7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 4

Who Knew?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 1997 on The CW
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Eric stumbles across marijuana in the house and is immediately convinced that it belongs to Matt. Annie urges her husband to not be so sure of himself, and as they subtly attempt to wiggle the truth out of their children, Annie stuns Eric with a troubling confession of her own. Meanwhile, Lucy introduces her sketchy new boyfriend to the family, and Simon gives Ruthie her first laundry lesson.moreless

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  • Matt's classmate slips a joint in his hand and he doesn't realize what it is until after Mitch leaves, then he goes into the house and the joint falls out of the pocket and Happy finds it when Eric comes home all hell breaks loose. I felt so bad for Matt.moreless

    All I Can say is poor Matt! But they really focused on Barry Watson's character. If my memory serves me right I don't think they really focused on him except when Annie and Matt get robbed. Anyways, Eric's reaction to Annie's expermentation was a little over board it's the 60's 70's period for god sake... I'm sure my parents have tried it bc they grew up in that time period as well. Also the family meeting was sooo touching and Simon's reaction was priceless "How could you" Man I can't believe you! I felt so bad for him Simon didn't even give his brother a chance to explain. The last seen was extremely touching when he leaves the house and Eric actually says the words "Damn It" I think that's the only time I've ever actually heard Eric curse in this entire series! I am happy that Annie and Eric found Matt in the church that was very touching. Eric finally agrees to let her son talk and he will listen instead of jumping to the worse conclusion.moreless
  • Matt is given a joint by one of his schoolmate and his parents think that he is using drugs...

    While playing with happy, a joint which was given to Matt by one of his schoolmate falls out of his pocket. Eric discovers it and gets mad at the idea that one of his children is doing drugs. He talks to Annie and she confesses that she once tried pot when she was in college. Eric gets more upset as he doesn’t understand the point of experiencing drugs. Eric and Annie hide the joint in Annie’s drawer, and Lucy accidentally finds it while looking for a scarf. Now, Mary and Lucy think that their mom is smoking Marijuana. When Eric confronts Matt about the joint, he doesn’t give Matt a chance to explain himself which makes Matt angry and he storms out of the house. Later on, Annie and Eric take a walk to the church to clear their minds and learn the truth about the joint when they overhear Matt talking to God.moreless
  • All I can think of is poor Matt.

    Yes, he did bring the marijuana in the house, but I think it's sad that instantly, as soon as he saw it, all Eric could think of was that he was the guilty one who was doing drugs. I think it might show how trustful he is toward his son and poor Matt always gets accused, even for stuff he hasn't done. It was very touching when he was crying in the church, saying he hadn't done it. I also think that Eric's reaction to Annie using drugs when she was younger was a bit strong. I mean what year did she try them, the 60s? 70s? That's kinda normal...

    However, even though the main storyline of the episode was heavy, I think it didn't keep the smaller ones from being hilarious. Simon showing Ruthie how to do the laundry at 6 (I didn't know how to until I was 13) and then all the stuff turning pink, that was a great one. And that Rod guy? Plain hilarious.moreless
  • It's funny~~

    It is so funny , and i like to see that little Ruthie and Simon , they are so cute , but i know that at 11 season, simon will not play the role again, i feel so disappoint, he is so cute and loving when he is a small little guy, hope that he will play the role again , and i like to see he and little Ruthie , they are so cute and loving , i love to see , and i like Lucy , her eyes is very big and round, this episode , she have a heary make up on her eyes , so funny , and her new boy friend is so funny that pretend to cool , so good ~~~~~moreless
  • This was another good installment in the 7th heaven gallery.

    When Eric finds marijhjana in the house he accuses Matt of using it. Then it leads to Annie's confession of her own with an experinmentaion. And Simon teaches Ruithie how to do Laundery even though she should be a little older until she has that respnibility. And Lucy shows everyone her new wardrobe of all BLACK CLOTHING to her family adn new boyfried Rod.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Ruthie gets her laundry out of the washing machine, it appears to be dry. But she took it out of the washing machine, so shouldn't it be wet?

    • In this episode Ruthie does her own laundry as in all the Camden children, when you're old enough to dress yourself you're old enough to do your own laundry. But in later episodes Annie does the laundry for everyone in the family numerous times.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Eric: So you've been in junior high for what, six weeks now? How's it going?
      Simon: Well, it's called middle school, Dad. And you know, what can I say? It's the middle. I'm halfway.
      Eric: Yeah, but I mean, compared to elementary school, it must seem....bigger? Scarier?
      Simon: Nah.
      Eric: Well, I hear this is the year that you learn about drug abuse in health class. That's major league stuff.
      Simon: Eh, not really. It all seems pretty stupid, actually.
      Eric: Stupid?
      Simon: Well, it's just all these videos of junkies laying in alleys, needles sticking out of their arms, drooling all over themselves. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how dumb drugs are.
      Eric: Yeah, it's hard to fathom how anybody could do that to themselves. But you know, maybe those junkies started out just smoking a joint someone handed them at a party, or on the school bus, or the school cafeteria.
      Simon: Yeah, maybe. I just don't understand why anyone would start using any kind of drug in the first place.
      Eric: Me neither.
      Simon: Well, when you figure it out, Dad, let me know.

