7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2004 on The CW

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  • Overall, this episode was enjoyable on its message, but disappointing in its execution, but I'm still giving it a decent grade on its pure message and the fact that I did feel good leaving the episode despite many flaws. Surprising, I know.

    This was an episode where you kinda liked it or Really Hated it. For me I'm in the middle. I'm one of the few that kinda liked this episode. Yeah I know. But for me, this episode was 5 times better than last week's bland "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do" episode. This episode was far from perfect believe me, but I really enjoyed it despite the oblivious Public Service Announcement that the writers did so clumingly laid upon to viewers. This episode probably would've been more likeable if the producers and writers cut half the amount of times characters on this show said "vote" and "stupid" in this episode. Plus, they could've incorporated the storylines where it wouldn't be so heavy-handed and more beneficial to the characters development in the series than just a direct choice from the writers. Let's break it down...

    Eric and Annie: I loved the "blah, blah, blah, blah" thing the first 4/5 times when the Camden parents were talking to their kids and they were completely zoning out on them. It was very funny. But then it got kind annoying after awhile. But at least we now know a little more on what goes on in their heads and why they never seem to learn their lessons ever so often from a previous episode. It explains a lot more about the characters in this series, hysterical or not. Now, with Eric and Annie, it's just very hard to swallow that either one forgot to vote in the last election despite their circumstances. No matter how many people Eric was trying to help in getting to the polls in the 2000 election what kind of person who's an advocate in voting forgets to vote himself? The same scenario goes to Annie. It's just hard now looking back at how Eric tore Robbie Palmer (Adam LaVorgna) a new one when he decided he wasn't voting (i.e. Regrets, season 5). Although was I the only one grossed out seeing that Eric and Annie get hot for each other very much during election seasons as they explained it while in bed? Did we really need to know that? I can only imagine "Terminator" night when Arnold won governor seat in California last year. Eww.

    One great thing I did like in this episode was Eric finally acknowledging to Annie that he's going to do a lot more listening and less talking (lecturing). As much as Eric is loved, many can agree he kind of rambles too much, which is no surprise we (as well as the Camden's) go into the "Blah, blah, blah" thing. Even Annie was zoning out on him in bed when he decided on telling his revelation to her.

    Kevin and Lucy: It was a little hard to believe that Kevin never changed voters address in the two and half years he's moved to Glen Oak. If not for the presidential election, then for local elections I'm sure he would've gotten a chew-in from the Camden's at some point, let's be honest. At least Lucy's storyline is more believable, she is just starting to register to vote for the primary presidential election since she wasn't able to in 2000. Remember in 2000 she was 17 and a senior in high school. For Lucy it was just sort of rude for her by using her unborn child to gang up against Kevin ("our daughter") after he just wanted to know a simple thing about Lucy, that she just didn't register to vote. He was just curious. Why Lucy was so embarrassed to admit that is just silly. But that's what we've come to know about "7th Heaven", a storyline that would be no big deal in real life they stretch it out beyond belief.

    Once again, it was also quite hard to swallow that in the two and half years that Kevin, an officer of the law and a major advocate in jury duty (i.e. It's Not Always About You) that he would not change his voter's address from Buffalo by now. Both Kevin and Lucy in their storylines just really wouldn't hold up if they were a real life couple, especially such a simple fact they each didn't have the proper voter's registration yet and had to just admit it. How they got this far in their marriage with a simple storyline like this is beyond me where in real life a couple wouldn't think more than 5 seconds about.

    Martin and Ruthie: Whoa, Martin was sure showing his serious side in this episode. It's understandable since his father is fighting the war in Iraq and Pres. Bush is a major reason for that, so it's only natural that the son of a soldier takes voting a president seriously since he in part holds his father's life in their hands. This episode only solidifies that Martin is starting to grow a much harder shell this season and that's good. Last season he was a little too squeaky-clean, even by "7th Heaven" standards for a teenage kid. It makes him more interesting to watch.

