7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 17

Twelve Angry People

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

Annie gets off of the phone with Sarah's mother and starts yelling at Ruthie for cutting Sarah's hair. When Annie describes the haircut to Ruthie and how upset Sarah's mother is with it, Ruthie explains that she could have done better with a better pair of scissors, not the round ones that don't cut hair. Ruthie tells Annie that she didn't want to play with Sarah, but her mother made her do it, so she cut her hair. Annie tells Ruthie that she needs to go up to her room to think about the situation and Ruthie tells her that she will think of a better excuse. Annie gets more frustrated and tells Ruthie that she doesn't want to her excuses and only wants her to go to her room as punishment. Ruthie complains that she was supposed to go to Mrs. Hinkle's house, but Annie tells Ruthie that she will have to call her and say that she won't be there. Annie points out that her actions affect other people, not just herself, but Ruthie is complaining and says that her actions didn't affect other people, her punishment does. Annie demands respect from Ruthie. At a trial, Eric is in the jury and the judge gives them the orders to deliberate the verdict and adjourn to the jury room.

In the jury room, some of the jurors discuss how the trial was just a circus and then the jury foreperson calls them to a vote to see where the rest of the jury's thoughts are. Everyone in the jury votes "not guilty" and Eric votes "guilty", but only after he sees that everyone is voting one way and he wants to discuss the trial. A juror asks if the vote has to be unanimous and the other tell him yes and then all of the jurors look at Eric at the end of the table and complain that they will be there for a while. Matt gets home and immediately asks Annie if Eric had called, but after saying "hello" to Eric, Annie tells him that she didn't talk to him, but he left her the keys to the church's office to give to Matt. Annie asks why he needs the keys to the office and Matt explains that John is having friends over to the apartment and he had a big assignment due in Statistics class. He has to discuss the role of Statistics in their chosen field, and Matt doesn't know what he will write about Statistics in medicine. Annie is concerned that Matt will get scared to be in the church alone by himself, but Matt reassures her that he won't have any problems. Annie tells him to make sure to leave the church the way he found it and Matt leaves. Mary and Lucy come into the kitchen and ask about where Eric is, but Annie realizes that they don't care and want to do something, but he says no since they have no money. Lucy explains that they just want to go to the promenade and get some cappuccinos, but Annie says no and begins complaining about their spending habits. The girls explain that they are just going for cappuccinos, but Annie tells them that it is more than cappuccinos and she would love to find out what it is that they are doing. They leave and Simon walks into the room and asks if Deena can come over for dinner at night, but Annie tells him that she is tired and doesn't know if she will be up to company. Simon promises to not give her a hickey and has learned his lesson, but Annie asks if she can come over tomorrow. Simon asks Annie why they have to be punished because their dad couldn't get out of jury duty.

At the church, Matt shows up, sits down, and begins to drink his coffee, but the lid pops off and he has to quickly take his pants off because of the hot coffee. Mary and Lucy discuss trying to get to go to where they want to go, but when Annie walks in and asks about where Ruthie is, the girls look guilty. Mary finally asks her mother if they can just go to the promenade and walk around and then lets it slip that they were going to go check on Lucy's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Nayloss. When Lucy tries to say that they only wanted to run in to him there, Lucy tells Annie that Mary wanted to see Robbie there. Mary gets mad and slaps Lucy in the face, but is immediately sorry since she didn't really want to hit her. When Mary goes downstairs to get an ice bag for Lucy's eye, she sees Ruthie coming in the kitchen. Mary confronts Ruthie about leaving and going to Mrs. Hinkle's house. Ruthie tells her that she was punished, but she had to go to Mrs. Hinkle's house to tell her about the punishment. Mary doesn't care and runs upstairs to bring the ice to Lucy. Simon sees Ruthie downstairs and tells her that she is in trouble, but Annie soon comes downstairs and yells at Ruthie for not obeying her order. Ruthie explains that she had to go to Mrs. Hinkle's to tell her since she didn't have her phone number. At the church, Matt has his stuff spread all over Eric's desk and can't keep his attention on the paper, but starts to play drums with pencils he found in Eric's desk. In the jury room, Eric is trying to explain his side in the verdict by saying that it was the defendant's gun shot the police officer that died. Two jurors explain that the defendant said that the police stole his gun a week before the shooting and that the police framed him. Eric tries to understand why the police would do that, but the two men tell him that two other police officers admitted to framing people for things they didn't do. Eric explains that it was not these police officers and it was other police officers at a totally different station that did that and that these police officers didn't have a motive to do anything like that and that not all police officers are corrupt. Eric tries to simplify the thinking that they know that the guy killed the police officer, but they don't care since other police officers did something wrong in the past. When Eric tells them that, the other jurors just look down, guilty that it is exactly how they are thinking.

