7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 1

Turn, Turn, Turn

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on The CW

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  • Although Lucy's priceless "drama queen" ways were in top form, the episode showed some true potential

    I think it's safe to say that everyone was shocked when, after a highly publicized 10th season finale told us that "7th Heaven" had taken its final bow, the actors and writers resurrected themselves mid-summer to take a stab at a historical Season 11. As positive and meaningful as the show's general message has been throughout the years, it still seemed strange to me that it was deemed worthy enough to pull out of cancellation at the last second, but I guess that when you have a cast like this--a cast that clearly feels passionate about the series and would gladly go 20 more years if they could--this course of action was almost a little bit expected.

    In any case, the beginning of Season 11 indicated that the year was going to be packed with unprecedented drama, starting with Lucy's miscarriage and moving right along with Eric's allegedly life-threatening health problems. I do feel that the season ended up falling flat and losing out on some real opportunities to hit hard with the emotion. That's not to say that it was all just a complete flop, but in retrospect, it could have been better.

    Getting back to this season premiere episode, any fan who has followed 7th Heaven could probably instantly guess Lucy's reaction to the miscarriage of the twin boys that she and Kevin eagerly announced in the 10th season finale. Of course, Lucy Camden has met with some other trying times ever since Season 1, and through all of them, she has always managed to be overdramatic, self-pitying, and altogether irritating as she withdraws from the family and acts as if she is the only one who has ever felt these difficult things. Now, this may sound like a whole lot of bashing from a classic "Lucy hater," but actually, I don't have much against Lucy. She was always a good, sweet, and well-intentioned character, but her tendency to constantly throw herself a little pity party was definitely her most unattractive quality, and it really shined in this episode as she separated herself from her loved ones and went so far as to publicly blame them in front of the whole Church. On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea what a woman goes through when she miscarries one child, let alone two, so perhaps Lucy's behavior was at least partially justified, but regardless of any of that, it's the same old Lucy that you remember from day one. Another reviewer on here said that she was out of character in this episode, but to me, she was the same over-the-top emotional girl that she always, always was.

    Season 11 also opened with some other significant story arcs for the rest of the Camden family. Before Eric's heart problems kicked in, he got a stunning proposition from the twins' third grade teacher, which was a bit silly, but hey, Eric's methods of handling it were a pretty good example for people who meet with the same kinds of temptations today. There are definitely a LOT of married people in the real world who need to realize that just because you get an offer like that doesn't mean you have to take it. Like Eric said, we all have a choice about the things we do, and when we allow ourselves to think about what's right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, we can let that knowledge be represented in our actions and choose other feelings instead of going with the "feel good now" approach. That is a great, great message--exactly what "7th Heaven" is all about, and I appreciated seeing that. All in all, this episode marked what was to come for these characters, and even if they didn't flesh out quite as well as we may have liked to see, the potential was right there, and for the most part, the final season was enjoyable for longtime viewers.
  • It was sad!

    I was thrilled when I learned that 7th Heaven was renwed for an 11th season. But I wasn't thrilled when I found our that Lucy had a miscarriage! That's so sad! I know how excited her and Kevin were when they found out they were having twins...than they lost them! Awww...That's sad! I did like it, however, when Lucy and Kevin are talking, after Lucy has a meltdown in church and she bames everyone for what happened, anyway I thought it was sweet how Kevin told Lucy that she can blame him for what happend instead of blaimng herself. That was sweeet!! Overall, it was an ok episode Bottom line: I would give this episode 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.
  • It was okay.

    Lucy has lost her twins over the summer. They died. She is very emotional right now. She delivers the sermon and totally messes up by blaming her family for what happened and mentioning that Kevin is hot and that any woman would want to sleep with him. Martin wants to get married to Sandy. Sandy isn’t interested in that, but she wants to get to know him better. Martin learns that Sandy only slept with him to make Simon jealous. A neighbor, who can sing well, helps the Kinkirk family sleep. Ruthie is in Scotland. Mary is now a teacher and is subbing as a basketball coach until the real one comes back.

    This was a great episode. It wasn’t too good for a season opener though. Matt, Mary, Simon, or Ruthie are not anywhere to be seen. I liked the Martin/Sandy plot better for some reason. It was very wrong of Lucy to have an outburst like that while giving the sermon. This was a good episode, but it could’ve been better and I give it an 8.0!
  • We find out some interesting things in this episode.And Lucy goes a little wacky in church, too.There's a mistake she'll never forget.And Martin let us know something very interesting about Sandy.And apparently Sandy had something to say about Martin,too.