    One thing that was bothering, was the whole high school scene with all the different ethnic teenagers talking about the United States and their unfairness to their people and home country. It just seemed a little too obvious for the writers to establish so many different ethnicity talking about their people all in one scene. It was kind of insensitive of the writers to think that a particular ethnicity of each are the only ones that care for their people as that's not the case at all for many. People do care. Plus, the acting in that scene was just horrid from the kids. It was also cringe inducing when that one kid said "Right on, dude." Ok, who talks like that today? I don't care if this is California where many people surf. The writers really need to update on the slang, because people do not talk like that anymore.

    Another thing that was bothering in this storyline was Ruthie. It was great that a girl her age is taking a stand in knowing more about current events and the government, after all she lives in a home where they encourage to get involved in matters. It was quite hard to believe though that she would give a speech outside her school and everyone would actually stop by and listen to what she had to say about voting and the election. Most kids would just blow her off and be very offended on thinking what does she know. It was totally unrealistic and a complete PSA (Public Service Announcement) from the writers, which is something that viewers watching a family drama should not bear to hear. That's the problem with this series. It's great that the writers address social issues in America, but please keep it a family context and not some obvious Public Service Announcement announcement. Brenda Hampton, has said in many interviews that she does not preach on the show. Ms. Hampton, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you do, whether you think you do or not and most of Americans who watch your show think you do too. So cut it out!

    Sam and David: Wow, there was something astonishing in this episode with one of the twins. The taller Brino twin, Nikolas (David Camden) is actually showing signs of life. He was actually sort of acting like a 5-year-old and talking like a 5-year-old. Wow! Finally! You can stay kid, but your other shorter brother Sam (Lorenzo Brino) still needs work, a lot of work. He just can't talk well, he slurs in his lines. That alone makes me acknowledge these two guys in one of my thread outlines instead of Rants and Bits where I usually banish these two.

    I'm sure it's dawned on many on why didn't the Camden's just reveal who they were voting for. I'm so glad the writers didn't---and with good reason. If the writers made the characters acknowledge who they were voting for (some for Kerry, some for Bush) then we would have to hear their reasons why they think this "guy is better than this guy" and all these political opinions would be flying in the air that no TV show should ever go there! Ever! That's why I thank you writers for doing that at least. Let us not forget the "Healing Old Wounds" episode where opinions where flying around Bush and Saddam Hussein about September 11 and the war in Iraq (i.e. Roxanne and Mr. Brewer). That was a complete disaster for many viewers to see and offended by their comments and constant kissing of reasoning.

    If it was real life the Camden's would've probably acknowledged who they were voting for, but for the sanity and the possibly offensiveness of many viewers the writers intelligently left it out for the purpose that this is a TV show. Lastly, the one major thing that was bothering in this episode was the ending. That alone made this episode a total Public Service Announcement with everyone looking in the camera with the "Vote for Me" tag. This episode did a good deed, for voting, but not for the series itself. It was just way too chessy and too outlandish for this to be in a fictional family drama.

    Overall, this episode was enjoyable on its message, but disappointing in its execution, but I'm still giving it a decent grade on its pure message and the fact that I did feel good leaving the episode despite many flaws. Surprising, I know. Once again the writers fail to establish a balance on family drama in a normal context and deliver a message that is not such a Public Service Announcement through the characters that you wonder if the writers are writing for a family show or just pretending to be a family show just to lay out their individual morals to the public. That is where Brenda Hampton and the other writers fault in their writing. Hopefully, it will be better. There were better ways to do this episode in voting where it wouldn't be so heavy-handed and yet subtle in its message. Hopefully, the writers will learn from this mistake for future episodes.

    Grade: **5 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits
    *It was nice to see Barry Watson (Matt Camden) again, but yet again he was completely useless in this episode. Hopefully in the next episodes he's in he will be more involved with his own interesting storylines, hopefully involving a still absent Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison).

    *Wow, Carlos and baby Charles were so adorable together. I really hope we see them again later in the season. Hopefully, next time it will actually be with Mary (Jessica Biel). We miss you!