7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 13

Who Do You Trust?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

At a convenience store, Simon and Nigel buy candy and a pack of cigarettes. Lucy is taking tons of things out of the refrigerator and is going to make a sandwich for Matt, but Matt says that he isn't hungry. Lucy feels sorry for Shana moving to New York and Mary shows up and they both agree that a long distance relationship is not going to work out. Mary finds Ruthie's science experiment in the refrigerator. Eric asks Matt if he is ok, but Matt brushes him off. Ruthie tells Eric that it was Shana's turn to call last night and she didn't. Eric asks why he didn't tell him and Ruthie explains that sometimes kids don't tell their parents everything. Eric asks if that is the reason why Ruthie won't tell anyone what her science experiment is and Ruthie agrees. Walking home, Nigel asks Simon if he is growing a mustache, Simon says yes, and they discuss the cigarettes. Mary gets a call from Robbie telling her that he would really like to see Mary soon, but Mary tells him that she couldn't go anywhere with just him. Robbie gets an idea that his brother, Rick, could take Lucy out on a double date with him and Mary. Rick tells Robbie no, but they still agree on it, even though Lucy doesn't agree either. Eric and Ruthie are watching cartoons and Annie comes in to the room and complains that she has asked Eric to do many things, but he hasn't done them. Ruthie volunteers to get the diapers for her mother and Mary walks into the room to ask her parents about the double date. Ruthie asks if Lucy is ok with the idea, but Lucy is not that excited about the idea, but Eric and Annie agree to a movie. Annie tells Eric that they have to trust Robbie at some point, but Eric says that he doesn't have to. John shows up and tries to cheer Matt up by telling about a girl that he met that would be perfect for Matt, but Matt tells him that he already found a girl that is perfect for him and she happens to be in New York. John tells him that Matt can't go to the library and he has to go out with another girl that he met. Shana calls Matt and she tells him that she went out celebrating a good grade on a test with a few other people. Matt yells at her through the phone and make Matt worry when she says that she hopes that they can be friends. Simon and Nigel come home and Annie thinks that there is something wrong with them. Eric goes snooping and sees Simon and Nigel with a pack of cigarettes.

Lucy calls Rick and tells him that they don't have to go out if he doesn't want to. Rick explains that he has a girlfriend and it will be platonic. Annie is getting the table set talking to Eric about Simon and Nigel smoking when Simon and Nigel show up and Eric and Annie tell them that they will be eating in the kitchen since it will give them a chance to talk. John is trying to get ready for the date, but Matt is resistant to having a good time. After dinner, Eric and Annie recount all of the subtle ways that they were trying to get Simon and Nigel to admit to smoking. Ruthie confronts them to confess that she broke something since she thought that all of the questions at dinner were for her, but they let out that the wrong kid confessed. Robbie and Rick show up and Eric leaves to answer the door and Ruthie asks for clarification about her being the wrong kid confessing and if she was going to get into trouble. Eric is sitting in the living room with Robbie and Rick, waiting for the girls to show up. Eric begins asking Rick some questions about his grades, but the girls show up and Rick is introduced to Annie and Lucy and Rick is wowed by the way Lucy looks. They leave quickly to go to the dollar movie. Eric wants to go follow Mary and Lucy on their date. Simon and Nigel are talking about their school project, which means buying cigarettes to see which places would sell cigarettes to children. Simon says that he already tried smoking and Nigel admits to trying it too, but Nigel says that it would add another dimension to their project. Ruthie finds Eric looking at her science project that is in the refrigerator. She tells him that she needs a dollar for him to look at it, but when she tells him, Eric is impressed and when Annie shows up, Eric pays another dollar for Ruthie to tell Annie. Eric asks Annie to go with him to spy on the girls, but she says no.

At the movie, Rick discussed how impressed he is with Lucy and why she doesn't have a boyfriend. They are disgusted by Mary and Robbie kissing in the movie theater, so they decide to leave and talk outside. The girls show up at Matt and John's apartment. When the girls show up, Matt looks disheveled and doesn't feel too into being social and suddenly begins to cry which embarrasses John. Lucy and Rick are talking outside of the movie theater and Rick feels bad for wanting to kiss Lucy when he already has a girlfriend. Eric happens to walk by when they are kissing and sees them, but doesn't know what to do. Simon and Nigel are in the garage and light up a cigarette.

Eric complains to Annie about him seeing Lucy kissing a guy she just met. Eric is more skeptical about what Mary and Robbie were doing. Simon and Nigel walk into the house and Eric starts grilling them about where they were. Annie tells Eric that they were in the garage doing something for Annie. Annie tells Eric to trust that they raised the girls right. Eric doesn't want to, but Annie forces him to stay. At Matt's apartment, he has the full attention of the two girls and is telling them his sad story and they feel sympathy for his problems. Simon and Nigel enter the kitchen talking about their smoking and find Lucy's science experiment. Ruthie catches them and tells them that she will tell you what it is in the package for $1. Nigel pays the dollar and finds out the experiment and refuses to tell Simon what the experiment is. Outside of the movie theater, Robbie approaches Lucy and Rick and gets upset that Rick and Lucy have kissed. When Mary gets out of the bathroom and meets up with everyone, Mary notices something different with Lucy. At the apartment, Matt is still being the center of attention with the two girls while John eats alone. John gets upset and talks to Matt privately about taking up their time so that they don't pay attention to John. One of the girls answers the phone when Shana calls and Shana is instantly jealous. When Matt gets on the line, Shana asks him why the girl knows about him. Everyone shows up at home and they smell cigarette smoke. Lucy kisses Rick and Mary kisses Robbie. When they get into the kitchen, Eric and Annie are there asking a bunch of questions about the date. Eric confronts Lucy about her date and that he knows that they were not watching the movie, but kissing. Both of the girls get upset about him spying on them and walk out of the room. Annie tells Lucy that this is not the first time that they have caught Lucy kissing a guy that she just met. Eric and Annie run upstairs when they smell cigarette smoke.

Simon tries to explain their project and how easy it is for kids to buy cigarettes. They thought that only the people selling the cigarettes get in trouble, but Eric tells them that they would have gotten into trouble also. Annie asks why they started smoking and Simon tells them that they were expanding the project. Also, the cigarettes were so irresistible that they started to smoke to see what they were about. Eric tells them to stop and Annie tells them to start over on their project. Ruthie offers her science experiment for sale and everyone tells her that it is a good science project. Ruthie won't tell him until he pays the dollar, so when he pays the money, she gets the project out of the refrigerator. Ruthie asks him if he has heard of alchemy and she shows him that there is only straw in there and that she turned straw into gold. Simon admits that he was outwitted by an 8-year old. Mary is upset that Lucy was making out with Rick, a guy that she just met. Mary tells Lucy that their parents know what she was going to at the movie theater. Eric asks Annie what the punishment for Simon should be and Annie suggests that they give him the same punishment that the police would for buying cigarettes. Mary and Lucy lie in bed discussing how they don't like being trusted. Lucy sings the praises of how honest Rick is, but Mary points out that he was cheating on his girlfriend. Mary suggests that they start an honesty pact between them. Lucy starts out by telling Mary that she liked kissing Rick, but then she started feeling guilty because she knew that he was cheating on his girlfriend. Mary tells Lucy that she doesn't trust Robbie, but she doesn't know why. At Robbie's house, a girl named Cheryl, approaches Robbie upset that he wasn't home. Robbie tells her that he was just out with Rick. At the apartment, the girls want to come back over to hang out with them and after they leave, Mat quickly calls Shana who doesn't answer since she is not home.