7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 8

Why Not Me?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2004 on The CW

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  • Save a child, save the world.

    Simon needs a loan from Kevin for $500. Kevin goes alone without Eric's help. Simon got kicked out the dorms because he let a girl stay with him. The girl, Christina, didn't have a place to live. Eric tries to help Christina, who was in social services, but Christina says to help her little sister, Meredith. Meredith wants to live with the Camdens. Ruthie mentions that Meredith has another sister named Kelly who is in a wheelchair. Kelly mentions their little brother, Danny. The Davis children are an example of many kids in social services who need help. Eric encourages his parishoners to becomes foster parents.

    I feel sorry for all the kids in foster care or social services. This was a great episode and I give it a 10!
  • Simon gets kicked out of the dorm and asks Kevin for $500 to get his own place with Chrintine - the girl he let stay in his dorm and is the reason he got kicked out. Christine is apart of social services and has many other siblings spread throughout.

    Well this is my first review for the highest rated and longest running show on The WB. A lot of you have probably seen my reviews before for Everwood, as I used to review that show during the course of its second season. You may also know my reviews from One Tree Hill, as I\'m currently reviewer for that show as well. However, I\'ve only done two episodes so far for that show. Might I say it\'s an honor to be reviewer for 7th Heaven as I\'ve been a huge fan for years now. I started watching in the beginning of season 5 and have not missed a episode since then. Anyway, you didn\'t click on this to listen to me ramble, so lets get to the review.

    I really wasn\'t too impressed with this episode, as I know many others weren\'t as well. It was one of those where the only real storyline is with Eric trying to help some outsiders, while the remaining of the Camden clan is just kind of there for support or whatnot. We\'ve seen these types of episodes done many times before in the show\'s 9 years, for example the episode Go Ask Alice from last season. Unfortunately, Go Ask Alice was much more entertaining and better executed than this episode, not to mention the guest stars weren\'t as great as they were in Go Ask Alice. Plus these kinds of episodes are fine to watch once or twice a season, but we\'re only in the first half of the new season and this is the second Public Service Announcement episode that we\'ve had. I want to watch a family drama, not an after school special dressed-up to appear as a family drama. Lets break it down some more to the core of the specific storylines.

    Eric, Simon, Christine and Siblings: This episode started out good, with the scene before the credits. Kevin and Lucy barging in and telling Eric and Annie that Simon wants to borrow $500 for something that they didn\'t know what. Lucy thought it was a bad idea, but Kevin realized Simon asked Kevin to go down there for a reason and he wanted to do it because he\'s his brother (in-law). I understand Kevin wanting to help Simon out, but I thought he was pretty disrespectful of him to ask Eric why he always has to be the one to solve family problems. Hello Kevin, he\'s the father! Anyway once again we saw how the Camdens are alwys insisting to know every detail of their kid\'s lives, versus Kevin who respects their (in this case, Simon\'s) privacy. Having said that, I do think Eric, Annie, and Lucy were right this time to want to know what Simon is up to since he did ask to borrow $500 from them. I think the reason why I was so disapointed with this episode (one of the reasons, at least) is because I went into it thinking it would be a Simon-related episode throughout the whole thing. I thought Simon had maybe brought drugs into the dorm or something (from the previews it seemed that way since they were making it a \"police matter\") and that would\'ve been really intersting. But instead after the scene with Christine, Simon, and Kevin in the dorm (after Kevin calls Eric and confides that he\'s in over his head) the storyline turned into Eric trying to help Christine and her siblings. There were soem good parts that I have to hand to the writers because they made it as realistic as possible, such as when Eric was talking to Christine\'s druggie mother--it would\'ve been way too corny if the mother had just listened to Eric and agreed with him. Instead she told him basically that she wasn\'t going to change and he should back off. Also it was done kind of funny when they kept showing kid after kid that Christine had of siblings. I was disappointed, however, when Eric told Annie he was going to give up because he was out of ideas of what to do. Sure it was nice seeing that even Eric doesn\'t have all the answers, but seriously after all these years of dealing with difficult people and he decides to give up after one meeting with the mother? Eric would\'ve never gave up so easily, but I\'m sure the writers just did that so they could squeeze Annie into the scene and show us helping him out with an idea of her own: To get people of the congregation to adopt these kids. It\'s pretty sad though that nowadays the writers have to stretch and try so hard to get Annie in their, when in the earlier seasons we saw Annie helping out with the kids and Eric all through the episodes.

    Anyway, the last 15 minutes or so was really bad, in my opinon. I know Eric always preaches and gives speeches and whatnot, but boy in this episode he was making me doze off. He just went on and on and on, it\'s like okay, I get the message now. Writers, please minimize the length of his speeches. Please! When Lucy gives a sermon it\'s different, because she does it so naturally, but when Eric preaches it could make a deaf man reach for some ear plugs. And again, I didn\'t like the very end with the adopt a child information because it seemed to be too much of a Public Service Announcemnt. Are the writers so out of ideas that they have to keep shoving these preachy PSA storylines down our throats? Come on, do something with Martin--or Ruthie, she IS in high school, afterall. How about Lucy? The girl is pregnant and is associate pastor, they have to be able to find better storylines then this. Okay, I\'ll stop since the next few episodes look very good that are coming later this month through January.

    Grade: 2 out of 5

    Quote of the Week:

    Kevin: (to Eric) No offense, but do you always have to solve a family problem? Shouldn\'t I be able to step in and solve a problem sometimes?

    Other Thoughts:

    *It really sucks when we think we are getting treated to a Simon episode since David Gallagher is back, yet then the writers hardly use him. Writers, start using him more because we have to get him to want him to come back for a 10th season.

    *On the upside to the episode, the twins were hardly in it (if at all, i don\'t remember).

    *They mightaswell kill off Annie and have Eric be a single father. It seems like he is already, since he deals with mostly everything on his own (Simon\'s situation earlier this season, for example).