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7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 11

When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) returns home to tell Eric and Annie that Sarah has left him and he's dropping out of medical school. Rabbi Glass offers Matt marital advice. Meanwhile, Kevin must decide whether or not to tell a very jealous Lucy that his ex-wife (guest star Mindy Burbano) is in town and they got invited to dinner with her. Martin's aunt (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) asks Eric to step in and talk Martin into moving to New York with her and Chandler asks Peter how he would feel about Chandler marrying his mother someday. Peter thinks something is amiss when his mother goes out of town for a business trip. Ruthie keeps something from her mother.moreless

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  • Martin's move into the Camdens!

    Matt wants to drop out of medical school and Sarah has left Matt. Richard talks with Matt all day. Martin's aunt is leaving to New York and Martin doesn't want to leave, so Eric suggests that Martin moves in with them. Ruthie breaks a cookie jar and doesn't tell Annie about it. Annie thinks that Sam and David broke the jar. Kevin's ex-wife wants to have dinner with him and Lucy. Kevin doesn't know what to do. Cecilia gets jealous of Martin when she finds out that he's moving in because she's known them longer. Peter is worried about his mom when she goes on a business trip. Chandler talks to Peter about marrying Paris and gets Peter's approval.

    This was a great episode! I liked seeing Matt at home! I also like Martin and how he's moving in! I think that Cecilia getting jealous was a little dumb. She just blew up at Eric about it and totally made a fool of herself. I can't believe that Sarah actually left Matt! That doesn't seem like her. Ruthie should've told Annie about the jar from the beginning. Martin's aunt looks really young compared to what Martin's dad looks like. I can't believe Eric was looking at her lustfully! That was kind of weird. I liked how Sam and David confessed everything to Annie! That was cute. This was a great episode and it gets a 10 otu of 10!moreless
  • This episode was okay, but it probably would've been better if it aired right after The One Thing because this episode seemed to taper off right after that episode. This episode wasn't as fascinating as Go Ask Alice and The One Thing but it really got themoreless

    Finally a new episode! After 6 weeks we finally get a new episode. This episode was okay, but it probably would've been better if it aired right after The One Thing because this episode seemed to taper off right after that episode. This episode wasn't as fascinating as Go Ask Alice and The One Thing (my personal favorite episodes this season) but it really got the job done. Once again, Annie is is in a lot of the episode and I'm just happy for that at least. Let's break it down...

    Matt Eric, Annie and Rabbi Glass: First off…Barry Watson, thank you. Two episodes in a row we have you and we see Matt Camden. After seeing what Matt went through with the last episode I wasn't surprised that he returned home. He really was having a hard time in New York City. I bet he's still recovering from Dr. Norton. Yikes, he was scary as a boss. It was also a good issue to address with Matt and Sarah sorta competing with each other in their professional field and yet they're married. Even though I've never been through this, it seems realistic that in the situation they're in it would put a strain on their marriage, eventually both going crazy with each other and separating. At the end, Annie and Eric were right that this isn't over for Matt and Sarah with their problems and it looks like we'll be seeing Matt in the near future. But at least it looked as if Matt is ready to try again at this and is heading back to New York City in the meantime. I wasn't too surprised that Richard butted in as well. He's a nosy Rabbi and just like Reverend Camden—--he's nosy. But his intentions were good as even as he admitted he should stay out of his daughter's marriage, he's Sarah's father and it's natural that he would want to talk to Matt to see whatever he can do to make things better. I mean, it's his daughter's husband. Plus, Eric and Matt had a really great scene in the episodes as it's obvious Matt is drowning right now and I could understand why Annie knows he needs help and it's a motherly thing for her to say she'll "hold his hand" if she has to all the way back to medical school---becuase it's the right thing Matt needs to do and has to try again with Sarah and get his wife back. Once again, Barry Watson, we love ya man! I wish you were in every episode of 7th Heaven again! We Miss you, man. Can't wait to see you later in the season!

    Eric, Annie, Betsy and Martin: As we all know, it was bound that Martin was sooner or later going to make it into the Camden home permanently. I too along with Eric found Martin's aunt, Betsy "interesting." She's was a quite bubbly, but likeable. Even though others may disagree I thought it was funny when she interrogated Eric and got upset with him as she came through the door, as he didn't discuss with her of Martin moving in with him. How old is she anyway? She looks like Martin's age, which makes me wonder how she can afford or have a house across the street. Although, I thought that knee sock idea had been done already or something. I don't know, I'm not really a fashion person. But I felt like I've seen those before, or maybe I'm just fantasizing that on a girl like her (Hehe). I was a little worried this would be too "happily ever after" with a sweet conclusion of Martin joining the family, but based on the previews for the next few episodes, it seems there will be some struggles, as it should be when some kid is invited into a families home. There's always a period of adjustment, even with the best of teenage kids like Martin.

