7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 11

Wayne's World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on The CW

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  • An episode that makes you go, "What?" at the end

    Well I've just finished rewatching this episode. I'm not crazy about titles that are in different languages, although the Spanish ones I actually like. This particular German translation (Thank You) didn't even relate to the episode, or at least if it did, I must have missed it. After "Gratitude" which I thoroughly enjoyed, this episode was a big disappointment. Let's break it down:

    LUCY/KEVIN: I will be ranting a lot about Lucy and Kevin, so if you're a big fan of theirs, don't read any further. Maybe it's because I'm not a girl, but I don't see why Lucy was acting so negative, cold, and demanding toward her family, the only people that cared enough to act like her servants and do everything for her. Now Beverley Mitchell did a wonderful job in "Gratitude", but in this episode, I found her acting not even above decent. Her dialogue with George in the beginning didn't seem very convincing at all, and I am no actor but I do know good acting when I see it, and her lines with George were repetitive on the writer's part. I think after the first couple of lines, the audience got the fact that Lucy was angry with Kevin, and angry to be on bed rest. And of course, Kevin (and no one else) knows how she feels. So I really don't see the need to go into much further detail, because that's the basic plot right there between the two soon-to-be parents.

    As always, George seems to amaze me with how little talent he actually has, in fact, he says his lines so fast in some parts of the episode that you almost wonder if she's just tired and wants to get off the set. I really wish they would limit George's screen time; I really can't stand the guy. Nothing personal, just his acting makes the show worse somehow.

    So anyway, now that I've critiqued the actors, let's just talk about this storyline. The bed rest storyline was actually a good idea. But for some reason, the storyline just fell apart. They were trying to do too much, I think. The graduation ceremony was completely unnecessary; yes, Lucy wanted to graduate before the baby came, but it was rushed, and rather than see Lucy going crazy in bed, we got this whole other storyline on the side that she didn't finish her term paper. To me, it was just more and more unnecessary material. Wait and save Lucy's graduation from college for another episode. This one should have focused more on Kevin trying to help Lucy through her bed rest situation. The graduation was also completely unrealistic. I would have much preferred that if they chosen to keep this storyline, that they had made Lucy wait till June to graduate.

    As for Kevin, I wasn't wild about him criticizing Lucy in Eric and Annie's presence the entire time, and then having them agree with everything he said, like she was crazy and he needed to 'talk some sense into his wife'. If my son-in-law said that about my spouse, I would be understandably upset. Again, I know this is just at TV show, but it makes me hate Kevin's character somewhat more, the way he thinks he's perfect, but even his wife is senseless.

    In conclusion, I liked the storyline just fine, but the overall acting that I saw in the episode was definitely not great.

    MARTIN: Well I must praise Tyler Hoechlin for (what I thought) was a great job acting in this episode. Sure I can't say he was much better than George or Bev, but at least he seemed somewhat convincing in his lines. Basically, this storyline was pointless, even if Tyler did a good job portraying an angry, upset, and tired Martin. I loved the amount of screen time Tyler got, it felt more like he was part of the cast and not just some guy on the side. Adam LaVorgna got lots of screen time in the 5th and 6th seasons, so I was glad to see Tyler getting some too.

    Now onto this storyline, I hated it. Must we always hear about Martin's father in Iraq? Kill him off, that would make for a great episode, and not only that, but then we wouldn't hear Martin complain about his father all the time. Yes, I realize how hard it must be to grow up without your biological parent, but come on...he always yells at the Camdens, especially Eric and Annie, and then apologizes 10 minutes later. Come on writers...is this how it's going to be from now on?? Can't we think of ANYTHING original?

    Martin's dad's tour being extended was a fine storyline. It was Wayne Newton, whom was brought on randomly; and the mention of Iraq that bugged me. We just heard about the Marines and the hardships children of Marine soldiers go through in "Regret to Inform", must we hear about it again, four episodes later? I'm tired of hearing about this, and hearing Martin complain and act so moody. Actually even if the 'bad mood' was acceptable, I'm just tired of this storyline already. I liked Robbie's reason for living at the Camden household so much more, he was actually thankful to live there. Martin is not. The Camdens feed him, give him shelter, and let him be a part of their family, and he's still not grateful. The whole thing just irritates me.

    However, like I said, it was good acting, even if Martin was way out of line, especially to Ruthie and Mac. Mac was just trying to be a loyal friend, and Ruthie was just trying to be the caring person that she (usually) is. But Wayne Newton?? What the hell? Is 7th Heaven that desperate to have a special guest star appear for 5 minutes during the November sweeps? I mean, first Aaron Carter, now Wayne Newton?? I have nothing against the guy personally, but there was no reason for him to be in this episode. I think I would have been much more pleased if it had just ended with Martin apologizing himself without Wayne's advice, or else just end it with everyone in a bad mood...these episodes don't always need to end on a good note, you know. But just the reason Wayne Newton was there didn't make any sense to me. So because of him, even this storyline, where Martin actually acted somewhat interesting and teenager-like for once, was boring.

    OTHERS: Well Eric and Annie had little to do in this episode, which is a shame. And Ruthie was just in a couple of scenes this week. I know Ruthie had good intentions, but she might have had better luck telling Eric in private, not in front of Mac. And again, Mac was just trying to be a loyal friend (for once), even if that punch Martin gave was the fakest thing I've ever seen. I'm glad Kyle Searles guest-starred in this episode, it helped bring out his character, as well as Martin's. And the twins...well nothing new with them either, I suppose.

    So, to end, I thought this episode had the potential to be good, but that was lost with lousy acting and Wayne Newton. Writers, if you're this desperate for a guest-star, it may be time to consider retiring from the writing staff. Especially Brenda Hampton.

    QUOTE: "What are you - his girlfriend? This isn't your business, so butt out!" (Nick to Mac)


    - This episode really showed how bad it can get now that Jessica Biel, Barry Watson, and David Gallagher are only part-time cast members, or as in Jessica's case, off the show.

    - Ruthie's advice for the twins to put the pillow over their heads was hilarious to me. Is she trying to kill them??

    - Neither titles for this episode was really appropriate. I would have thought "Anger Management" or something like that, but "Wayne's World" isn't meaningful, as Wayne Newton only appeared for 5 minutes at most, and "Danke Schon" (Thank You) really had nothing to do with this episode either, as no one seemed thankful for anything.

    - PLEASE...no more Iraq storylines. I love the Martin character, and I like Tyler Hoechlin as an actor, but the war storylines are getting old and redundant. We get the point that Martin misses his father, but it's getting to the point that Martin isn't making the best of a hard situation, which is what lots of families have to do now in real life. So please...give it a rest.
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