7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 5

With Honors

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1999 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Notice the scene where Lee accidentally drops his backpack in the Camdens' kitchen, and a bag of marijuana falls out. You can tell that the actor playing Lee drops the backpack on purpose. He just kind of lingers for a second and lets it slide down his arm before letting it fall to the ground. The camera has a full, close-up shot of Lee the whole time, so it's very obvious.

    • Corey Conway mentions in this episode that she was never able to have friends come over to her house because she was hiding the fact that she had a daughter but in the previous season, "Let's Talk About Sex" the Mary goes to a co-ed sleepover at Cory's house. Also, Corey was portrayed as being older when Mary made varsity in her freshman year because Corey was on the team and pressured Mary into stealing something from the Varsity restaurant.

  • Quotes

    • Ruthie: The twins are lucky you're their daddy, and I'm lucky you're my daddy, too. I love you!
      Eric: And I think you should get the walkie-talkies you want.
      Ruthie: You're the best dad ever!
      Eric: I also think you're old enough to earn the money yourself.
      Ruthie: I hope you're not suggesting that allowance thing that the other kids do.
      Eric: Well, you can take the trash out for three dollars a week. If you really want those walkie-talkies, that's the deal. Take it or leave it.
      Ruthie: I'll leave it. There are easier ways to make money than by working. (leaves)
      Eric: (to the twins) Don't be in a hurry to start talking, okay?

    • Ruthie: Mom, can I have $29.99? I just have to have these walkie talkies I saw on TV! Then I can call all my friends, and they can call me back, and it only costs $29.99!
      Annie: But if you use the phone to call your friends and pretend the phone is a walkie-talkie, it'll cost less.
      Ruthie: (rolls her eyes) Parents!

    • Mrs. Peterson: (to her son) I should have kicked you out. I should have told you that if you did drugs, you couldn't live with me, but I thought turning my back on my son made me a bad mother. But I was wrong. It made me a bad grandmother. Look, if you won't straighten up for me, do it for Lee. He's your son! You need to act like his father, and if you don't make me a promise, right that you will take the steps to clean up your life, then I will take custody of Lee, and you'll never see us again. And I don't want to do that. I just can't sit by and watch my grandson turn to drugs, the way my son did.
      Eric: Admitting you have a problem is the first step. I think it's the hardest step, too.
      Mrs. Peterson: I'll be there for you every step of the way, and as long as you're clean and sober, you can live with me. But you've got to get a job. You've got to start contributing to the household.
      Jeff: I just...I don't know if I can do it.
      Lee: Dad, please. I already lost a mom. I don't want to lose you, too. I love you.

    • Simon: (to Lee) Tell them what your dad does. (turns to Eric and Annie) His dad's a private investigator who works with the local police and the FBI. The FBI! That is so cool! (the kids leave)
      Annie: I think being a minister is a lot cooler than working with the FBI.
      Eric: That's why I think you're the bomb, baby. (they kiss)

    • Lucy: You have to help me. I don't want to work in the attendance office tomorrow!
      Annie: Well, maybe you shouldn't have volunteered.
      Lucy: But at the time I volunteered, I didn't realize I'd have to give up my study hall. I thought it was before school or something. I need my study hall!
      Eric: To study?
      Lucy: Yeah, sure. Plus, it's the only time I have before lunch to catch up with my friends and re-touch my makeup. (long pause, Eric and Annie are baffled) So you're not going to help me?!?!

    • Ruthie: So, what kind of fun stuff do we have planned for tomorrow?
      Annie: (to Eric) Teacher Work Day. No school for Ruthie.
      Ruthie: Yes!
      Annie: Okay, let's see. Tomorrow, you can help me clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, repair the kitchen sink, iron the socks, reorganize the linen closet, and go shopping.
      Ruthie: Toy shopping?
      Annie: Food shopping.
      Ruthie: Man, this is gonna be worse than school!
      Annie: (when Eric gives her a funny look) What?
      Eric: It is going to be worse than school.

    • Lee: I lost my mother to drugs, and I don't want to lose you.