    Peter and Chandler: The scenes between Chandler and Peter were nice. I didn't understand why Peter was so concerned that his mom might not come back. Does he really think she would do that and leave him? Once again, only a short while after Paris and Chandler get together Chandler already gets the idea of him possibly having a family with her and Peter. Wow. It was nice that Chandler did ask Peter, but I think it would've been better if he discussed it with Paris first, since she'll be the most involved in the matter. These two might be okay now, but I still believe that Chandler and Roxanne will get back together before the season ends. From what the spoilers says about Peter's biological father coming back into the picture in upcoming episodes it's only a matter of time before Paris and Chandler are history. And this is 7th Heaven, there must be a wedding further down in the road this season and it might be Chandler and Roxanne. I wouldn't go past the writers.

    Lucy, Kevin and Mindy: This storyline was okay. Kevin and Lucy seemed a little too "sweet" for me in the beginning of the episode that sometimes it can get on your nerves---just a little. Even so, I was really on Kevin's side in this episode. I could understand why he wouldn't tell Lucy that his ex-wife Mindy was in town. I mean, you all saw Lucy last season. Enough said. But since he did lie to her at first and then tried to take it back, I then understood why Lucy was angry with him now, since they're married. Luckily, Lucy has matured and took it like a woman and a wife, and was respectful to Mindy. Speaking of Mindy, it must've been a pretty easy-going divorce between Mindy and Kevin, since Mindy is really going out of her way to see how her ex-husband is doing and wanting to meet his new wife. They really must've had a great understanding on the fail of the marriage and managed to be really good friends in the end. There's nothing bad about it, it's just rare for this to happen. Most divorces are usually pretty bad between people.

    Annie, Sam, David and Ruthie: Out of all the storylines this would probably be the weakest. I mean, Ruthie is usually (and always) the "mature" one and yet she can't fess up that she accidentally broke a cookie jar? What bad thing did she think Annie was going to do to her, beat her? (Which is something we all know the Camden's don't condone). I mean if it was accidental I don't think Annie would punish her. So I didn't see the sense in that of hiding the evidence. The only thing I can guess is that since Ruthie is going into her teen years she begins to be less truthful and able to talk to her mother, which was sort of addressed when Annie finally came to Ruthie about the situation. I have to say I was little creeped out with the twins. I can understand if they tested to see what soap tastes like. In fact when I was little I did it once---out of curiosity---I was stupid, I know. But why wouldn't they take off they're dirty underwear and put on a new pair? They're too young to be developing hygiene problems. At least they are getting more dialogue as the season progresses. Although, one thing--- I've yet to see Sam and David at the park socializing with other kids and just playing around outside the house. Maybe that's why sometimes I feel like I'm seeing them… emote.

    Overall, this episode was okay. It came down a bit from the episodes in November but I'm sure it'll go back up again. Matt, the Rabbi, Eric and Annie were the highlights of the episode. This episode seemed to be much calmer and tamer than recent episodes but it looks like it might jump back up again, especially with Martin moving in and Peter's father coming back into the picture. But geesh, please give us an update on Mary and Carlos. And please, tell us how Simon is doing in college. Don't they call him or doesn't he call them. I mean just because he's in college doesn't mean he fell off the face of the Earth. See ya next week!

    Grade: **8 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *When the season began Annie's hair was really pretty with the straight curls, but now that frizzy curls thing she's doing is making her face look tired. Go back to the straight curls, Catherine!

    *Since Paris and Chandler are dating wouldn't it have been better if Paris left Peter with Chandler than the Camden's? Especially since Peter is "dating" Ruthie and that it would be unethical for kids their age. Or does Paris at least have one other living relative in Glen Oak?

    *Ok, I didn't understand Cecilia's little hiss-fit with Eric. I mean, she has a family and more family security than Martin and she has the audacity to yell at Reverend Camden.

    *With all that Eric has to pay for and responsibilities, how can he help Matt financially on his salary as a minister? It can only go so far. But it would also help explain how Matt will be able to keep that tiny, but good-looking apartment that seems to be in The Village in Manhattan.

    *I really wish Ruthie and Kevin would talk into the phone instead of say their lines while the phone is below their chin!moreless
Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

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James Martinez


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Mindy Stearns

Mindy Stearns

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Richard Lewis

Rabbi Richard Glass

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Christopher Michael

Christopher Michael

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Ruthie is cleaning up the broken cookie jar, the bowl that was dropped is sitting on the counter. In the next scene when Ruthie is putting the bag in the bottom cabinet, hiding it from her mom, the bowl is gone. There is no time in between for her to put the bowl away.

    • Even though Barry Watson (Matt Camden) appears in the opening credits of this episode he is still considered a guest star.

    • Reply to: When Kevin kept trying to call Lucy but the phone was busy why didn't he just dial redial instead dialing the number over, and over again?
      *Some phones dont have redial.*

    • NITPICK: Would Martin's aunt really let her nephew live at someone's house who he's only known for three months?

    • When Ruthie dropped the bowl on the coffee cup, couldn't anyone hear the crash?

    • NITPICK: Why would Ruthie be so skeptical to tell Annie that she broke the cookie jar? It's not like Eric and Annie are parents who beat their children, and besides it seems out-of-character for Ruthie to be afraid of something that was an accident.

