7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 8

Why Not Me?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the beginning of the episode when Kevin is walking through the campus, in one shot Kevin passes by three giggling girls, one in particular a black girl in a pink outfit. Then in the next shot as he spots Simon and walks up to him he once again passes in front of the same people again.

    • When They are eating dinner the first shot shows Kevin sitting next to Ruthie but in the next shot Kevin is by Lucy and Ruthie is with the twins.

    • Why is Simon in trouble for having a girl in his room if the dorm is co-ed? Unless it's because she isn't registered to that room, but that's more of a technicality than anything else. Also, a resident administrator doesn't report directly to the dean of students. Presuming Simon attends a campus of 10,000, about state university size, a minor housing dispute would go from an RA to the dorm hall director, then *maybe* to Residence Life. If a serious enough infraction, which this doesn't seem to be, the associate dean of judicial affairs is brought in. It'd definitely never reach the ears of the dean/university president. A few rungs got skipped on the college hierarchy ladder here.

    • When Anne was going through the list of reasons she said they couldn't take anymore kids in, she said because Lucy will be needing her help and they already have 2 grandkids. They only have one and she already mentioned that Lucy was pregnant.

    • RESPONSE: maybe Kevin and Ruthie moved when the camera was on Eric

    • Response to Response to response: Maybe Kevin wanted to sit next to Lucy and he signaled to her but nobody could see them.

    • Response to Simon in trouble for the girl in his room: I am in college and I live in a co-ed dorm, but the rooms are not co-ed. Simon's situation is probably the same way, the dorm is co-ed, but the rooms are not.

    • Response to Simon: First, if you never went to college, do not even submit a goof to this issue. Simon is in trouble because Christina was not registered to live on campus and most schools do not permit guests to sleep in rooms for longer than a few days. The issue is not about a woman being in the room...the same would have happened if it was a guy. Also, many school DO have RA's that report to deans, especially if a student is getting expelled from residence.

    • RESPONSE TO RESPONSE: Why would Kevin and Ruthie just get up and switch chairs at the dinner table? Maybe something the twins would do while pretending to play musical chairs or something, but not a teen girl and grown man.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin to Eric & Annie: "We're here to rat out Simona, caue eveidently that's the kind of people we are now."

      Lucy to Eric & Annie: "He just called and asked to borrow $500 from us."

      Kevin to Eric: "No offense, but do you always have to a family problem? Shouldn't I able to step in and solve a problem sometimes?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "It's a trap."

      Simon to Monty: "Oh this is my brother, kevin. He's married to Lucy, my sister."

      Monty to Kevin: "You married you're sister."

      Simon to Monty: "My sister."

      Monty to Simon: "I thought you just said he was your brother?"

      Simon to Monty: "Here's the thing about not being brother-in-law and being a brother, you know, the one big happy family."

      Monty to Simon: "Oh yeah, I've heard about those big happy families before, but i don't think I've ever really seen one."

      Kevin to Eric: "I'm in over my head."

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