7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 18

We Do

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Lucy is getting ready to walk down the aisle, look at the back of the church. You can see somebody's hand letting go of her train.

    • This is the first episode since the season 6 finale "Holy War (2)" where all seven Camden Kids appear.

    • Nitpick: Ms. Kinkirk (Bo Derek) is smiling during her aggressive fight with Roxanne on the ground. Why would she be smiling at a moment like this?

    • Look closely at the pews during the wedding ceremony. At some shots they look full towards the front. At close ups of Kevin and Lucy, they look empty.

    • "Why is Kevin sleeping in the Camden home and not in his garage apartment in the beginning of the episode? (Even though it was raining)" -- Remember that in that last new episode Kevin's apartment wasn't renovated. After this episode, it is renovated. Thus, during the wedding time the apartment was being finished so Kevin couldn't sleep in there.

    • "The whole show Lucy had curlers in her hair. Why was her hair straight at the church?" Lucy had velcro curlers in her hair this episode. These do not leave ringlets in your hair -- they just give your hair more body.

    • When Roxanne and Mrs. Kinkirk were fighting, looking closely it looks like Mrs. Kinkirk was smiling when they were rolling around on the ground.

    • Why is Kevin sleeping in the Camden home and not in his garage apartment in the beginning of the episode? (Eventhough it was raining)

    • The whole show Lucy had curlers in her hair. Why was her hair straight at the church?

    • When Chandler and Ben were about to fight, Ben was already out of the car. Chandler got out of the car but didn't shut the door. Roxanne went out of the car to puke. She didn't shut the door either. Chandler punched Ben and they went to the ground. When they got up, the door was shut. No one shut the door or was around it to shut it.

    • When the house was shown, when the power was off, why was the light on on the front porch?

    • When Hank got a ride from Roxanne he left the driver-side window of his car all the way down - wasn't the rain one of the reasons he was stranded in the first place?

    • Apparently the AC-powered clocks in the Camden house miraculously keep time during a power failure. That flip-digit clock in the master bedroom cannot operate on battery power, but it didn't miss a second. The power came back on just after Simon and Eric had their discussion about Simon needing Eric back in church or he might lose faith in God. The clock light went on at that moment but the time was the correct time.

    • When Lucy walked up the isle she gave her flowers to Ruthie which makes Ruthie have two bouquets. When Lucy walks back down Ruthie gives her flowers back to Lucy, but Ruthie still has two bouquets of flowers when she walks back down the isle.--actually if you look closely when Lucy bends down it looks as if she's getting the flowers from ruthie but in fact she leans down to grab her dress so she can walk. She isn't carrying any flowers on her way back down the aisle with Kevin. This is why Ruthie has 2 bouquets.

    • When Lucy was trying to sleep at the beginning of the episode, she still had her earings in.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Kinkirk: Hey, do you want a piece of me?
      Roxanne: I'm a cop!
      Mrs. Kinkirk: And I raised two boys! I can beat you up!

    • Chandler: Get out of the car.
      Ben: Why?
      Chandler: Because I'm gonna kill you.
      Ben: You're a man of God. You can't kill me!
      Chandler: What, you never heard of the Crusades or the Inquisition?
      Ben: You're not Catholic!

    • Matt: (to Lucy when she has cold feet about the wedding) Life is short, Luce. I see it every day. People who thought they had more time to do the things they want to do. People who want the idea, who never appreciated the less-than-ideal ordinary day with family and friends. People who are indecisive or too scared to do what was in their heart, then found they weren't going to get another chance. Your life is in front of you, and you have a man you love to share it with. Do you know how many husbands and wives are in love with each other? How many people never find someone? You and Kevin found each other. You're madly in love with each other. It doesn't matter that it's not exactly as you planned it, that it happened before you reached every goal you have. You'll still reach your goals. You'll just have someone to hold your hand and encourage you along the way. So embrace this experience. Get married. Live your life. Be happy.

  • Notes

    • This is the final appearance of Graham Jarvis as Charles Jackson.

    • The song playing while Lucy is walking down the aisle is an instrumental version of "One Hand, One Heart" from the musical "West Side Story".

    • The song "Mr. Blue" by Stephen Collins is heard during this episode.

    • In Germany this episode is known as, Wedding Bells, translated.

    • Adam LaVorgna (Robbie Palmer) does not appear in this episode.

    • During the scene when Roxanne and Mrs. Kinkirk are in a brawl, Roxanne's outfit looks exactly identical to Buffy's outfit in the series finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

    • Even though Barry Watson (Matt Camden) appeared in the episode he was still credited as a story editor at the end of the episode.

    • It was finally revealed in this episode that Adam LaVorgna's character, Robbie, officially moved to Florida more than likely to be with his sick mother. As many know, it was a mystery before on what happened to him after he suddendly left after episode 8 (Peer Pressure) with not much of an explanation.

    • Music featured in this episode was from Stephen Collins latest album, Stephen Collins.

    • Alice Hirson reprises her role in this episode as the late Jenny Jackson (Annie's mother) in flashback scenes with Lucy at the age of 5.

    • Even though Barry Watson and Jessica Biel are really guest stars in this episode they were featured back into the opening credits (probably to show they are still very much part of the show).

    • It was finally revealed in this episode that Hank and Julie (Deborah Raffin and Ed Begley, Jr.) had a baby boy since the season finale (Holy War (2)) when Eric asked that he wished his "niece and nephew could be there."

    • The cast and crew held a party celebrating 150 episodes on February 20, 2003. Although the majority of the episode was filmed earlier in the month.

    • On the day of the original recording, it was raining outside of the set just as it is in the episode.

    • This is the first episode to feature a flashback scene which flashes back to a previously recorded episode in the series. This episode had a flashback to the first season episode With A Little Help from My Friends.

    • This episode marks the last TV appearance ever of Graham Jarvis (Charles Jackson). He passed away on April 16, 2003 of Multiple Myeloma, just 5 days prior to the episodes airing. He appeared in 15 episodes of 7th Heaven.

    • TV Guide says, "Lucy and Kevin prepare to tie the knot, but Mother Nature threatens to prevent their guests from getting to the church on time."

    • 1 month prior to the airing of this episode, the WB annouced that "7th Heaven" had been picked up for an 8th and 9th season.

    • This episode marks the return of Barry Watson (Matt Camden) since leaving the series last season when he got married. He left the series to seek treatment for Hodgkin's disease.

    • Jessica Biel (Mary Camden) returns to series since the shows 7th season two-part season premiere earlier this season.

    • Lucy used the poem "I'm getting married in the morning..." in this episode and also in the episode Lost when she was asking Annie and Eric to find her (and Mary) husbands.

  • Allusions

    • Kevin: I know Ben and if it takes Trains Planes and Automobiles to get him here he will get here''
      Trains Planes and Automobiles is a 1987 with Steve Martin and John Candy

    • Lucy: "I'm getting married in the morning..."
      This is the exact same song that Eliza Dolittle's father sang in the play "My Fair Lady".