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7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Ruthie's heart soars with hope when Martin and Meredith break up. As she fantasizes about becoming his new girlfriend, she is completely unaware that everyone at school believes that she is carrying Martin's child. Meanwhile, the family is concerned that Ruthie is setting herself up for some serious heartache. The Camdens are all spending the holiday at the church to help with a free dinner for the homeless, and with Rose and Sandy planning to attend, Eric and Annie make a conscious effort to be nicer to their future daughter-in-law.moreless

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  • One of my favorites!

    This episode is my favorite one from season 10. Ruthie finally telling her true feelings for Martin. Then the emotion that comes with Martin telling Ruthie the truth about Sandy and Martin and Meredith breaking up is so compelling. Simon has an awesome Thanksgiving watching football alone (although I personally hate the sport). The crazy rumor that flies around school is so unlike Ruthie. I can't belive Kelly told everyone that. I really really loved this episode, in fact, I've seen it 3-4 times. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays too! This episode gets a perfect 10 from me.moreless
  • Ruthie finally discovers the truth about martin and sandy.

    i loved the way twe writers handled how ruthie finds out about the baby. they didnt drop it on her all it once, but brought it around gradually, at first twisting it for her when the rumor started that she was having martins baby. i also really enjoyed the way mackenzie and tyler interacted during the scene where ruthie ultimately finds out. it was very realistic, touching, and heartbreaking all at the same time. they have excellent onstage chemistry. i really hope their characters end up together.

    but all in all this was one of the more well-written episodes ive seen in at least the last season, and ive only been watching this the last two seaons, with several reruns as well.moreless
  • In an episode that ranks among the highest in 7th Heaven's final season, Ruthie finally admits her true feelings about Martin, only to be heartbroken by the secret he has hidden.moreless

    Now that the final episode ever of 7th Heaven is airing tomorrow night, it is interesting to go back and remember some of the best episodes in this 10th season. The final year of 7th Heaven has had many ups and downs, many very well written episodes and a handful of poor ones, and I have to say that "Turkey" definitely ranks with the season's best--perhaps even the series' best.

    16-year-old Ruthie spent a lot of time denying her love for Martin, but everyone knew the truth--and with this episode, she finally comes out with it and must deal with the hurt and humiliation when she finds out that Martin is the father of Sandy's child. Martin continued to act selfishly and remained standoffish for a little while after this episode, but I think it was when he came clean with Ruthie that his change of heart began to take form.

    Mackenzie Rosman did an impressive job here. The Ruthie role is another aspect of this series that has been up and down for a long time, but I think Rosman really hit home here. This particular plot required her to show a lot of mixed emotions, and she stepped up just as she needed to. The cry scene where she was yelling and hitting Martin was particularly affecting, and I applaud this young actress for being able to do that. Ruthie's the kind of character you either love or hate, but few can deny that she did a nice range of typical "teenager" behavior in this season.

    The final few scenes of this episode are also very credible and worth remembering. Eric's talk with Ruthie outside the Church is beautifully done and a classic 7th Heaven moment. It was nice to see Eric take charge and encourage his daughter to choose her attitude more carefully. The Ruthie/Sandy confrontation was also powerful, and the final "Thanksgiving dinner" scene was a mixture of humor (remember Rose's hilarious "I'm grateful for me" speech?) and a heartwarming showing of love and family.

    Good character development and the end to a long lingering climax makes this heartwarming, emotional, and one of the better episodes from the soon-to-end 10th season.moreless
  • i thought this was a good episode.

    I though this was a good episode. Ruthie finally finds out the truth about martin and sandys baby. I usually dont cry over a show but this one was an excrption. I dont give this one a perfect ten because there has been better apisodes but i still give it a two thumbs up
  • Ruthie Finally finds out the horrible truth. Martin is having a baby with Sandy. Ruthie gets very upset that her bestfriend didn't tell the truth and that everyone else knew ever Sam and David. They have a Thanksgiving dinner. Rose is getting more hatemoreless

    The commercials made the scean with Martin and Ruthie more trmatic than it actually was. We are all starting to see more of Rose and why The Rev. doens't find her suitable for Simaon. Sandy is really starting to show a new figure, she evern seems to be changing, and to really know what kind of mistake she actually made.
Alyssa Spradley

Alyssa Spradley

Kelly Davis

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Stephanie Turner

Stephanie Turner


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Gabrielle Boni

Gabrielle Boni

High School Student

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Garrett Strommen

Garrett Strommen


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    • Ruthie: I'm usually really good at knowing things before other people, with the exception of you and Martin. You're not in love with Simon, are you?
      Sandy: No.
      Ruthie: Yeah, and I'm not in love with Martin, either.
      Sandy: This is the truth, Ruthie. There was a time that I was jealous of Simon and Rose. And I wished Simon was in love with me, and that we were getting married, and I was having his baby. But that time has come and gone. This is Martin's baby, and Simon and Rose are in love with each other, and Martin's not in love with me, and I'm not in love with him. And sometimes it's hard to put aside what you want and just deal with what's real. That's what I have to do. And I'm afraid so does everyone else, including you.
      Ruthie: Yep. So that's why I was thinking that maybe we could be friends. We're both kind of angry and heartbroken.
      Sandy: Well, just be grateful that you're not angry, heartbroken, and pregnant.
      Ruthie: That's why I'm out here. (opens the car door) Look. People are going to talk about you and Martin, and then something else will happen, and they'll talk about that, and they'll forget about you and Martin. It's true. Life is pretty much like high school.

