7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 10

Truth or Dare

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1997 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Mary talks Matt into getting her a date with his handsome friend Brian, but the hook-up leads to some very disastrous results. Meanwhile, Lucy is thrilled when some popular girls invite her to their sleepover, but she is unaware of their true motives. Simon tries teaching Ruthie to swim in the bathtub, while Eric puts himself on a diet...and regrets every second of it.moreless

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  • Every show has a bathroom scene in it's series. well here's the one for this.

    Every show has a bathroom scene in it's series. well here's the one for this.

    (Annie knocks outside the bathroom door of the one bathroom in the house)

    Ruthie:We're in here.

    Annie:Still? It's been 2 hours, and two hours ago I finished a huge milkshake.

    Simon:But mom we need our baths.

    Annie:I need to pee, and my bladder is about to tip over, Eeee! come on hurry up.

    (Annie outside the door has her legs crossed in torment.)

    Ruthie:I think I still missed a spot somewhere.

    Annie:Well just hurry up and find it or there's going to be a huge accident near here. Ohhhhhhhhh!

    Ruthie: Maybe we should clean up Simon, mom sounds desperate.

    Simon: She'll be fine.

    Annie:Dohhhhh, losing it, leaking.

    (Annie has her legs crossed hopping around the spot in demise)

    (Annie holds crossed desperately)

    (3 more hours later)

    (Annie knocks outside the bathroom door again)

    Annie:Guys you done yet?


    Annie:I really need to use the toilet this very moment, now I can't wait any longer let me in pleaseeeeeeee!


    Simon:Mom, I think you can wait a little longer than this.

    Annie:Ehh! No I can't Simon, just let me in I could really use that toilet right now, I need to pee desperatley!

    (Annie is on the floor her legs crossed and scrunched up to her and she's shaking in ageny)

    Simon:But. Annie:Now or no desert.

    (All ends well,after)moreless
  • though an early episode a great one

    loved the fact that Annie wore a tee over her swimsuit like a good christain lady should especially a pastor's wife. Even so still looked cute. Great all around episode. Think it's funny being taught how to swim like that. Original idea for Simon. Wish i'd have thought of it. The actress playing ruthie plays the episode well. Who'd have thought that kdi actors could keep cute scenes in their acting. YOu konw how kids are. Always trying to be cute whether intentionally or not. Think it's a great over all episode. Good reason to watch the show. Great acting by allmoreless
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Jason Behr

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Toward the end of the show Mary hands Matt $20 and then calls Simon down to get it. Didn't Matt and Simon agree on $2 interest? What happened to that?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Annie: Simon, you're going to have to tell Ruthie that despite your teaching, she's still going to have to take swim lessons.
      Simon: Why me?
      Annie: Because you're the one who let her believe that she could learn how to swim by splashing around in a bathtub!
      Simon: But it will break her heart. Her teeny tiny heart.
      Annie: Whose fault is that?

    • Eric: I need a favor. I need some cheeseburgers.
      Matt: Okay.
      Eric: (hands him the money) And I would appreciate it if you could just keep this between us. Your mother doesn't need to know about this.
      Matt: Why would she? They're just cheeseburgers.
      Eric: Right. Exactly. They're just cheeseburgers.
      Matt: Dairy Shack okay?
      Eric: Yeah. Just, um, leave them in the garage when you get back, and I'll find some way to make the pickup.
      Matt: Oh, Dad, you don't have to live like this. You're not that fat.
      Eric: What do you mean by "that fat?"
      Matt: I'm on my way.

    • Beverley: Okay. First, we get the first new person--that's you--to go under the bed. Then we get the other new person--that's Shelby--to come in here.
      Lucy: Then what?
      Beverley: Then we all talk about you until Shelby starts to talk about you and says what she really thinks. Of course, we're just making up stuff to try and get her to talk, so you can't hold anything we say against us.
      Lucy: I see...
      Beverley: Oh, and don't worry. See, we play this game every week, and it's always really fun. And it's useful. This way, you get to see who your true friends are, because you get to see what people really think about you.

    • Mary: Are you still not speaking to me?
      Lucy: No, I'm over it.
      Mary: That's good. Then you can help me decide what to wear on my date tonight.
      Lucy: Well, don't you want to know why I'm over it?
      Mary: Not really, just as long as you're over it.

    • Annie: There are seven people in this family. One bath a day is all you're allowed.
      Ruthie: I thought cleanliness was next to Godliness.
      Annie: That's only if you and God are going to be sitting on a crowded bus together.
      Ruthie: Huh?
      Annie: Just hurry up!

    • Beverley: (with Lucy is hiding under the bed listening) So I've been dying to ask you...what do you think of Lucy?
      Shelby: I think she's pretty nice.
      Girl: Pretty nice? Please! She's absolutely rude to Ashley.
      Shelby: It probably just gets to her that Ashley and Jimmy are boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean, he and Lucy had been going out for a long time.
      Beverley: Yeah, I always wondered why he broke up with her anyway.
      Ashley: Well, for one thing, Jimmy says she's incredibly insecure.
      Shelby: So she's a little insecure...okay, she doesn't have a lot of self-confidence.
      Beverley: No kidding!
      Girl: You're exactly right.
      Shelby: Yeah, but who would with an older sister who's a basketball star and a brain?
      Girl: Yeah, I mean, if Mary hadn't made us invite Lucy over tonight, believe me...

    • Eric: It's the weirdest thing. Ever since your mother told me I needed to go on a diet, all I've wanted to do is stuff my face. I mean, yeah, my pants are a little tight, but they're not regular pants, they're just shrunken jeans.
      Lucy: I know. And it's like Ashley telling everyone I'm insecure. I mean, that is totally, TOTALLY....well....it's the truth. I guess I am a little insecure.
      Eric: And I have gained a little weight. Here's to protecting our self-images through denial.

    • Mary: I can't believe you paid Brian 20 bucks to go out with me!
      Simon: She found out, huh?
      Mary: (to Simon) Listen, Daddy Warbucks, did you give him the 20 dollars? (Simon runs away)

    • Lucy: Did you pay Beverly to invite me to her sleepover or did you just threaten her?

    • Mary: (to her parents) Matt paid Brian $20 for him to go out with me! (to Matt) I can't believe you!
      Annie: Like I said...
      Matt: Yeah, yeah it'll blow up in my face.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Mary: Excuse me Daddy Warbucks did you give him the money.
      Daddy Warbucks is the "rich man" in the the popular play/musical/movie Annie.