7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 19

Time to Leave the Nest

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 1998 on The CW
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Simon shocks his parents by showing up at the front door with a homeless child who is hungry, covered in dirt, and seemingly orphaned. If it were up to Simon, he would have a new little sister to play with and fawn over, but Eric starts working immediately with the police to locate the girl's family. Meanwhile, Mary's has developed a new interest--reading Lucy's diary and making fun of her about it. Also, Matt is frustrated that he can't find any "alone time" with his girlfriend.moreless

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    Kirk Baily

    Kirk Baily

    Joe James

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    K Callan

    K Callan

    Grandma James

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    Caitlin Alderton

    Caitlin Alderton


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    Christopher Michael

    Christopher Michael

    Sergeant Michaels

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    Ally Wolfe

    Ally Wolfe


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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Annie mentions the title Time to leave the nest during this episode.

      • When Annie is talking to Lucy you see Mary's knee, but in the second shoot her knee is gone.

      • In this episode, Annie tells Lucy she was conceived on Valentine's Day, which would mean she was due in November. In the season 4 episode Just You Wait and See, on Lucy's license, her birthday appears as January 22, 1983. In the season 1 episode With a Little Help From My Friends, Lucy celebrates her birthday on January 13. How can that be?

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Sarah: Please take me back to my Daddy. He needs me. I shouldn't have left him alone.
        Simon: Well, that's okay. Daddies can take care of themselves.
        Sarah: But he's really sick, and we don't have any money, so he needs me to go into town with him, and ask people for money so we can buy stuff.
        Simon: Wait. What kind of sickness?
        Sarah: I don't know, but if he doesn't drink a lot, he hurts real bad.

      • Lucy: (to Annie) I just needed a minute to put something away, so I locked the door.
        Mary: Shoebox in the closet. Top shelf, top box.
        Lucy: She reads my diary!
        Mary: I don't go into the shoebox and read her diary. I just read it when she leaves it laying all over the room. It's just stupid stuff, like she's petite, but she's thinking about sex all the time!

      • Annie: For your information, I am the boss of everyone!

      • Annie: Maybe we need to talk about sex.
        Lucy: Really?
        Mary: Mom, we're not having sex with anyone.
        Annie: I can see that you might be tempted to at some time in the future.
        Mary: Well can we wait and talk about it then? I just ate.
        Annie: Oh, well okay.
        Lucy: Then maybe you'll tell us about the good stuff.
        Annie: Good stuff?
        Lucy: What? You have basketball. I don't know. I don't know what the stuff is, I just know biology.
        Annie: Let me just say this is for right now....I remember this dark, stormy night in this house.
        Mary: Oh, I feel a flashback coming on.
        Annie: And we'd been here a few years, but it was still spooky because the lights went out, and your dad didn't get home until very late, just after I put one of you to bed after your midnight feeding, in fact. And he came in apologizing for leaving me alone, he had been with Mrs. Bink at the hospital, she had heart surgery and he said that that was ironic and I didn't understand why it was ironic and he laughed because he said that I had forgotten that that day was Valentine's Day, and I had forgotten. I mean I was a young mom and I was just too busy to remember. And he took a Hershey bar out of his coat pocket and said that that was all he had time to get, he'd gotten it at the machine at the hospital. And I just remember that when we kissed the rain seemed to stop and your father he put his arms around me and I felt so loved and so protected and so happy.
        Lucy: That's the good stuff?
        Annie: I'm getting to that. You're the good stuff. That's the night that you were conceived.
        Lucy: I was conceived on Valentine's Day?
        Annie: Well, an hour or so after.
        Lucy: This is cool. Why didn't you ever tell me before?
        Annie: Well, I just felt that this was the time to point out that when you really love someone completely and you're committed and responsible, that's when sex is good, really good.
        Mary: What about me? How was I conceived?
        Annie: You're not old enough to hear that one, maybe I'll tell you at your wedding.
        Lucy: I was conceived on Valentine's Day.
        Mary: This should make for some good diary entries.

      • Lucy: Well, Ruthie, if that little girl Simon brought home is staying here, then she's probably going to get your room. Welcome to the Camden boarding house!

      • Joe: But I love her. I love Sarah!
        Eric: If you mean that, then you need to do what's best for her. Do the right thing, Joe.

      • Mrs. James: Joe, I need you to tell Sarah to come with me. I need you to talk to her, make it okay for her.
        Joe: Why would I give up the only person in this world who loves me?
        Mrs. James: Oh, Joe! I love you. I've always loved you! But even more than that, someone upstairs must really love you, to find people like this to help you.

      • Joe: It's your turn to be taken care of, and Grandma's great at taking care of people, honey. So I want you to do me a favor and let Grandma take you home for a while. I'll miss you so much. But you deserve everything...some new toys, and some pretty dresses.
        Sarah: I don't need new toys or dresses! I need you!
        Joe: That's why I'm going to stay here and get some help. But I don't think I'll be much good at it unless I know you're with my mom. That way, I won't worry about you.
        Sarah: I love you, Daddy.

      • Joe: Listen, sweetie, you've been taking care of me for a long time. But I think I need more help than a little girl can give.
        Sarah: I wasn't doing a good job?
        Joe: No, no, no, honey. I wasn't doing a good job.

      • Simon: What, you think this girl has parents? What kind of parents would let their child run around hungry and dirty like that? She must be an orphan. I can feel it in my bones!
        Sergeant Michaels: I think we owe it to the child to go a little bit beyond that.
        Simon: Why? Even if she does have parents, they shouldn't get her back. When something belongs to you, you have to take care of it! It's the law.
        Sergeant Michaels: Well, not exactly.

      • Eric: I know how you feel, Simon, but we still need to do whatever we can to find Sarah's family.
        Simon:: You're on your own there, Dad. I want her.

      • Lucy: Anyone and everyone knows that a diary is private!
        Mary:: No, no, no. What anyone and everyone knows is that you don't leave a diary lying around with no lock on it!

      • Annie: Everything will be okay.
        Mrs. James: I used to say that about my son. But it never was. It never was.

      • Ruthie: See, Sarah, it's like I told you: Moms are cool, and grandmas are the coolest. They let you do just about anything, they never yell at you, and they let you eat anything you want!

      • Matt: Will one of you please watch Ruthie?
        Lucy: Why should I. Do you see the circumstances I have to live in? The people who live in the slums of Calcutta have more privacy than me and they live on the street.
        Mary: I don't really want to do anything that's going to encourage you to stay home next year... since I'm you know... looking forward to taking your room.
        Lucy: You're not getting that room, I'm getting it! And I'm putting a vault up there and locking my diary.
        Matt: You two are completely mental.

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