    A lot happened in this episode. One of my favorite parts in this episode was the argument between Martin and Sandy. Ya know, every time they argue, each of them reveal an interesting secret about each other. Like... take the argument when Martin and Sandy had about their reasonings for sleeping with each other for example. I had never really caught on to the fact that Martin had never had sex before he met Sandy. So finding out that Martin "had never done it before and just wanted to get it over with" was a little bit of a shock to me. But, on the other hand, there's Lucy. She made a BIG mistake in this episode with her sermon in church. I don't think I really need to say anything about that... I think we all know what she did wrong... There's no reason to say anything.. It's one of those things you just can't forget...
  • Lucy deals with the loss of her twins, bringing back the very emotional Lucy from the earlier seasons.

    Lucy is very out of character in this episode. She has many traumatic events throughout the series--her friend killed in an accident, breaking off her engagement, and being bedridden in the last weeks of her first pregnancy. Throughout them all she always showed emotion, and yet always seemed to deal with them in a very roundabout way. She never went too public with her feelings, but this time she told the entire church--and laid blame in so many places that I don't think Lucy would--even in an emotional time in her life. Lucy was definately out of character, and I don't think it can be blamed on the fact that she was very emotional because she miscarried. The series should not have continued with this plot. However, the rest of the characters and plot was very well written.
  • The 11th season of 7th Heaven started off with a heart renching episode.

    Love this episdoe. It was magical inits own way. Jewel was amazing on the show and an amazing way to promote her new cd. Sad episode while being wonderful as well. Could not ask for a better episode to start off the llth season with a bang.Amazing how they got this far. I am so proud of them and it is amazing to be able to see them grow so much since the first season. Brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. This was defenatly a vary speaical episode.Keep up the wonderful work. Do not expect anything less from an amzaing cast.
  • With the close of season 10, a lot was left open. Now with year eleven we have not the chance to close what was left unanswered like births and trips to Scotland and also see what will take place with the Camdens for another year.

    This was an interesting episode. They took it to new areas as one of the Camdens dealt with personal tragedy (which in classic 7th Heaven doo-da is never directly addressed) and satsfied me by not making you feel as if you're just watching the Eric, Annie, Lucy, Kevin show. Here's how:

    ERIC/ANNIE: Nice to see them as always, in his true Eric form. The whole story of them not being used to such and empty house made total sense to me, since, especially with Ruthie's absence, the fact that there are only four occupants of that house is pretty jarring. I was so tickled by Annie's newfound energy and how it seemed to wear Eric out, which could be foreshadowing for what happens later with his heart. It's great also to see how they keep in touch with their children--although I don't know why Eric wasn't aware of any of his children's events. The years are showing on Eric, but Annie seems to aging gracefully (especially after that awful haircut in season 10--I don't where THAT came from. Let us forget that ever happened)

    MATT/SARAH: Great to hear that they are both done with medical school and are resident doctors. AND happy parents of twins. I would love to see Matt as a father to two boys and him and Sarah as doctors, but we may never get that. Oh well. References like this are still fine cause it give you a family feel. I wouldn't mind seeing Rabbi Glass anytime, either--he's a hoot.

    MARY/CARLOS: A good story turned into a bad turned around into a good one once again. I love that they put some sense into Mary and brought her back to the working housewife she was in season 8, although teaching was a new one. Good though for her to be with her family now instead of traveling so much (she'd better not and leave Carlos with 3 kids)and teaching basketball possibly? Nice touch. That's the Mary Camden I know and love!

    LUCY/KEVIN: I was both saddened and annoyed by thie story. I felt so bad for Lucy, who wasn't in any way at fault for losing the twins, and with her being so fragile Kevin was clueless as how to handle her or make her feel better. It was good to see someone act out personal challenges other than Eric, and it was refreshing for them to deal with helping a family member through tragedy. I can't believe she wanted to sit there and blame Kevin and everyone else for what happened, that's not very understanding or sensible of her, but it was a very Lucy thing for her to do, yet after all these years I'd hoped she'd be more mature....yet....it's Lucy. SIMON: Simon was definitely missed, I would have hoped to see follow up to his rollercoaster ride of an engagement to Ms. Taylor, but to know that he's independent and finishing school on his own is good. Hopefully he will stay out of trouble, and maybe we'll see him this season at some point...

