7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 11

Wayne's World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on The CW

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  • Well the last episode of November Sweeps has passed us, however not leaving any mini-cliffhangers like most shows do. For people who read spoilers, we do know that in the episode coming back from Winter Hiatus is when Lucy has her baby, so that's really s

    Well the last episode of November Sweeps has passed us once again, however not leaving any mini-cliffhangers like most shows do. For people who read spoilers, we do know that in the episode coming back from Winter Hiatus (Jan. 17) is when Lucy has her baby, so that's really something to look forward to. Anyway, as for the this episode, it wasn't that great. It was basically just a filler episode with filler plots, especially the Martin storyline which was kind of weird---but I'll get to that later on. The Lucy being on bedrest was also pretty much filler and just a continuation from last week's episode. Nevertheless, despite it lacking Matt, Simon, and Mary, the episode was still pretty enjoyable.

    Lucy and Family: Well Lucy was at her craziest in this episode, not only driving Kevin (and the viewers) crazy but also her entire Camden family as well. The teaser for this episode was quite funny and delightfully light-hearted like the old season episodes were. Lucy was keeping everyone up because she had been in bed for so long and couldn't sleep, plus she was fighting with Kevin when she woke him up as well. Lucy was also waking everyone up because for her and Kevin were now sleeping in the house instead of their Garage Apartment (so the Camdens could more easily weigh on her hand and foot during the day). It was funny when Kevin caught Eric, Annie, Ruthie, and the twins sleeping in his Garage Apartment bed because that's the only place where they could sleep---and then watching as Eric saw Kevin, woke the others up, and they all running downstairs. It was also pretty funny to see Eric and Kevin falling asleep at their jobs, especially what Cpt. Michaels did to Kevin in front of everyone. But for once Lucy was totally in the right to be crazy---try spending all day in bed and you'd be crazy too. Lastly about the ending with the "graduation ceremony", I thought that was way too cheesy even for 7th Heaven standards. Not to mention unrealistic. How does Lucy go far having a teacher tell her she's gonna fail his class to being able to graduate that day? Not only that, but I've never heard of a college holding a "practice" and early graduation ceremony just for one person---and in their backyard for that matter. It was just incredibly cheesy for my tastes. Sorry. Anyway, wasn't too much to this storyline except for it building-up to Lucy going into labor in January. Can't wait for that to happen.

    Martin and Ruthie: This is the second time Martin and Ruthie haven't gotten along at all in an episode. The first being in Dropping Trou when Ruthie was being a jerk and pantsed Martin at school. This time Martin was being the jerk---perhaps to get back at Ruthie (kidding...)? So as I said before, this storyline with Martin was kind of odd and out-of-character. I know Martin has yelled at Eric before and gotten really pissed before, but it's hard to believe that kind of e-mail from his dad would make him in THAT bad of a mood to the point where he punches people, gets kickwd off the team, yells at Eric, is so cruel to Ruthie, etc. I can perfectly more than understand if his dad had gotten killed, but the e-mail just said that his tour had gotten extended. He should be upset, sure, but to for it to make him that rude and mean is unbelievable. It was touching to have Wayne Newton himself give Martin that speech and lead to a quite emotional scene---plus it was great seeing Wayne Newton on a show like this. And I'm glad Martin redeemed himself by apologizing to everyone, and I was glad his coach understood his situation. For once Eric wasn't the one to fix the problem in the episode, which was kind of nice. Ruthie in this episode was kind of being a brat to Martin, eventhough he did deserve it. I mean what happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" that the Camden kids were always teached? Besides it didn't seem like Ruthie to be mean like that---again though, I'm glad she was redeemed after knowing the reason for Martin's behavior. Anyway this storyline was okay for being in a bland episode.

    Two storylines, both being filler pretty much makes for a pretty boring episode. However, surprisingly I did find myself enjoying it for some reason. Can't put my finger on it, but for three Camdens absent it did have that classic 7th Heaven feeling when the episodes were light-hearted with a touch of drama. I don't know. I just can't wait until the January episodes when Lucy becomes a mom. And I can't believe we have to wait six weeks. Well we will have each other in the forums during this long hiatus.

    Other Thoughts:

    *Mac is really growing on me, I'm liking his presence in the episodes as Martin's friend now. Plus his character has grown since last season as being the insensitive jerk. He has really pulled through for Martin and showed he's a true friend this season, especially in this episode. Now only if we can get Ruthie some female friends.

    *Writers, please start giving Catherine Hicks (Annie) MORE screen time so she can work more than TWO days a week! Man, no wonder she was thinking about leaving during season 8.

    *Those twins are also growing on me, as they're continuing to act quite good---especially the tall one. If the show goes to a season 10, hopefully the writers will give the twins some scenes at school or with friends. I think they're ready.

    *Kevin really is a "saint of a husband" for dealing with Lucy's craziness, though I did feel sorry for her in this episode. As she said, first she almost lost her baby and now she's being treated like one. Aww, cheer up---you're gonna be a mom!