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  • Season 9 Episode 17: Tangled Web We Weaved

  • When Kevin is talking to Lucy about lying he says "I sat there and did nothing." He wasn't even in the room when they lied to Eric.

  • For the title of the episode, wouldn't it be "The Tangled Web We Wove", as in "Wove" instead of "Weaved"?

  • Reply: Kevin meant "did nothing" as a figure of speech, meaning that he didn't do anything over a period of one week. Do you actually think he would have said something in that scene when he's not even a Camden? Everyone, don't script so literally anymore.

  • Ruthie told Vincent that she and the boys played checkers but in the scene just before they started playing the game it was the game "Candyland"

  • Response: Maybe Ruthie played both checkers and Candyland with them, as BOTH games were on the table when Annie and Ruthie walked in to play with Sam and David, and continued to be there as Ruthie sat alone with them. Candyland was set up, but still. Why couldn't she have played checkers with them? It is more realistic than Candyland for 6-year-olds to be playing.

  • Season 9 Episode 16: Brotherly Love

  • Okay, it was quite comical with Kevin, Martin, and Eric with their various "weapons", but it's a bit illogical to think Kevin would NEVER keep a gun in the house. He is a police officer after all. This part of the episode lacked logic.

  • How did Simon know that Matt and Sarah got married on their first date? Wasn't that a supposed to be a secret that only Matt, Sarah and Ruthie were supposed to know?

  • Why didn't Matt or Simon sleep in the upstairs attic with Ruthie, since she has an extra bed, instead of the both of them sleeping on the couches in the living room?

  • Season 9 Episode 15: Red Socks

  • Red Socks was the lowest rated 7th Heaven episode at the time until A Pain in the Neck that aired in 2006 broke the record for the lowest ratings and viewers for an episode because of the CW's decision to flip their Sunday and Monday schedules.

  • When anyone sings, the sound does not match up with the movement of the lips.

  • When Vincent is singing at the ball field, his mouth is not moving at one part, right after he jumps into the players hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 14: First Date

  • Eric, Matt, Kevin, Mac, Martin, Sam and David all chaperone Ruthie's date with Vincent at the movies. However, they all get kicked out.

  • When Lucy and and her mom are talking you can clearly see at one point it is the real baby but then it switches to a baby doll. This was probably due to the fact that infants can only spend so much time under the lights of the set.

  • How is Vincent able to drive? Ruthie's a freshman and she said that Vincent was in the same class as him. That would mean he would be 15 at the most and you have to be seventeen to drive someone who isn't a family member.

  • Response to 2nd goof: With Peter they never really had a "date" date. With Harry we never saw them go out on a date so I assume they never really went out on an official 1st date so Vincent was Ruthie's first date.

  • Response to last goof. Ruthie and Vincent could have been in the same class together, but at a different age. My freshman year, I had classes with sophomores, juniors, and seniors, so it is possible that Vincent is of age to drive with Ruthie in the car.

  • Response to "ice cream wrappers" and "ties": Some kids might have trouble opening certain packages- Forget kids, sometimes I can't even unwrap some packages! Learning how to tie a tie is something that you must be taught. If they were taught how to tie a tie at one point, then they probably remember. Don't they wear their "Sunday best" to church every Sunday? Couldn't that include ties?

  • When Kevin was talking to Lucy in their bedroom and saying that their baby would never go on a date, you could tell that it was a baby doll he was holding.

  • Nitpick: What was up with the sound? Several times I noticed that the actors lips were moving and no sound! It was very obvious.

  • Nitpick: How did the usher know that Ruthie and Vincent were on a first date as he told the guys right before he escorted them out of the theatre?

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