    RUTHIE: A very missed character, with this episode being the first in ten years she's not featured in. Nice to hear taht she's in Scotland but I was disappointed to hear that hadn't returned with Gallagher. Hopefully she'll return as well, and behave, and get her focus back and stop being so BOY crazy....

    SAM/DAVID: No, the house is not the same. What's worse, these two are the only ones left in the house. Acting improves with age for some, but with these two I hate to see them at 15 and doing this still. Ugh....very disappointing compared to their "sister"

    MARTIN/SANDY: These two are back, and it's great to see them again! I never did understand Martin's sudden turn to hypocrisy after being so honorable, only to go and get someone pregnant. But this time, he is visibly older and also wiser, and Sandy is as sweet as molasses. I want to see where this goes and hope that they genuinely fall for each other and that Sandy's journey is one that makes her a Pastor resembling Chandler, not Lucy. All in all, a good episode, can't wait to see the possiblities for this season and what the big central story will be?????.........
  • 5.7
    i r e a l l y d i d n o t l i k e t h i s s h o w b. c i w a s t o m u c h l i k e r e a l l y l i f e w e h a v e t o s e e a n d h e a r a b o u t a friend or family lossing there baby so why put it in a tv show i know when i go to wach tv i dont want to think about the relife .
  • Building the series around seven characters isn't working.

    I used to love seventh heaven. Every episode was new and fun and unexpected. But the network should've dropped Seventh Heaven on the note last season. It may not've been a high note, but it was so much better than the premiere and following episodes.

    So many characters aren't appearing bach on the show or won't re-appear until much later. i.e. Ruthie, Matt, Sarah, Mary, Simon, Rose -- etc, etc. Without a full Camden Household, the series isn't the way it used to be. It's no longer a tale of family trials and tribulations, it's a tale of Aaron, and Ministry, and Sam & David.

    This episode left me empty, and didn't seem to be about much at all. Annie, Eric, Sandy, Martin, Lucy, Kevin, and Sam and David aren't doing for me. This episode has kept me from watching any other this season.
  • Ruthie needed break from show!

    I totally agree with Ruthie. Cuz Ruthie was full time for ten years on 7th Heaven. I noticed that Ruthie depressed wanted break from show for while.. She did great job acting for ten years. I want to clap for her and her great work! You guys need give her break so she can rest while..
  • This review is about the pilot episode for season eleven of seventh heaven.

    This is so stupid they shouldn\'t even have a 11th season because the series finale aired last year. I know people wanted the show to come back but it shouldn\'t have. I think they have ran out of story plots for the characters. You have gone as far as you can go with this show. I think it\'s time for people to let go. Half the characters are gone so that only leaves a few. The network should have just let it end at season 10.
  • Season 11 might not be so exciting.

    Yet another season of 7th Heaven. I was slightly glad that they didn't cancel one of WB's most successful shows but it just seems different this time around. The storyline is a little bland without the rest of the Camdens. Sandy and Martin can't fill the void left by Ruthie and Simon. The storyline was okay but nothing special for a season opener. It was sad how Lucy lost her twins but in happier news, Mary delivered her's safely. I'm starting to wish that this was 7th Heaven's last season and that the producers from above will just let it rest in peace.
  • Oh so very painful!

    This was the worst episode in Seventh Heaven History. How could they allow this show to go on? It had been all tied up in the finale... the series finale in May. To bring it back is just torture. I was wondering how they were going to do this with all the kids being pregnant and they fixed it with Lucy\'s miscarriage... I\'m sorry Lucy\'s \"incident\". It really bothered me that they just kept dancing around the issue of what happened to Lucy. Even when it became clear what happened, no one ever said the word miscarriage or that she \"lost\" the twins, just that she had an \"incident\" or they referred to \"what happened to Lucy” It was so silly. Did the writers not think that the viewers could handle the word miscarriage? So stupid. This season is going to suck. There are too few characters and they\'re no longer interesting. Find something to fill this spot quick, Seventh Heaven is going down!
  • Lucy blames everyone for her miscarriage including herself.

    I fell inlove with this show while pregnant with my munchkin (Lucy and I were pregnant at the same time) but this episode could have made me lose interest fast. It was uneventful. I watched it with my parents and we were all mad at Lucy. She was acting like such a snob, so totally out of character. I realize she had a miscarriage but her attitude was too much. Kevin was trying so hard to be there for her, but she was pushing him away. I am going to be so mad if something happens between them. And the church scene where she asked who would want to sleep with her husband was wayyyyy over the top!! Who is gonna sit there while the assistant pastor is talking like that. And then someone called about it, yeah! like that is going to happen. We need some better writing here guys.
  • A disappointment. Not their best episode.