    • Wilson: Some mistakes are like jumping out of a plane. Once you do it, you can't take it back.

    • Lucy: (apologizing for her not-yet-approved-of, 'hairy' boyfriend after the evening's meal) Sorry, I didn't know Rod was a vegetarian.
      Eric: (under his breath) Wouldn't want to get meat on his moustache.

    • Simon: (after Matt reveals the joint is his) What? You gotta be kidding.
      Matt: Look Simon.
      Simon: Man, I can't believe you!

    • Eric: (about the joint he found in the house) I just....I know it's Matt's.
      Annie: If it isn't, and if you accuse Matt of something this serious, who knows what will happen. I don't think your relationship with Matt can afford to withstand any false accusations.

    • Eric: I can't believe you told Matt you did drugs.
      Annie: I thought it might be useful! I thought you understood I was going to tell him!
      Eric: I was never under that impression. We don't have to share everything with our kids! We don't share our sex lives with them!
      Annie: I'm sorry! I thought maybe Matt wouldn't feel so far away from us if I told him! I had no idea he would throw it back in my face.
      Eric: Well, that was another issue entirely. He shouldn't have done that.
      Annie: Oh, I didn't think it would turn out this way. (starts crying) I'm just so disappointed.

    • Eric: Just answer me one thing, it will help me sleep better. Just tell me you wanted to get caught? Because you couldn't have possibly expected to get away with this. Or better yet, tell me why anyone could be so stupid as to do drugs in the first place!?
      Matt: I don't know, Dad! Why don't you ask Mom? Maybe she can tell you!
      Eric: Don't you dare bring your mother into this. Apologize right now!

    • Lucy: I don't know if things will ever be the same between Dad and Matt. Or even Mom and Matt.
      Mary: Yeah, I mean, I don't see how they could be. It's like Wilson said. It's one of those mistakes that you can't take back.

    • Eric: What the hell are you trying to pull?
      Annie: Eric, let's just stay calm.
      Eric: No, I think I've stayed about as calm as I can, it's time for some answers. It's not enough that you're smoking dope. You had to bring it into our house! What if one of the other kids had found it first?
      Matt: I didn't think--
      Eric: That's exactly right! You didn't think because if you had thought for a second it would've occured to you that the look you just saw, on Simon's face is the look of a boy who just lost all respect for his older brother.

    • Eric: Because if you thought of someone other than yourself for one second, you would realize that the look you just saw on Simon's face is the look of a kid who just lost all respect for his older brother.
      Annie: Eric...
      Eric: (ignoring Annie) Is this why you've never held down a job? Oh, cause here's something that doesn't take a whole lot of skill: a drug, a lighter, and a complete lack of self-respect!

    • Annie: If you're doing drugs, Matt, I want you to stop. If anything ever happened to you, I would never forgive myself.
      Matt: Sounds like I'm already guilty.

    • Lucy: Mom and Dad are smoking pot!!!
      Mary: No wonder Mom's so happy all the time. I mean, think about it! She's always in the kitchen baking something!

    • Simon: (to Ruthie) Let me show you a trick of the trade.
      (pours laundry detergent into bra cup)
      Simon: Just make sure it's one of Mom's bras. Otherwise you won't have enough soap to clean the clothes.

    • Ruthie: Why are you so mad, and why is Daddy shouting?
      Simon: Because our big brother is a jerk, and a major loser.
      Ruthie: But I don't understand. I love Matt. And he loves me.
      Simon: I'll explain when you get a little older. Just go to sleep.

    • Eric: What were you thinking?! It's bad enough you're smoking dope, but then you had to bring it in here where someone else could find it...what if one of the younger kids had found it first?
      Matt: I didn't think...
      Eric: That's just it, you didn't think, because if you thought of anyone besides yourself, you'd know that the look you just saw on Simon's face was the look of a boy who has lost all respect for his older brother!

    • Ruthie: Simon?
      Simon: (Angrily) What?
      Ruthie: Why are you so mad? And why was daddy screaming?
      Simon: Because our older brother's a big jerk, and a major loser.

    • Rod: I would never smoke pot, I hear it lowers your sperm count.

    • Eric: Tell me that you wanted to get caught, because you couldn't possibly think we were that stupid that we wouldn't find out. Better yet, why don't you explain to us how anyone could be so stupid as to do drugs in the first place!?
      Matt: I don't know Dad! Why don't you ask Mom, maybe she can explain it to you!
      Eric: Don't you dare bring your mother into this, apologize right now! (Car honks horn outside waiting for Matt) Oh you're not going anywhere.
      Matt Well I'm not staying here. (Leaves)

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