Still in the jury room, Eric is looking out of a window when an older gentleman walks up to him and tells a story about his nephew and his court case. The man tells him that his nephew spent 15 years in jail for selling drugs and another case of Medicare fraud got no jail time. The man was upset about it and felt that white people may not see it as a racial thing, but black people do see the responsibility that race played in the ruling between the two cases. The two other jurors that felt that the police killed the man, not the defendant are minorities, one black and the other Hispanic. Eric tells the man that the only thing that he knows about being black in America is that he will never know how it feels to be black in America. At the church, Matt is walking around with a t-shirt and boxers on and is looking through the drawers trying to find something, but when he can't find it, he calls Annie about whether there is any music in the office, but Annie says no. Lucy is looking at her eye and Mary apologizes for hitting her and that it will look worse before it looks better. Mary offers to call Andrew Nayloss for Lucy and try to get them back together, but Lucy explains that she doesn't even know if she wants to go out with him, she may just only want to kiss him. Mary asks Lucy to call Robbie for him, but she refuses to talk to Robbie for her since she doesn't want them together. Lucy reminds her that it is Mary that is supposed to be doing something for Lucy, not the other way around, so Mary offers to get her a drink. Mary tells her that she doesn't like owing Lucy anything. When Mary went to the second floor, Ruthie stops her and complains to Mary about her situation. Ruthie tells her that Sarah wanted her to cut her hair and that her and Mary are being labeled as bad girls unfairly since they did a few bad things earlier in the year. Annie walks in the room and tells Ruthie that she can't have any visitors and she has to be alone. Ruthie tells Annie that she needs to think more because Annie probably wouldn't be too happy with the idea about her and Mary being labeled as bad girls. Simon and Deena are downstairs playing Life and use the various life decisions that come around by playing the game to discuss their future married life. Mary tells Lucy that she called Andrew Nayloss, but she only got in touch with Andrew's father and that he has a very nice girlfriend now and they like the girl, but Andrew doesn't which means that they won't be having sex. Lucy is confused on why Andrew's father would say such things, but Mary walks to her bed with a smile on her face. In the jury room, Eric brings up the fact that the judicial system has been racist in the past, but it is wrong when it happens and it should not be a reason to vote "not guilty" in this case since the evidence is so strong. They hold another vote and the older black man votes "guilty" with Eric and this upsets the younger black man who feels that the older man should be sympathetic with the plight of the minorities since he is one. The older black man tells him that he feels that this defendant got a fair trial and based on the evidence, he is voting "guilty." This outrages the younger black man and he gets up, but the older man tells him that he saw much more racism than the younger generation has and they need to let go of the anger. Eric pleads with the younger black man to look at the evidence in this trial, so the man votes "guilty."