    I was happy to hear that the series would continue. However, I feel that this was not the best episode. It seemed disjointed to me and hopped all over the place without developing the stories very much. For example, it was hard to figure out why Lucy was so acting so angry and weird until well into the show when you finally find out she had a miscarriage. Then, the way she acted in the church scene did not seem very believable. I hope the rest of the episodes will be better and more like the series we know and love. Another problem I had is the amount of commercial break time. There were frequent commercial breaks and at one point I timed one of them - yes folks, that particular set of commercials ran for 5 and a half minutes straight. That is way too much.
  • 7th heaven returns for its 11th season. it is the longest running TV drama show.

    I am a huge fan of 7th heaven. This show teaches me stuff my parents and teachers are afraid to talk about. However this episode, was amazing. Beverly Mitchel(Lucy) did great acting when she and George Stults(Kevin) were arguing. I think that every 7th heaven fan has got to see this episode. But, i am VERY angry that Mackenzie Rosman(Ruthie) decided not to come back on the show. She was one of the only reasons i watched it. At the moment i do not remember the mothers name, but her acting wasnt \"A+\" work in this episode. Nevertheless, WATCH THIS EPISODE!
  • im really glad 7th heaven is back!!!

    i am so glad that 7th heaven is back that i really don\'t care how good or bad the episode was. i wish that lucy didn\'t miscarry because i think it wouldn\'t of made the show more intresting in the long run. i think this misscariage thing will go on for a while. i wish ruthie (mackenzie rosman) renewed her contract on the series because now instead of just concentrating on the camden family, its moving more towards other people like sandy, martain, and aaron. i am just so glad this series was renewed that i don\'t care how good or bad it was.
  • So I had mixed emoitions after watching this. I couldn't tell if I liked it or hated it.

    So I had mixed emoitions after watching this. I couldn't tell if I liked it or hated it. After a couple of minuets sitting there trying to figure out what i felt about this episode, it occured to me that it was actually good. I can't even recoginize good episodes anymore but I really liked this episode. When i first found out that a different person was writing the script, I was skeptical but after watching it, I was like wow, she needs to be writing the episodes more often. I loved how the twins were barley in it and it seemed weird with out Ruthie. Martin looked way older and even more hotter which I thought was impossible for him to do. I really liked their story line.

    Now comes the Kevin/Lucy storylines. I used to rate the episodes on how good the Kevin/Lucy storylines were. This one was amazing. I loved the end where they finally talked about how they felt. I really liked how lucy was so upset, because it was like how she was in the old days.

    All in all really good episode. They should bring the writer back to write more episodes.
  • Here We Go Again

    Well its now the 11 season and once again they start off with another tragedy hits the Camdens. This time Lucy miscarried her twins which leaves her devastated. Like a few seasons ago when Annie goes into menopause she emasculates Eric. Now its Lucy who emasculates Kevin. I never saw a man who is totally whipped. Kevin also experienced the loss although not as great but he doesn't deserve to be publicly humiliated. With that aside the shorten cast only means lengthy scripts with the other kids becoming guest stars with little plots. I hope this will really be the final season.
  • I actually liked this episode...

    It seems like I liked this episode better than some of the more recent season openers... Though they never specifically said that Lucy miscarried, it was deffinitely implied. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was that simple little fact. It would have been ... well, informative, I guess, to know what'd exactly happened to have Lucy miscarry... especially since that was one of the main story lines for the episode... why Kevin & Lucy, & and the entire family, was grieving, etc...

    And since they mentioned both of Matt & Mary's set of twins, it would've been nice to be told what they named their children... but that's just me.

    Otherwise, I liked the episode well enough. I hope that the show continues to be good; it'll be difficult with so many of the Camden children out of the house, as it means the show will be focusing more on Annie & Eric, Sam & David, & Lucy, Kevin, & Savannah. I still think it would have been better to seriously consider a spin-off from the show, with all the possible (and probable) changes w/so many Camden kids out of the picture (even if David & Mackenzie come back on the show part-time)... but I just may have to reconsider that little opinion if the show continues to produce good results...
  • I feel upset that the fact Lucy had miscarried her twins cause she been through a lot of helping people find their way back from they started and I just wish she had some happiness of her own and I hope she won't give up her marriage cause of this

    I was happy when the show premeire it 11th season part of 10th year aniversity and I hope the show contined to air till Ruthie out of high school plus to se what the twin look like when they grow up. I learn something every time I wacth and hope for more to come caue there's nothing home like 7th Heaven
  • Lucy deals with the miscarriage of their twins by responding agressively toward everyone in her path. Eric and Annie help Kevin cope with Lucy. Martin and Sandy decide that love is not in their future.

