7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 11

Wayne's World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on The CW

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  • In this episode we see a whole new side of Martin, Ruthie's old sneaky ways, Lucy use her family as servants, and a very, very tan Wayne Newton...

    Although this episode wasn't a classic, it did have some good and memorable moments. We got to see
    *Lucy order Annie around, including yelling at her for retrieving last month's OPRAH.
    *We got to see Martin actually get a bad grade. OOO Martin you got a D! You're so bad.
    *We got to see Martin punch someone. Nice one!
    *And we got to see a very tan and very shiny Wayne Newton offer to sing Danke Schön to the Cam Rents. Wow that's scary.

    Lucy & her servants~ Lucy seemed to have a hard time in this episode. She was told to spend the rest of her pregnancy on bedrest, which really sucks by the way, and she was obviously enjoying it. Yes, I said ENJOYING IT. She got to order her parents and Kevin around, while conviently not having to write her paper (sweet!) Well, atleast I would have enjoyed it, but Lucy seemed to actually want to do her paper. Strange. Anyway, this storyline was cute. I liked hearing Lucy whine about getting last month's Oprah. It was quite amusing.

    Martin & Ruthie~ Now, I think it was unfair of Martin to be angry at Ruthie, when she was just rying to help. Yeah, she shouldn't have actually sat down and read the darn e-mail, but I'm sure she couldn't help herslef. I would read it too. Us brunettes, we're nosy like that(j/k, I'm not insulting anyone).

    Martin's mean ways~ I must admit that I actually liked seeing Martin with a bit of an edge. He's such a goody-goody all the time, that it was nice to see him yell at people. When Martin and that kid slammed into each other on the baseball field and Martin was yelling how he was the best player on the team I was thinking to myself "Hey Martin, concieted much?". Oh and then there was the best part of the whole entire episode...THE punch. When Martin punched that kid on his baseball team (a.k.a. Topher on Everwood), I was literally jumping up and down screaming "You Go Martin! Yes! Punch Him again! Show him who's boss Brewer! Yeah!". My mother came into my room and gave me the weirdest look, before turning around and walking out again. I thought the punch was so hot. I thought it was mean of Martin, but I think it's good Martin is communicating with someone other than Mac, even if it is a miscommunication....By the way, poor Mac. I wouldn't mind being called Martin's girlfriend, but when you're Mac, that would be embarrassing. Poor baby, you should get together with Ruthie so Martin will get jealous and I can watch.

    Wayne Newton~ Wow...I never thought I would see Wayne Newton on 7th Heaven...I never actually wanted to. I do think it's a good thing that he does for people and I respect him for that. I thought it was so nice of him to give a message to Martin from his father. He gave us the old, nice Martin back1 Yay! Danke Schön Wayne Newton!

    I give this episode a 7.1/10


    *I take German in school, so I actually know what Danke Schön means! Thank you!

    *Is it just me or did Wayne Newton look really shiny and really tan in this episode? I actually screamed when I saw him come through the door. It was part shock that I was seeing Wayne Newton on 7th Heaven, and part I didn't remember him being so dark. He must have gone tanning.