At the church, Matt puts on his father's robe and dances around the rectory and gets up to the pulpit and introduces the empty church to the "Church of Matt." In the jury room, the Hispanic man tells everyone that the police profile the Hispanics in the area where the defendant was, then other jurors speak up with their own stories, good and bad about the police in that area and profiling against different races. Eric tries to tell him that his story about his aunt was bad, but he shouldn't judge this defendant based on the wrong against his aunt, and that his prejudice against the police are just as wrong as the prejudice that some people have against minorities. The man doesn't agree and yells at Eric for thinking that way. Lucy goes into Eric's office at home and calls Andrew Nayloss's father and tries to talk to him, but he doesn't know who is calling and thinks that Lucy is a telemarketer and hangs up on her. Lucy calls back and tries to talk to him and explain that she didn't want to have sex with Andrew, but his father didn't understand the conversation and decided that they needed to stay away from Andrew because they were sick. Lucy hung up and when Mary walked into the office, Lucy asks her if she really did call Andrew's father, but at first Mary wouldn't tell her, but before Lucy could get a straight answer, Mary ran away into Ruthie's room. Mary asks Ruthie why she has a hat on and Ruthie explained that if she did unto her self like she did to someone else, then their mom wouldn't be upset. Before Mary could look under the hat, Lucy and then Annie walk into the room. Annie asks Ruthie if she cut her hair, but Ruthie says she only thought about it and couldn't really cut her hair. Annie is glad that Ruthie has found the light. Simon and Deena get into an argument about the hickeys that they gave each other and Deena is still mad at him for getting her in trouble. She wants an apology for her getting in trouble, but she realizes that she is responsible for her own actions. Annie gets off of the phone with Sarah's parents and then calls Matt at the church, but Matt is still having his own personal church service at the church. While Matt is playing the organ, Lou finds him and asks him what he is doing since he had heard the organ playing in the church. Matt explains his actions and that he is there to work on his paper and doesn't want Lou to call his parents. Another Hispanic man gets up and explains that the defendant is someone's son. Eric asks a lady who had spoken up earlier about owning a business in the area about whether she worries about getting robbed. When she said that she does, Eric proposes that there were no cops to protect her and her business and by not convicting the guy just because of a few police officers doing bad things, she would be sending a message to the police that she doesn't appreciate their help. Another man tells Eric that if the defendant is not in a gang now, he will be in prison and he wants to look out for the kid. Eric tells the man to think about the police officer that got shot.

A lady explains that she likes the defense attorney better than the prosecuting attorney and that nothing that they do will change the outcome of a dead police officer. Another man says that everyone lies and that they just don't care about whether the man goes free. Eric tells them that they are both liars, but the woman is skeptical when Eric says that one person makes a difference. She changes her verdict to "guilty" and they are left with one man who will not let go of his verdict of "not guilty." Eric offers to have another vote. Ruthie thanks her mother for calling Sarah's parents and not making her cut her hair. Annie tells Ruthie that people do the best they can and maybe sometimes they don't think about the consequences. Ruthie says that she is going to try to help Sarah with her bangs, but Annie tells her to leave the bangs alone and Ruthie explains that she forgot about being good and did a bad thing. Mary explains that she never called Andrew's father and they both laugh about it. Mary explains that she has been labeled a bad girl and that she has been working off the night she trashed the gym and she didn't mean to hit Lucy. Mary says that she wanted to have some fun and Lucy explains that she called Robbie since she thought that Mary called Andrew. Lucy tells Mary that Robbie wasn't home and she left a message and Mary makes her repeat the message word for word. Lucy tells Mary that she either called him or not and when Mary says that she doesn't really want to go out with Robbie, but wants to find someone else. Lucy says that she never called him. Simon finds Annie in the twins' room and tells her that life is hard and people should just do the right thing in the beginning. Lou helps Matt with his paper by brining in real-life examples of autism for his son and the trial Eric is at, because he needs to see the numbers as real, live people. In the courtroom, the jurors file into the jury box and the judge asks for the verdict. The forewoman stands up and tells the judge that the defendant is guilty and they are free to leave. Eric looks over at the defendant's parents and then walks out of the courtroom.
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