    This was scary episode. Lucy was a time bomb waiting to explode and oh did she explode! Lucy and Kevin miscarry their twins over the summer and Lucy is fustrated and upset regarding why it happen and who to blame. Her reaction to her stress is to distance herself from everyone and respond negatively to every comment sent her way. Lucy finally release her pent up aggression and everyone is shocked, even the church members. Martin wants him and Sandy to get married. Sandy is not interested in Martin intimately and decides that it is time for him to go his own way. Sandy decides she wants to be a minister and Martin deals with Sandy's rejection.
  • Kind of a boring episode...

    I love 7th heaven,always will. But come on, they should have just ended it last season. They had all the characters come back for a big finale and now there are only 3 original characters left on the show!! I mean where the heck is ruthie?!?! The episode was actually kind of boring. I kept watching though because I am a loyal 7th heaven fan! Hopefully the next episode will be better!! I think the show wouldve been better if they wouldve kept Lucy's babies in it. It wouldv'e been more exciting and interesting. I just really hope the next episode will at least have a good storyline!! Not to worry, I still love the show, just doesnt hold my interest quite as much as it used to.
  • I hope they kick it up a notch.

    This episode, although not as bad as I feared, was ho-hum. It didn't make me go "Man, I am glad 7th Heaven returned." It had some promising moments that I hope turn into a climax but overall it was blah.

    The opening had a good summary of what happened to the massive number of twins comings to the Camdens. I do find it hard to believe that Mary, after just having twins and as well their other older toddler, would be going back to work already. Most moms with twins that I know don't go back to work for AWHILE. At least she is doing something that apparently makes her happy like teaching and coaching basketball.

    Sorry, I didn't get Sandy wanting to become a minister now....and the whole thing witht Martin didn't solve the burning question she left us with Simon in the first season finale.

    Lucy and Kevin having problems after the marriage...all I can say is....oh boy this is going to make some crazy episodes. The Jewel song.....pretty good. I hope she has some more hits on her new album.

    The best part was seeing Eric and Annie come back to where the show had them in the earlier seasons.

    Overall, the episode was boring and I hope the next episodes get a lot better.
  • The saddest episode in the entire series!!

    This is the saddest episode of 7th Heaven EVER!!! Yes, it did have some funny moments, but I cried from beginning to end. Especially when Lucy and Kevin were talking towards the end, and that one tear drop came down Lucy's face. I also like the fact that they never mentioned the word "miscarriage" once.

    I miss Simon and Ruthie! COME BACK!!!
  • Pretty much small.

    This episode was kinda small. I'm not used to seeing a small household on this show. It was new but I do hope it gets better down the road. Ruthie not being a show regular was kinda suprising seeing how she played a big role pretty much. But lets just hope it gets better.
  • Good Start

    Today's episode was about Lucy was angry with herself. Apparently, she had a miscarriage in the summer and angry about it. Everybody tries to avoid making her upset over on top of the stress she already has. Sandy calls her for advice and Lucy gets an attitude and problay feels like nobody cares about her problem and feels like everyone expects Lucy to fix their problems and ignore hers.then she goes in front of the church and blames her husband, Kevin for the miscarriage, and wonder why here, why did she have to have a miscarriage and everybody else, Sarah and Mary have a healthy baby. She's looking for someone to blame but really it's nobody's fault. She should be grateful she has Savannah, which she is. Lucy was the only sibling in the family who was in the episode, Can't wait to see the rest of the family. The show was ruined for me when I saw the spoiler for the episode so I already knew what what to expect. Otherwise I would be surprised.
  • What a way to start the 11th Season? Like the old days!

    Personally, I loved this episode, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, especially with Mackenzie Rosman and David Gallagher gone also. But I was so immersed in the storyline, and Beverley Mitchell's emotional performance, that I didn't feel their absence at all. Beverley had me near tears, in her scenes, the one with Lucy and her Dad in the kitchen was particularily heartfelt and wrenching at the same time. I found her remarks about Kevin at the pulpit, very funny, which was strangely, pleasant in its unpleasantness. Eric and Annie's (Stephen and Catherine) scenes were great to see again, Eric still has eyes only for his wife, and in that kitchen scene near the end, with him comforting her. It felt like the old days, this is what Heaven was like in the beginning. And that song by Jewel, "Good Day" fitted in just perfectly at the end.
    So beautiful!
  • Powerful episode!