    • Eric: How are you doing?
      Ruthie: How do you think I'm doing?
      Eric: Well, I think you're...not doing that well. I think you're angry and heartbroken.
      Ruthie: Very insightful.
      Eric: I also think you're a bit selfish and, oh, a little sarcastic.
      Ruthie: What?
      Eric: You know, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to count your blessings and to remember that no matter how bad off you are, there's always someone whose life is worse.
      Ruthie: I don't feel like feeling sorry for Martin right now, if you don't mind.
      Eric: Actually, I do mind. You're just not the kind of person who dwells in self-pity, and I don't want to see you wasting away the day or the weeks or the year feeling sorry for yourself. Martin is inside, enduring the whispers and the stares and comments, and Sandy's...sitting in the car, having changed her mind about her ability to do the same. You can choose your feelings, Ruthie. Choose to be grateful. Choose to be kind. Choose to be understanding, because you can do that. You can.
      Ruthie: I don't see you choosing to be nice to Rose.
      Eric: Point taken. I'll make a deal with you. I'll go in and be nice to Rose if you go get Sandy out of the car, because we've all tried and failed, but I have a feeling you can do it. Ah, I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm not gonna bargain with you. I'm just gonna go in and be nice to you, and you do what you want. Do whatever will make you feel good about yourself on Thanksgiving.

    • Lucy: There's a new rumor going around school.
      Eric: Oh, boy. Hmm. So the news has finally surfaced about Martin, and he still hasn't told Ruthie. Great. Hmm. We knew this might happen.
      Lucy: Well, here's something we didn't know might happen. We didn't know that the whole school might think that Martin got Ruthie pregnant.
      Eric: What? No.
      Lucy: I'm afraid so.
      Eric: That's ridiculous! Why would anyone think that that's true?
      Lucy: Well, let me see. Uh, one, she and Martin are very good friends, and these days, sometimes, friends have that sort of relationship. And two, she was out sick all last week, and three, she's a preacher's kid, so everyone always thinks the worst.

    • Meredith: You didn't tell me Ruthie called. And WHY are you going around telling everyone that she's having Martin's baby?
      Kelly: Careful. Wheelchair. You wouldn't hit me, would you?
      Meredith: No! But do not even try to make me feel sorry for you right now!
      Kelly: Okay, but I don't know what you're so upset about. Didn't you say Martin got some girl pregnant?
      Meredith: Not Ruthie.
      Kelly: Not Ruthie? Oops, my mistake.

    • Eric: Luce, we've all been so worried how she was going to take this, thinking Ruthie was a little girl, but she's not. She's a young woman.
      Lucy: Dad, she's a teenager.

    • (after Kevin gives Ruthie the box of soup labels)
      Ruthie: I love you! The computer staff is going to love you! The whole school's going to love you. And Jack's gonna love me! (she leaves house)
      Kevin: (to Savannah) I hope not. We don't like Jack.

    • Ruthie: So who else knows about this? My family? My whole family? Mom and Dad and Kevin and Lucy and Sam and David? And Matt and Simon and Mary? They all know? Everyone but me?
      Martin: Well, I don't know about Mary, but...

    • Eric: While everybody's getting seated, let's go around the table and let everyone say what they're grateful for. It's a Camden tradition, and this year, I want to start by saying Rose, I'm grateful you came all this way to have Thanksgiving dinner with our family. Welcome. (Rose smiles)
      Annie: (long pause) Yes. Welcome, Rose. I'm grateful that we have this time to spend with you, to get to know you better.
      Lucy: And I am grateful that my brother has found someone to love.
      Kevin: And we are grateful you love Simon.
      Rose: Oh. I get it. I've never done this, but I see how it works. So, following suit, I'm grateful that I'm me. I feel very fortunate to be healthy and wealthy and smart and beautiful, and to be the future Mrs. Simon Camden.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was a part cross-promotional integration with Campbell's Soup Co. involving the company's Labels for Education program. There was a public service announcement from the series' stars encouraging viewers to participate in the Campbell's program through their schools.

    • Alyssa Spradley reprises her role as Kelly Davis. Her last appearance was in the season 9 episode Mi Familia (2).

    • This episode marks Megan Henning's (Meredith) last appearance on the series. She was contracted for only the first 9 episodes this season.