7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 13

Who Do You Trust?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2000 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Annie says to Eric that this wasn't the first time she'd caught Lucy kissing a boy she just met. Eric says he never knew that, but he did because in another episode, when he and Morgan Hamilton went upstairs, they heard Matt and John lecturing the girls about kissing guys they have just met.

    • Annie and Eric caught both Simon and Ruthie smoking in My Kinda Guy, so why are they so curious of the boys having cigarettes in the house?

  • Quotes

    • Mary: The truth is, I don't know why, but I really don't trust Robbie.
      Lucy: Wow, why?
      Mary: I don't know...just a gut feeling...a gut feeling I'm trying really hard to ignore for now.

    • Robbie: (to Cheryl) If I was going out with another woman, do you think I would be home this early? What's the matter baby? Don't you trust me?

    • Simon: We figured if we told you that we were buying cigarettes, you wouldn't let us buy anymore, and our project would be ruined.
      Eric: If you knew we wouldn't approve, maybe it wasn't the best project to do.
      Nigel: Well, we did show how easy it was for kids to buy cigarettes.
      Eric: What were you planning to do if you got caught buying the cigarettes?
      Nigel: The person selling the cigarettes gets in trouble, not us.
      Eric: You guys didn't do your research. It's a $75 fine and 30 hours of community service for minors caught by buying cigarettes... Besides that, you're saying that you were willing to let the guy who sold you the cigarettes get into legal trouble, just so you could get a good grade on you social studies project?
      Simon: But those people are killing us by selling us cigarettes. Not us, technically, but kids who smoke.
      Annie: It's a very interesting project, but it's also a project that could've have some serious consequences for other people, as well as you two. And who wants to tell of how actually smoking the cigarettes you bought fit in.
      Simon: We were expanding the project, you know, going from the thrill of buying the illegal project to the thrill of smoking it. Plus, when you make something so bad, it makes it irresistible, too.
      Nigel: Yeah. It's like when we had the cigarettes, we couldn't help ourselves. We had to smoke.
      Simon: Even knowing all we know about smoking and how bad it is...sorry.
      Nigel: Sorry too.
      Annie: I'm afraid you're going to have to throw out your project and start over.
      Simon: Is that our punishment?
      Eric: What do you think?

    • Eric: Do you smell smoke?
      Annie: Cigarette smoke.

    • Annie: Are you sure it was Lucy?
      Eric: Oh, it was Lucy all right. They were just making out right there on the street. They don't even know each other. She just met him. Frankly, this is not the kind of behavior I'd expect from a National Merit Finalist. I can only guess where the other two were.
      Annie: They were probably watching the movie...why is that so hard to believe?
      Eric: If the younger brother has the nerve to make out with Lucy right on a public street then it scares me to think of the brother who was arrested is capable of.
      Annie: You're out of your mind, you know that?
      Eric: Maybe, but it doesn't make me wrong about this.
      Annie: We've got to hope that we raised our daughters well enough that they're doing anything more than kissing. But I think we have to expect the kissing.
      Eric: And you're happy about this, aren't you?
      Annie: I'm not thrilled. But I'm not going to drive myself crazy. They've got make their own decisions. We can't make the decisions for them.

    • Rick: I always wanted a steady girlfriend., but not tonight...I wish I didn't even have one.
      Lucy: Why?
      Rick: Because right now, I'd like to kiss you.
      Lucy: I guess your girlfriend wouldn't go for that.
      Rick: Probably not.
      Lucy: But what if I kissed you?
      Rick: You mean, without me not knowing about it?
      Lucy: What?
      Rick: That didn't even make sense, did it? (They start kissing)

    • Robbie: We won't be late.
      Eric: No, you won't.

    • Annie: Would you like a drink?
      Robbie: Uh, no thanks, we don't drink.

    • Annie: Come on. We had to trust her with Robbie sometime.
      Eric: No, we don't. I keep wanting to lock her up till she turns 21, but no. And, for the record, I don't trust Robbie. I'm still trying to trust her.

    • Robbie: Hey, I just got a great idea. Would they let us go out if we double dated?... what about your sister Lucy?
      Mary: Lucy?
      Robbie: We could fix her up with my brother Rick.
      Rick: No, you couldn't.

    • Ruthie: Shana didn't call yesterday. That's the first time that happened.
      Eric: I didn't know any of this.
      Ruthie: Maybe Matt just doesn't want to tell you that stuff.
      Eric: Why would that be?
      Ruthie: I don't know. Sometimes kids just don't want their parents to know stuff. They have their reasons.
      Eric: Like you having your reasons for not wanting to tell us what your science experiment is?
      Ruthie: Exactly!

    • Mary: (about Matt) There is no way he and Shana are going to make this long distance thing work.

    • Robbie: Friends don't kiss friends.
      Rick: You mean friends don't let friends drive drunk.

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