    Eric and Annie Camden are still moral people who love each other very much. This was a powerful episode.

    I don't understand the negative comments about Lucy. She's a woman who has lost her babies, you can't blame her for not being herself. And as the end of the episode has shown, there is a glimmer of hope for things to come, as always.

    I felt a vibe like this was a season 1 episode. I can't equate a better show with a bigger cast. It would be nice to have them back, but people move on.

    Looking forward to next week.
  • I too am sad that Simon and Ruthie (and Matt and Mary) are no longer stars, but it made me smile that the storylines still included them. This season opener was surprisingly good - and Lucy's tear made me cry! I couldn't believe it! Here's what I think:

    I too am sad that Simon and Ruthie (and Matt and Mary) are no longer stars, but it made me smile that the storylines still included them. This season opener was surprisingly good - and Lucy's tear made me cry! I couldn't believe it! Here's what I think:

    Let me go storyline by storyline:

    Unseen characters and how they're still a big part:

    Matt and Sarah have had twin boys, even though it's only been 4 months (according to the Lucy, Ruthie, and Martin/Sandy storylines)? But they're doing well.

    Mary and Carlos are back together. With 3 kids now. Charlie likes his 2 sisters. The family's in New York again, and Mary LOVES her new teaching job. Really. This is extremely important for Annie to emphasize, apparently. And she might be able to coach basketball... how sweet.

    Simon is... somewhere, doing something, and still loved. According to Lucy, he's "probably off somewhere having twins". Sandy's in love with him. Martin doesn't want Simon near her.

    Ruthie is in Scotland like was planned. Mackenzie Rosman was in the show for 221 episodes straight! From the age of 6 to the age of 16! Wow!

    The stars in order of appearance on opening credits:

    Eric... I'm sorry, but he looks like he's getting REALLY old now. But he was good in the episode, like always. His part was fairly small, but sadly still more than Sam's and David's.... Eric loves Annie more than ever, and never gets to be the one to talk to his children! He's been overworked at the church for the past few months because Lucy's been... well... no one can say "grieving over her miscarriage" in this show because it's G or something.... He's smart enough to tell Lucy not to go back to work the day after she decides she's ready, but Lucy doesn't listen....

    Annie... her project of building a home/secondhand shop for teenage mothers is pretty much complete, and is successful. She reports on all the unseen characters, while still making it not all that obvious that is what she's doing - which is pretty, impressive, I must say. She also misses all of her children deeply....

    Lucy... as much as I thought the "angry" Lucy would get really annoying really fast, I really liked her storyline in this episode. I think Beverley Mitchell really pulled off her character in this episode. She really made me cry. And while I think she's wrong to be quite so devastated after 4 months, I haven't experienced everything her character has, and I wouldn't know what it's like. I hope that by the time the show's really over, Lucy decides to try to have another kid.

    Sam and David - Number 4 in the credits! Well, they've been in the show as long as they possibly could - all 7 and a half years of their lives! They deserve the #4 spot. Unfortunately, they still are listed together. And why "as Sam and David"? Like we don't know? Unfortunately, they also don't have any storylines. They're there, but only as the only people Lucy doesn't blame for her miscarriage and the only children Annie has left. They can't sleep, which takes up like 10 seconds. I wish they had as many storylines as Ruthie did when she was in 2nd grade. There's two of them! Entire series have been made from just twins as the premise! Even if they're not good actors, come on!

    Kevin - he's a little too tolerant of Lucy. At least complain to Annie and Eric when she's not there! But at least by the end of the episode you understand why he was being so super nice to Lucy. And he's still sweet. The hot thing was a little overboard....

    Martin - what's up with Tyler looking all "manly" now? He's got stubble everywhere, and he's standing up straighter or something.... And while it seems like he's being kind of stupid, and the Sandy/Simon/Daniel/Martin storyline looks like it's going to be going on for way too long, I don't really care yet. At least he's not out of the show. I still kind of like him.

    Sandy - she wants to be a minister. "Those Camdens". If what Martin said is accurate, and Sandy only wants to be one of the Camdens and more likely to be loved by Simon, then maybe the storyline isn't so bad. At least it's a way to really tie Sandy and Martin to the Camdens, since Simon's not even in the show.

    I can't think... did anything else happen in the show?

    All in all, it was a pretty good episode - probably better than my expectations. 9.4/10.
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