7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 10

Who Nose?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1999 on The CW
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While painting a holiday mural at school with some classmates, Simon notices a group of boys purposely inhaling paint fumes. A moral dilemma ensues as Simon must decide whether or not to report them, despite their threats. Meanwhile, Mary feels a lot better about her community service when she meets a handsome boy, which concerns her parents. Matt is upset when he learns that his father helped Shana transfer to New York University, and Ruthie completes a unique art project with her family's assistance.moreless

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    Michelle Benes

    Michelle Benes

    Mrs. Lawrence

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    Jayson Creek

    Jayson Creek

    Mr. Jacobs

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    Christopher Marquette

    Christopher Marquette

    Pete Lawrence

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    Adam LaVorgna

    Adam LaVorgna

    Robbie Palmer

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Matt has the mold on his nose and starts talking to Eric it's in one position. They show Eric then Matt but now its in a different position. They go to Eric then Matt once again and the mold is back to where it was in the first place.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Pete: (in the hospital) Just go away.
        Simon: I can't.
        Pete: Why?
        Simon: Because your mom thinks I did this to you.
        Pete: Yeah. I let her think that.
        Simon: I know. And it's okay. You must have been scared, and you had to tell your mom something. When you're feeling better, you can tell her the truth.
        Pete: If I do, I'll get all my friends in trouble.
        Simon: And that's better than getting one innocent guy in trouble. Look, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't mind taking the wrap for a friend, but you and your buddies have to stop huffing, or eventually, they're gonna end up just like you, or maybe even worse.

      • Mary: I'm not seeing anyone, but in the interest of not lying by omission, there's a guy who's also doing community service that I talk to, but he's just a guy. And doing community service together can hardly be considered seeing someone.
        Eric: Yeah.
        Mary: And besides, why does punishment always have to be a bad thing?
        Eric: Um....because it's punishment.

      • Shana: Are we breaking up?
        Matt: I don't want to break up with you.

      • Mary: Robbie got transferred.
        Eric: We know.
        Mary: Why'd you do it?
        Eric: We think your community service shouldn't be anything but community service.
        Annie: It's not something you're doing for yourself, it's something you're doing for the community as a payback...when the first phase of your service is complete and if you get a satisfactory review, then we'll see about Robbie coming over so we can get to know him better and you can get to know him better.
        Mary: Then I guess I'm really grateful.

      • Simon: How's Pete?
        Eric: The doctor said there wasn't any permanent damage, but when he's better he'll have to go though a detox program to get the chemicals out of his system. And I recommended that he and his parents meet with a family counselor.

      • Eric: I talked to Mrs. Jasper. Pete told his mom about the other guys and the huffing. Principals' is meeting with the boys and their parents tomorrow...Pete promised to call each of the guys and explain why he ratted them out. No one is going to think it was you.
        Simon: I don't care if they do.
        Eric: Good for you.

      • Simon: I've never heard of huffing before. Why would anyone find that fun?
        Annie: I don't know.

      • Mrs. Lawrence: The spray paint Pete used came from your garage. Pete said Simon brought it to school. (Simon shakes his head, "no.") You just stay away from my son You've done enough damage.

      • Mrs. Jasper: Pete Lawrence collapsed on his way into school. His nose was bleeding and he was having trouble breathing.
        Simon: I didn't know it was serious or at least this serious. I thought it can only make your nose bleed.
        Eric: A bloody nose is the least of it. Huffing causes liver damage and kidney failure. Heart failure.
        Simon: Can you die from it?
        Eric: Kids do every year.

      • Shana: I've been accepted to NYU for pre-med and classes start in January.
        Matt: NYU as in New York?...I don't know what hurts more, that you're going away, or that you told my dad before you told me.
        Shana: Come on. Can't we talk about this?
        Matt: I think it's too late for that.

      • Simon: (to the guys huffing in the hall) Hey, you guys are going to get a huge headache if you do that.
        Pete: It's called huffing. It makes you you feel like you're walking on clouds, right? Wanna try it...or are you too PURE? Didn't think so.
        Mitch: Hey, Camden, you say a word to anyone, and your life will be hell.

      • Pete: Spray paint makes it faster and it's a lot of fun.
        Simon: How do you breathe around that stuff?
        Pete: Oh, you'll get used to it, actually, you'll probably start to like it after a while.
        Simon: Where are the guys?
        Pete: Oh, uh... they decided to catch a breather.
        Simon: We could use a breather, too. (Pete laughs) What?
        Pete: You're too PURE to understand.

      • Eric: Hey, do you wanna tell me anything?
        Mary: Not really.
        Eric: Sometimes when someone leaves out information that abscence could be considered a lie by omission.
        Mary: Am I that someone?
        Eric: I thought we agreed that you couldn't see anyone while you were on restriction.
        Mary: I'm not seeing anyone. But in the interest of not lying by omission there's a guy who's also doing community service that I talk to. But he is just a guy. And doing community service together can hardly be considered seeing anyone. And, besides, why does punishment always have to be a bad thing?
        Eric: Well...because it's punishment...does this guy have a name?
        Mary: Yes, he has a wonderful name. Robbie Palmer. Now I have to go or I'll be late.

      • Lucy: You met a guy at your community service program, didn't you?
        Mary: Yes, I knew you wanted to know.
        Lucy: No. I don't wanna know. I don't wanna know anything.
        Mary: He's gorgeous, and his name is Robbie.
        Lucy: Great. Now I know his name.

      • Mitch: What do you want to bet Camden's a spy sent into bust our whole operation.

      • Eric: (about Matt) I sure miss him.
        Annie: Do you really?
        Eric: No, but I will when he's not living here anymore.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Simon: Book- "How to Win Friends & Influence People"
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