7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 19

There's No Place Like It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2004 on The CW
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Prospective homeowners Lucy and Kevin are ready for a fight to the finish when they learn that Chandler and his soon-to-be-adopted son Jeffrey (guest star James Henrie) are their rivals in a bidding war on a house. However, the conflict sparks an idea with Eric and Annie who decide to use their savings to buy their house from the church. Meanwhile, Ruthie is upset with Martin because she thinks he will get the garage apartment instead of her when Lucy and Kevin move out, and Peter suspects that his dad, Vic (guest star Bryan Callen), might be having an affair.moreless

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  • The Apartment

    Here is a simple solution for the apartment. Leave it for guest relatives or if Matt, Mary or Simon to use it when they return for a visit. Ruthie already has the attic bedroom. Enough of catering to this brat. Also when Ruthie saw Aunt Julie she tells Eric she saw his sister. That is so disrespectful.
  • I loved this episode!

    Kevin and Lucy want to buy a nearby house. It turns out that Chandler and Jeffrey want it too! Eric and Annie want to buy their house from the church. Ruthie wants the garage apartment, but is afraid that Martin will get it because he's older. Peter thinks that his dad is seeing someone. He and Ruthie go to the promenade to spy on them. Vic is with Aunt Julie. They know each other from AA meetings and they get together sometimes to support one another. Roxanne tells Lucy about her selfish attitude, but does it too harshly. Chandler and Jeffrey doesn't want the house, but neither does Kevin or Lucy. Eric and Annie can't afford the house so Chandler offers to buy it. They politely decline after thinking of how God has blessed them.

    This was a great episode! I loved the montage at the end! I wish we saw more of Cecilia. She didn't do much in this episode. I think Ruthie's too young to have the garage apartment. It was great seeing Aunt Julie again! This episode receives a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • This episode was definitely superior to the majority of the episodes in February---in fact it's one of the best this season—or maybe the long hiatus made me like this new episode more, but I don't think so. Brenda Hampton you should have Elaine Arata writmoreless

    Wow, that was a long torture of 6 weeks of reruns. My goodness WB, stop being so cheap and order more episodes, or at least make the schedule of new episodes flow better and not feel like heartache with so many repeats. Anyway, we're back with 7th Heaven's final 5 episodes of the season and this episode. This episode was definitely superior to the majority of the episodes in February---in fact it's one of the best this season—or maybe the long hiatus made me like this new episode more, but I don't think so. With the exception of The Anniversary episode, the episodes in that month of February were kind of weak. This episode was much better written and flowed better than other recent episodes. Brenda Hampton you should really have Elaine Arata write more episodes for the show. Let's break it down…

    Eric and Annie: Out of all the storylines in this episode this one was my favorite—it's obvious since Eric and Annie are my favorites. I'm so glad that after all these years, the issue was finally addressed on Eric and Annie's contemplation over the house and the church owning it. It was well-brought out by the writers with Chandler making a reference in front of the family of Eric and Annie not having the house which finally got them thinking. Being as old as Eric and Annie and not being like most regular parishes that do move often at times between church's and rectories, it's no surprise they want to stay where they are now. I thought it was pretty touching that Chandler would offer the money to buy their house for them. I guess he wanted to be their charity case (although in a good way). I was actually surprised that they didn't take the money. I would've. But I guess that's the difference between a minister and myself. Plus, Eric did come up with a very good reason why. He was right in saying he was never meant to "own the house" and part of his job was to be available when needed as a minister and that could mean moving or when he retires he has to move. He knows that it's all in God's plan for him and his family, despite them having so many memories in that house. But still I wish they took the money. That's just me, but I absolutely understand why they didn't. It was a great scene between the three that ended the episode very well.

    Kevin, Lucy and Roxanne: Wow, finally these two made a very well needed step in buying their own place. Even though they didn't buy the house in the end at least they made the effort finally after so long living in her parents garage apartment. Geez! Personally, I thought the house looked kind of beat down. Although I was quite surprised that Kevin would only go $500 above market value. For a house, Kevin is only willing to up that much more money? That's close to nothing, and aren't they supposed to be "financially stable" since they probably do live in the garage apartment for low rent. But my favorite part in the storyline was when Lucy got the much-needed smackdown from Roxanne and her pettiness. As much as I love Lucy she can be annoying at times and can be quite petty. It was totally out of line for Lucy to interrupt Roxanne for whatever she's doing (in this case perming her hair) and convince her to seduce Chandler out of nowhere like she's a self proclaimed "slut" when it comes to Chandler. And the fact that Roxanne brought up her joining the ministry with the behavior she has lately is a welcomed joke, which I think many fans (including myself) took relief that Lucy finally got that point across to her. For that reason alone Roxanne played a great role in this episode. Praise you Roxanne. Oh, and you're perm turned out nicely despite having it in for so long (no thanks to Lucy).

