey in the tree, but he doesn't seem convinced.

Annie asks if Mary and Lucy can watch the twins so that she can go to the meeting, but Lucy starts complaining that Mary hasn't done everything. Eric leaves to go the vice principal's office for the meeting. Matt asks Simon to tell Shana if she calls to tell her that he is at class, but then changes it to that he will pick her up. Ruthie is yelling to the monkey and Eric thinks that the monkey is just a figment of her imagination. The vice principal tells Eric that he and Rudy have decided that he would retired, but now, after talking to Eric, he has decided to stay. The vice principal tells Eric that if he doesn't retire by tonight, he will be forced to fire him because he is hearing voices. Matt goes to Shana's apartment and loses the courage to knock on the door after he sees someone leaving the apartment. Lucy tells Mary that she thinks that her plan is stupid and tells Mary that she will tell Eric and Annie when she wants to tell them. Simon is helping Rudy clean the stadium and talks to him about his job and Eric overhears their conversation. Lucy has decided to not tell their parents, but to wait until the last minute like Mary wanted to. Also, Mary is going to babysit and thinks that it is not a hard job. Mary visits Matt in his room and Matt tells her that he saw Shana with another guy. Mary suggests that he should find out the facts before freaking out. Mary asks Matt for help with the twins, but he declines. Eric comes back home and tells Ruthie's imaginary monkey hello and he wasn't even there. After rubbing her eyes, he reappears. Annie asks Eric if he will be around to make sure the girls are ok with the twins, but Eric tells her that he has a school board meeting tonight to go to. Simon overhears Eric talking about Rudy and asks him if he can join him at the school board meeting.

Annie trying to pick out an outfit for the meeting, but he still tries to get out of her where she is going. Simon helps Mary learn how t take off the twins, but they are interrupted by Annie who gives Mary some additional information about the twins. Annie runs off and runs into Ruthie who is about to feed the monkey. Ruthie opens the door to her room and Annie starts talking to an empty room and Ruthie thinks that she is crazy. The monkey climbs through Ruthie's window when Annie leaves and they eat bananas together. At the library, Matt runs into Tucker, his friend from 5th grade. Tucker is the person that he saw hugging Shana and in her apartment building. When he meets up with him, Tucker gives him a hug and tells him that he thought that he saw him at his apartment building.

Annie is at her "meeting" and they let out all of their frustrations. The waiter tells them that karaoke will be beginning shortly. The school board decides to accept the severance package on his behalf and not fire him. Eric stands up and tries to stick up for Rudy, but is interrupted when Rudy comes in and starts talking. Rudy pleads his case for not retiring and tries to explain his voice that he hears. Rudy tells them that the voice has told him to not retire and to talk to Eric. When the principal repeats that he thinks that he is crazy, Eric stands up and tells them that he talks to God. Rudy tells Eric that he heard the voice telling him to let them think about it for a few more days. The principal tells him that they will expect an answer by Monday.

Annie gets up and sings karaoke and thanks the ladies for helping her release her stress. Annie suddenly realizes that she should check in with the kids. Annie asks Mary about the kids and how everyone is doing. Mary is having great luck with the twins sleeping the whole time, but Lucy suggests that maybe God realizes that she doesn't have any babysitting skills. Eric and Simon return home and the doorbell rings. Eric opens the door to Curtis, their neighbor who asks about his monkey that ran away. Eric is confused and blown away that there really is a monkey. Eric suggests that he knows where the monkey is and they go into Ruthie's room and find the monkey there in the top bunk. The monkey's name is Eisenhower and he gives Ruthie back her ball. When Curtis leaves, Eric tells her that he believes her now.

Matt knocks on Shana's door and apologizes to her for thinking that she is cheating on him. He explains everything, but Shana asks if Matt wasn't jumping to conclusions and what would happen if she was seeing Tucker. She says that she likes Matt better and Matt suggests that they should be exclusive. Shana also suggests that maybe they are just friends and Matt realizes that she was trying to trick him into suggesting that they be exclusive. Mary and Lucy are feeding the twins when Annie gets home. Annie tells them that they can work at the country club and have Matt pick them up. Annie heard their plan from Corey's parents and it scares them that she already knew when they hadn't asked. Annie walks into her room and sees Eric and Simon on the bed. Simon tells Annie that Eric was amazing at the school board meeting. Eric gets a call from the school and there has been an accident with Rudy. Eric and Simon rush out of the house. When they get to the stadium, the principal tells them that Rudy was shellacking the bleachers at 11:00 and the bleachers fell. The principal blames Eric for continuing the craziness. When Eric sees Rudy in the police car, Rudy tells him that he was just trying to make the bleachers nice for the marching band competition. The policeman thinks that it is lucky that it happened now and not during the competition when there would be tons of people in the stands. The principal hears this and he realizes that maybe God did have a hand in this. Rudy decides to retire and that his work is done at the school. Rudy is taken out of the police car and Simon and the principal walk off.
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