7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 11

Wayne's World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Lucy graduates one day early than her class.

    • The reason for Martin's bad mood is because his fathers tour got extended.

    • Nitpick: Ruthie said she had finals and papers to write. In high school, finals are in May, midterms are in December before Christmas break, so Ruthie would have midterms and papers to write.

    • After Lucy asks for her shirt how does Annie get it so fast ina few seconds if she has to go up to Lucy and Kevins' apartment to get it? Also doesn't she ask for a t-shirt... and Annie commes back with a long sleeved shirt?

    • In some high schools, finals are BOTH in May and December and the term "midterms" aren't used.

    • RESPONSE TO GOOF: Actually the term "final" was probably used because a number of high school courses are only a semester long...therefore they would have to have completed their final at the end of the semester...this case being in December.

    • In the scene where Ruthie was in Martin's room talking, she switches between having her arms crossed and uncrossed in the two shots.

  • Quotes

    • Eric to Lucy: "So how are you?"

      Lucy to Eric: "Let's see I almost lost my baby and I'm now a prisoner in my own home, well your home."

      Eric to Lucy: "Maybe I should leave."

      Lucy to Eric: "Yeah, maybe you should."

    • Lucy to Kevin: "So what did you get me for graduation?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "A graduation."

      Lucy to Kevin: "What?!"

    • Lucy to Kevin: I can't even take a shower everyday!

    • Martin to Coach Terry: "So I'm the problem right."

      Coach Terry to Martin: "Fine, then your off the team."

      Martin to Coach Terry: "Fine! Well, good luck without me because your gonna need it."

      Mac to Martin: "What happened?"

      Martin to Mac: "I'm off the team temportary which would be manent unless my attitude changes, and I don't want to talk about it.

      Nick to Martin: "You need to get together for the good of the team we need you out there."

      Martin to Nick: "Yeah, you need me because you can't cover your position."

      Nick to Martin: "What did you say?"

      Martin to Nick: "You heard me, its not me who needs to get it together its you."

      Martin to Nick: "Hey, back off."

      Mac to Martin & Nick: "Martin, Nick."

      Nick to Martin: "You should have back off in the field and you need to back off now."

      Martin to Nick: "I'm not the one that as a problem so you back off."

      Nick to Martin: "You ever pull anything like that in a real game and it won't be the masot kicking your butt it'll be me."

      Mac to Martin: "Martin just walk."

      Nick to Mac: "What are you his girlfriend? This isn't your business, so butt out."

      Martin to Nick: "I'm out of here."

      Nick to Martin (Nick gets up in his face): "Do we have an understanding."

      Martin to Nick: "Get out of my way."

      Nick to Martin: "Or what?"

      Martin to Nick: "Or I'll make you."

      Nick to Martin: "I don't think so."

      Mac to the guys: "Don't do this, the coach is watching."

      (Martin walks away and Nick grabs him and Martin punches him)

    • Lucy to everyone: "I graduated."

      Lucy to Kevin: "I love you."

      Kevin to Lucy: "You should."

    • Lucy to Kevin: "Don't nod your head like you understand because you don't understand what I am going through right now!"

    • Det. Michaels to Kevin: "Kinkirk I am sending you home."

      Kevin to Det. Michaels: "Your firing me?"

      Det. Michaels to Kevin: "No I just want you to take a couple days off."

      Kevin to Det. Michaels: "No please don't send me home....please."

    • Annie to Kevin (giving baby monitor): "Take this so you can hear Lucy."

      Kevin to Annie: "I hear Lucy every night in my nightmares. I mean...my dreams."

    • More Coming Soon!

    • Mac to Martin: "What's wrong? I mean, besides the "D" on your test."

      Martin to Mac: "Ruthie called me a jerk."

      Mac to Martin: "Oh."

      Martin to Mac: "Hel-lo-oh! You're my friend. You're supposed to say I'm NOT a jerk and Ruthie's a jerk for saying I'm one."

      Mac to Martin: "Oh. Okay. You want me to lie, I will."

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Wayne's World

      From the 1992 movie of the same name starring Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers based on they characters created for the sketch comedy Saturday Night Live.

    • Ruthie: You know, if this were Survivor, we would have voted Lucy off the island. Days ago.
      Survivor is a popular reality television series on CBS where a certain number of strangers are stranded together on an island and are forced to chose who is "voted off".

    • Lucy: "Mom, this is last month's Oprah."
      Lucy is yelling to Annie over the intercom that she had last month's magazine edition of O. Oprah Winfrey is a famous black talk show host who recently started her own magaizne called O. It's very popular.