    Chandler and Jeffrey: Wow, this relationship between Jeffrey and Chandler is going kind of fast. It was only at the end of the last episode where they started to get to know each other and now they're moving in together as their father/son project progresses. At first glance this relationship between them doesn't look too good. Chandler seemed to get easily annoyed with Jeffrey in the car when he kept asking a lot of questions and for a substitute dad that's not a good sign. Plus, their lack of communication doesn't seem to be that good as Chandler found out last minute that Jeffrey didn't want to move into that house and was easily frazzled by the complicated matter. Something tells me more is going to happen here. I'm staying tuned because even though I didn't particularly like how this storyline was introduced abruptly to Chandler in the last episode, I'm really starting to like how it's complicating things for him and bringing out more of his character. It's better than just a relationship-driven arc of him and Roxanne all last season.

    Vic and Julie: Yes, finally a distant Camden relative returns. Boy, Aunt Julie you're always a welcome. But I'd rather have her interact more with the family (preferably Eric and Annie) instead of Vic. Honestly, this storyline seemed rather pointless. Nothing at the end of this storyline was really brought out only to the fact that Vic needs to be a bit nicer to people in general, obviously with his behavior at his and Julie's AA Meetings and the waitress at the promenade. Though I do give credit to the writer's for remembering Julie's soberness and her continuing to attend AA Meetings after all these years.

    Ruthie, Peter and Martin: Okay, I did not get Ruthie in this episode. As smart as she's portrayed usually, what's with her and this obsession over the garage apartment. This is not the first time we've seen Ruthie have an issue of the garage apartment and the family. As smart as she is, how can she think that she---a 13 year old--- would possibly be allowed to leave across the yard and out of the house from her parents and the main house to live alone and do God knows what? She had no right in blaming Martin and luckily came into some sense towards the end of the episode. But luckily good old man took the higher road as always and ignored her for a while. But wasn't that a nice little story about him and the house that he loved, and hanging it up in HIS room at the end. At least Ruthie made him comfortable to do that when she came to her sense. Thank you Eric for all the generous and fatherly wisdom to set her adult self straight at the stairwell.

    Overall, this was an excellent episode. It really brought out some great storylines on the Camdens and their living situations, but yet kept some character development going equally as well. It sure is on my top 5 best episodes list so far this season. I'm really looking forward to the last 4 episodes as we know Matt (Barry Watson), Simon (David Gallagher), and Carlos return before the season is over. Hopefully we'll get some Mary news. Boy, we really need an update. Jessica Biel, please come back to the show. We only got a little more than a season left for this show.

    Grade: **9 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *Why is that I felt a sort of glee when Jeffrey sprayed the Camden's with the water hose. It made me chuckle.

    *I really like how the way the episode ended with them all falling asleep and panning outside the house to reflect the theme of "home." I gotta say the writers are doing a better job by not making the overall theme so obvious, but rather flowing and accepting to the viewer in what's being told mainly. Keep it up writers.

    *Good to see ya again Lou. I love it when old timers of 7th Heaven return.

    *Maybe it's me, but the twins acting abilities seem to have gotten a bit better. They're little Cookie Monster impression was rather cute and not cringe inducing. Keep it up guys!

    *Wow, Cecilia I know you and Martin are boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever---but geez eat breakfast at your own house Saturday morning with your own family.

    *For once, I can say nobody looked bad in this episode. Although Jeffrey might want to get a haircut and not keep that 70's style look with the big hair. But I see many young kids like him who don't care about their hair or appearance.moreless
Patrick Cranshaw

Patrick Cranshaw

Mr. Suggs

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Tammy Caplan

Tammy Caplan


Guest Star

Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen

George "Vic" Vickery

Recurring Role

James Henrie

James Henrie

Jeffrey Turner

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Alan Fudge

Lou Dalton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • RESPONSE TO SECOND POST: Actually, he did. Ruthie asked him what would happen with the apartment after Lucy and Kevin moved out, and he said it might be a nice place for Martin.

    • Nitpick: How did Peter and Ruthie know Julie was sitting drinking coffee with Vic since the back of her head was turned towards them when they arrived?

    • He wouldn't go up any more than $500 because he didn't want to waste his good money on a house that's too small for them.

    • In another Episode didn't Kevin say he was rich? Why couldn't he go above $500 aobve market value?

    • NITPICK: It seemed rather unreasonable of Kevin to only negotiate to go $500 above market value for a house! Usually it's much, much more when competing with another buyer, especially in the current U.S economy.

    • NITPICK: Where did the church get the money to buy the house down the street if they can't pay enough to their sr minister to own a house? It's odd because they could've sold the house to Eric and Annie and build on the equity.

    • Vic or Julie never paid for there coffee. They just got up and left.