    • Mary: I'd really like to thank the local businessman's association for this honor, but I can't. Excellence in sports and in life to individuals we have future generations see as role models. I've never thought of myself as a role model. I go to school and get good grades. I go to basketball games and score points. But a role model, I don't think so. But there was a real role model who was supposed to receive this award with me today. But at the last minute the committee changed their minds. You all know who I'm talking about, because for the last 24 hours most of you have done nothing but talk about her. She's my friend, my teammate. She's Corey Conway. And when she was 14, she had a baby. Corey Conway is a person, not an issue. And the only statement made by celebrating her achievements is to honor that someone who didn't take the easy road in life and did what few others could have done. Finish high school... With honors... While raising a baby. I want to let you know how I feel before I bring Corey out on stage and give her my award. Because even if she's not a role model for the local businessman's association or for some of the students ate this school, she is for me.

    • Eric: Look, I'm the minister at the Glenoak Community Church. And if there's a problem, I can help, I can--
      Jeff: No, thank you, but I think you should mind your own business.
      Eric: When your son brought drugs into my house it became my business.

    • Ray: I'm sorry.
      James: Well that's okay. I'm sure Matt was pretty convincing.
      Ray: No, I'm sorry for every one of you problems that I solved, every university I bought you into. I'm sorry for giving you too much too soon. I'm sorry for giving you everything, but really nothing.

    • Mary: How did you hide this from everyone?
      Corey: It wasn't easy. I couldn't have anyone over to my house. I couldn't go to parties or stay out late. Forget about dating. With taking care of a baby I barely had time to go to school or play basketball. When I think about it, I actually don't even know how I was able to finish high school. Most teen mothers don't. I do know that I couldn't have done it without my mom. She's been there for me every step of the way since... the day I told her I was pregnant.
      Mary: Man, motherhood at 14.
      Corey: You know what's harder than motherhood? Your friends talking and whispering behind you back.
      Mary: Not everyone is talking about you.
      Corey: Please, this spring I'm graduating Magna Cum Laude. I'm the top score on a championship basketball team and I've been accepted to 3 Ivy League Colleges. But now, thanks to Maggie, the only thing that everyone cares about is that at 14 I had a baby.

    • Annie: You know when someone wants to hide something badly enough, they can easily get away with it for a little while. But sooner or later, the truth comes out, and then you have to decide whether you're going to face the truth or deny it. Now, for a lot of people it is easier to deny that their friend or brother or sister or son or daughter is doing something wrong than it is to face the truth and take action.
      Simon: Life sure was a lot easier when I was younger.
      Annie: You wanna cookie?

    • Corey: I had a baby when I was 14. Are you satisfied now?

    • Eric: So have you reconsidered my offer? 'cause if you really those walky talkies getting an allowance is the only way to go.
      Ruthie: No thank you. I don't need an allowance. I have a plan. And it's a lot easier than taking out the trash for the rest of my life.
      Annie: She has a plan, should we be concerned?
      Eric: Not concerned, afraid. Very afraid.

    • Sgt. Michaels: It's probably nothing... I do know a Jeff Patterson... the Jeff Patterson I remember didn't work with the police, but he was arrested by them.

    • Eric: Hey, how was the attendance office?
      Lucy: It was fabulous, fun, fantastic.
      Annie: Teenagers.
      Eric: Yeah, if you don't like their mood, wait 10 minutes.

    • Annie: How come the kids always want to leave the nest but there laundry wants to stay?

    • Elaine: Did you hear the rumor? It's all over school.
      Mary: I just saw you this morning. How could anything be all over school?
      Elaine: Well, what can I say the real juicy stuff has a life of its own. Corey Conway had a baby when she was 14.
      Mary: Corey had a baby?
      Elaine: Yeah, Maggie the new girl, said that there was a Corey Conway who went to her junior high school, and that Corey got pregnant and dropped out of school and had a baby.

    • Annie: I guess this means your back to work.
      Eric: I guess so.
      Annie: So, how does it feel?
      Eric: It feels good. Very good.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Simon: The police, NASA, the FBI. Your dad's the coolest.

      Simon is talking to his friend Lee of how he is so impressed with what his father SUPPOSEDLY does for a living. All of these three US Government departments do exist in protecting our society.

    • Simon: Careful, Pinocchio. Your nose is growing.

      Simon is talking to Ruthie of how she promises to pay him back if he loans her some money, but Simon knows that she's lying and refers her to Pinocchio. Pinocchio is the classic children's character whose nose would grow longer whenever he told a lie.

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