    • NITPICK: Why was Peter so concerned that his mother might not return? Surely he knows she loves him and isn't a deadbeat like his dad.

    • Nitpick: When Annie was talking to the twins about the cookie jar after getting the cookie from under the pillow, why wasn't Happy getting really interested in it and start licking her lips and try to get it out of Annie's hand? Don't most dogs do that?

    • When Kevin kept trying to call Lucy but the phone was busy why didn't he just dial redial instead dialing the number over, and over again?

    • When Chandler and Peter hug, in one shot you can see Chandler's watch. The time on the watch is inconsistent to the time of day it is.

    • When Ruthie and Peter were eating cookies after school for a snack where did they get them from if Ruthie had broke the cookie jar? How did they stay fresh?

    • NITPICK: Since Paris and Chandler are dating, wouldn't it have been better if Paris left Peter with Chandler than the Camden's? Especially since Peter is "dating" Ruthie and that it would be unethical for kids their age. Or does Paris at least have one other living relative in Glen Oak to take Peter in?

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Lucy to Kevin: Did you just lie to me?

    • (As she's modeling her over the knee socks to Eric...)
      Betsy to Eric: "So what do you think?"

      Eric to Betsy: "I think I'm a lucky man... to be married to Annie."

    • Annie to Eric: "But he looked so tired I thought he'd sleep till noon."-Matt

      Eric to Annie: "Our son's a doctor. He can go without sleep."

      Matt to Rabbi Glass: "I swear I've done everything I could think of to make her happy."- Sarah

      Rabbi Glass to Matt: "I'm sure you have, man. I mean, everybody goes through this in marriages. Everybody, ok? It's no big deal. It's no one's fault. But it can be fixed."

      Matt to Rabbi Glass: "I wish that were true."

      Rabbi Glass to Matt: "Let me tell you something man, those were the worst four minutes of my life."- Worst argument with Rosina

      Martin to Lucy: "Is your dad home?"

      Lucy to Martin: "No, but I can tell you this---he's not out with his ex-wife."- She storms off.

      Martin to Cecilia: "Does Reverend Camden have an ex-wife?"

      Cecilia to Marin: "I don't think so."

      Ruthie to Peter: "But why wouldn't she come home?"- Peter's mom, Paris

      Peter to Ruthie: "My dad didn't."

      Annie to Sam & David: "If you do something wrong, you should tell me because sooner or later I'm going to find out anyway."

      Sam to Annie: "I ate some soap."

      David to Annie: "Me too, it didn't taste good."

      Annie to Sam & David: "Anything else?"

      Sam to Annie: "I got a cookie under my pillow."

      Davit to Annie: "I already ate mine."

      Annie to Sam & David: "Why would you put a cookie under your pillow, is it becuase there's no place in the kitchen to put your cookies?"

      Sam to Annie: "No, it's for emergencies."

      Annie to Eric: "So you didn't call. Was she pretty?"

      Eric to Annie: "I didn't get a chance to call. Chandler came in just as Martin's aunt was leaving, so I came home."

      Annie to Eric: "Was she pretty?"

      Eric to Annie: "What makes you think she's pretty."

      Annie to Eric: Because you're grinning from ear to ear."

      Eric to Annie: "Are you aware that our living room is filled with children who don't belong to us?"

      Annie to Eric: "Don't change the subject."

      Lucy to Kevin: "I love you."

      Kevin to Lucy: "I hope you still love me when you get home."

      Annie to Eric: "Do you think Matt will make it through medical school and stay married?"

      Eric to Annie: "I hope so, but, boy, they got a long road ahead of them."

      Annie to Eric: "I know, but if he can just talk with her the way he talked to us tonight, I think he'll make it and I think he'll get through school. I know he will."- Matt observes from the stairs

  • NOTES (4)


    • Rabbi Glass to Matt: "I mean look at all the boysenberries that are left."
      Rabbi Glass tries his best to convince Matt to eat the rest of his muffin by adding the boysenberries. Boysenberries are a specific type of berry mainly can be found in Orange Fruit Products that goes in muffins---as Richard shows.

    • Betsy to Eric: "All the money from the sale of those goes to a Veteran's Charity."
      Betsy explains to Eric where some of her profits from her knee socks go---to a Veteran's Charity. Veteran's Charity is an organization that raise money for war veteran's in care of hospital needs, benefits and other neccessities when they come back war.

    • Betsy to Eric: "I put everything on them---cats, dogs, those things I put around the Monopoly board."
      Betsy explains to Eric on the things that she puts on her knee socks. One of them is play pieces from Monolopy Boards. Monopoly is a board game involving riches and wealth over seeing which players become bankrupt first.

    • Richard to Matt: "You know, I think the first Crusades were fought over deep dish versus Calzones."
      Richard tries to metaphorically compare The Crusades to pizza and to Matt's marriage as he talks to him. The Crusades was a Holy War fought in the Middle Ages and other various times. There have been many Crusades on the religions of Catholism, Judiaism, Islam, etc.