    • It's strange that Eric would consider having Martin move into the garage apartment when he's 16, because a year or so ago, in the episode Monkey Business Deux Simon was 16 and Annie said he was too young to have the apartment. --COMPFUNK2

    • NITPICK: Eric never expressively said he was considering giving Martin the apartment. Ruthie was just being paranoid and leaping to conclusions.

    • When Ruthie walked into Martin's room and asked what he was doing. Martin said he was reading. The room was really dark, except for a small lamp that didn't give much light. It seemed like it would be hard to read with being so dark.

    • Why did Roxanne call Lucy, Lucy Camden instead of Lucy Kinkirk? I mean she is married so wouldn't Rocanne call her Lucy Kinkirk or Lucy Camden-Kinkirk?

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Peter to Vic and Julie: "Oh we thought it was a date."

      Julie to Ruthie: "Ruthie how could you think that?"

      Ruthie: "Hey I didn't he did" (points to Peter)

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I realized that the house doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is the people who lives in the house."

    • Kevin to Lucy (about cookies): "Are they a bribe?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "No, just a little reminder that we want the house."

      Kevin to Lucy: "The $500 is a reminder enough as far as I'm concerned."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Well if that were enough I wou;dn't be baking."

      Lucy to Eric: "Mr. Suggs isn't partial to small children. He thinks they're hoodlums."

      Sam to Lucy: "We're not hoodlums."

      David to Lucy: "Are we?"

      Lucy to Mr. Suggs: "Hi Mr. Siggs, I baked you some cookies."

      Mr. Suggs to Lucy (at the window): "I have diabetes!" (slams it shut)

      Jeffrey to Camden family (picking up water hose): "Get off our property!"

      Lucy to Jeffrey: "You wouldn't dare."

      Chandler to Lucy: "I wouldn't provoke him."

      Lucy to to Chandler: "Oh right, like he's really gonna do it." (Jeffrey turns on the hose and sprays the family)

      Vic (directed to waitress): "Hey now, coffee's not the only thing that's bittter around here."

      Lucy to Roxanne: "Ok, I want the house because... because I had a dream."

      Roxanne to Lucy: "No, don't say that. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. You don't have a dream. You have a selfish motive to try to beat someone else out of a house. I have no idea why you're even entertaining the thought of entering the ministry. Lucy Camden you are the most petty person I know. And you have ruined my hair!"

      Vic to Peter: "And when did you become such a big snoop?"

      Peter to Vic (points to Ruthie): "I guess I got it from her."

      Eric to Annie: "I know you're disappointed."

      Annie to Eric: "A little bit, but I should be thankful that we've been able to live in this wonderful home for...whatever time we have in it."

      Eric to Annie: "We should feel that way, but we dont. Evidently we've been living way beyond our means for years without ever knowing it."

      Annie to Eric: "We could look at this way, we've been lucky enough to never know the burden of mortgage payments."

      Eric to Annie: "Well, sure. There's a certain freedom in not owning your own house."

      Annie to Eric: "Yeah, we are free to go anywhere anytime we want."

      Eric to Annie: "Yeah, you know what, insincerity is definately not our forte."

      Eric to Chandler: "When Annie and I decided that we wanted to buy this house, and then found out we couldn't afford it, we were disappointed at first. Then we talked about it and then we realized that this house is not ours to own. I didn't get into the ministry to own things. And God has always provided us and owning our own house doesn't necessarily guarentee us permanent residence. Anything can happen. Life is always about impermanents. I've always trusted in God having a plan for us and we will both contiue go on trusting and whatever God has in store for us. As far as we're concerned we have a home. We'll always have a home...together. However, your gesture was incredible generous and greatly appreciated."

      Annie to Chandler: "We love you chandler. And without your amazing offer we might not have gotten back to where we started, and that's a good place to be."

      Chandler to Eric & Annie: "Well, I hate to admit it, but I'ma little disappointed. I was kind of hoping we would end the evening with a celebration."

      Annie to Eric: "We can still celebrate. We can celebrate good friends and family."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Mr. Suggs sold to house to someone else , didn't her?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "Our church. They decided a rental property would be a good investment and Mr. Suggs deceided that if he sold it for less than market price that he could he could his way into Heaven."

      Eric to Annie: "I think Jeffrey has found a home in Chandler."

      Annie to Eric: "Home is a nice feelin, isn't it?"

      Eric to Annie: "It sure is."

  • NOTES (6)


    • Sam to Lucy: "Grrr, I'm the Cookie Monster."
      Sam says that he's the Cookie Monster to Lucy while making cookies with the family. The reference itself from David probably came from Seasame Street TV show character of the same that loved to eat cookies all the time.

    • Roxanne to Lucy: "No, don't say that. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream..."
      Roxanne talks Lucy out of the famous "I had a dream quote made by Martin Luther King Jr. He was a black civil rights activist in the 1950's and 1960's who was famous for his famous speech quote "I had a dream" reflecting on one day the world having full equality for every man and woman. Unfortunately he was assasinated in the 1960's.