7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 11

Wayne's World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

DISCLAIMER: The characters [(c) 2004] are owned by Spelling Entertainment Inc., a unit of Paramount Viacom. The summary belongs to the author. E & OE.
On doctor's orders to get bedrest, Lucy is at home -- not in the garage apartment but inside the house. It's 12:20 in the morning, and she asks Kevin if he's up. He is, naturally, because Lucy keeps waking him up. Totally dependent on the others, she's keeping everyone up to. Despite his attempts to calm his wife down, Kevin and Lucy get into a full-blown argument. This awakens Annie and Eric, Ruthie, and the twins. Ruthie grumbles that if this were "Survivor," they would have voted Lucy off the island long ago. Ruthie notices the light is on in Martin's room. She checks on him, but he slams the door on her. This is more than enough, even for Annie.
She, Eric, Ruthie, the twins and Happy all head to the garage apartment and crash overnight -- and realize to their chagrin they've overslept when Kevin comes in at daybreak to wake them up. Kevin is nearly at the end of his wits and wonders if he'll ever get used to Lucy's bedrest routine. Eric says he will survive. Downstairs in the kitchen, Annie's making breakfast while keeping a keen ear on the baby monitor -- the other end of which is where Lucy's resting up and where she's reeling off a series of demands from the rest of her family.
Ruthie needs a ride, but doesn't want to go to school with Martin if he's in a bad mood. That attitude swing is something that Eric has noticed as well. For their part, Sam and David are so tired from Lucy's constant screaming that they're too exhausted to change into a fresh wardrobe; opting instead to go to school in their very wrinkled clothes from the previous day. Lucy asks Eric if he can take care of a couple of her assignments at church, including the sex discussion group.
Kevin's gotten so tired that he falls asleep at work, on the bench of a holding cell. He's woken up by Michaels, who sends him home for a couple of days so he can take care of Lucy. At school, Martin asks Ruthie why she took the bus to school. She replies it's because of his attitude, and she calls him a jerk. Martin returns the favor, saying he can't stand her attitude either. As she walks away, Mac confronts him. He notices that Martin's been getting "D's" on some of his papers, something totally uncharacteristic for him. To make matters worse, at the last varsity game Martin got into an altercation with the school mascot. Mac tells Martin she's way beyond tense, and from what he sees, it has nothing to do with Lucy's mood swings.
Kevin comes home and is shocked to see Lucy walking around. Her orders are she can only walk around five minutes a day -- to get a shower. She's furious as Kevin carries her back to bed, saying she just wanted to get an extra blanket because she was feeling cold. Kevin then asks Lucy if she's been having problems at school. Annie calls Eric at work. She pauses as the phone rings. But Eric is so exhausted that he's fallen asleep at work on the couch. Ruthie comes home. Annie wonders why she didn't get a ride
with Martin. Ruthie replies that Martin's attitude is way out of line and
she couldn't stand spending any time with him. She agrees to put away the laundry, which Annie has already folded.
Martin's having a rotten time at practice. In an inevitable "I've got it," "I've got it" scenario, he crashes into another player -- unusual, however,
since he's a shortstop and the other player, Nick, is an outfielder. Martin quickly gets into an argument with Nick and a few other players. The coach breaks it up and tells Martin to hit the showers. At home, the phone rings. Kevin, trying to get a nap, first picks up the baby monitor, then realizes his mistake and picks up the phone. It's Lucy's professor.
Ruthie drops off Martin's laundry on his desk, but in so doing, accidentally activates the computer which was on standby mode. She looks on the screen and her eyes widen when she sees a disturbing message on Martin's e-mail. Kevin confronts Lucy. She has one more term paper due, but if she doesn't turn it in by next week, she can't graduate. Lucy wonders in the state she's in, why bother. Meanwhile, Martin is temporarily suspended from the team and is warned if he doesn't change his attitude soon, he'll be kicked off for good. He storms out of the office and comes face-to-face with Mac and Nick. Mac pleads with Martin to think things over. Martin tells him to mind his own business, then promptly slugs Nick.
Eric comes home. Annie berates him for sleeping on the job. Eric is so bushed he doesn't believe it at first until she tells him Lou saw it with his own eyes. Contrite, Eric offers to do the dishes. Meanwhile, Kevin is pleading with Lucy to reconsider her attitude, saying she worked so hard to graduate early that it's beneath her to take n "incomplete." He offers to help her do the paper, even if he has to ghostwrite it for her.
Ruthie asks to speak to Eric, alone. She tells her father she has some "guilty knowledge" about Martin. She's having a hard time trying to say what it is when Mac shows up at the parsonage. He pleads with Eric to talk sense into Martin, that things have gotten totally out of control with him. It's at this point Ruthie tells her father and Mac what she knows: Martin's father's tour of duty in Iraq has gotten extended, yet again. Mac is shocked, saying Martin had told him his father was coming home right after Christmas. When Martin comes down and is confronted with what they all now know, he totally loses it saying nothing is sacred anymore, even private e-mails.
Eric tries to talk to him, but Martin points out that even though Eric's father was a Marine also, he was home most of the time for him. The doorbell rings as Eric steps out. Annie rushes upstairs, breathlessly telling her husband it's Wayne Newton. Eric thinks she's lost it too, but she's serious. After some joking around (and after both Eric and his guest insist they call each other by their first names), Wayne says he's come to Glen Oak -- with a message for Martin Brewer.
It turns out Wayne is the celebrity chair of the United Services Organization -- the USO. He wrangles other celebrities to perform shows at the various USO posts around the world. Martin's surprised and asks Wayne how he got involved with them. Wayne says that when he was around Martin's age, he wanted to enlist -- but he had such severe asthma that he didn't qualify. He returned to Lake Tahoe for another show, and saw so many active personnel in the audience it moved him to try to serve his country in another way -- by entertaining the troops whenever he could.
Wayne was performing in Iraq, and Martin's father was in attendance, at the time he sent his e-mail to Martin. Martin had sent an angry reply, and it had totally blown his father away. Wayne pointedly tells Martin that while his father's been trained to take almost anything in armed combat, he just can't stand to see his son in pain; and he had asked Wayne to bring Martin a lengthy hand-written letter, which he hands to im. He also tells him that he's not alone -- that there are over a hundred thousand families in the same spot he's in, and they're on pins and needles everyday wondering if their spouse, child or sibling is really okay. Wayne then gives him a business card, with the name of a local support group for homebound families of active personnel. Martin thanks him, and they salute each other.
Annie and Eric thank Wayne for coming over, and ask him to stay for dinner. He opts for a raincheck instead, saying he has a couple more visits to make that night. Ruthie's in a bit of disbelief that Wayne Newton had come over at all. She then knocks on Martin's door politely. She and Martin apologize to each other for being so rude. He then heads out to clear the air with the other people he put off. Meanwhile, Lucy has finally finished her term paper and she's asleep. Grateful, Kevin heads out to the library to get a couple of citations to polish it out.
Martin apologizes to the coach for being so mean. The coach replies he's there for him as a friend and he should have told him about his father. Martin wonders who told him about that. It was Mac. Martin offers contrition to Mac also and they head out to the pool hall, where Mac has caught the eye of a pretty waitress. Martin jokes he can find his own girlfriend.
The next day, Kevin carries Lucy out to the backyard. Rather than bring her to the graduation ceremony, the dean and her ates have brought one to her. For them, it's their rehearsal, but for her, it's the real thing. Lucy is ecstatic as she accepts her divinity degree, and turns the tassel to the left side of her cap to make her promotion to a minister official. FADE TO BLACK.
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