7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on The CW
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Simon befriends a shy, insecure classmate whose affliction with Tourette's Syndrome has left him at a tremendous disadvantage. His loving and supportive mother wants to help, but his angry and stubborn father seems to be hiding something from everyone. Elsewhere, a frustrated Simon tries to figure out why Mary is so angry at him, Matt starts giving Shana the silent treatment, and Lucy debates whether or not to tell her mother about a painful secret that Ruthie has shared with her.moreless

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  • Ruthie is getting called Stupid at school by her teacher, she tells Lucy who tells her mother, Ruthie is upset at her sister. A New family in Eric's congretgation joins the church, we find out that the son as Turrets Syndrommoreless

    I was extremely impressed with this episode because my dad's best friend's son had Tourette's Syndrom, it really focus's on the diseas I thought it was beautifully written. I was very happy when Simon stood up to those kids who were teasing Bobby for no reason dude that's just so wrong on so many levels, now on Ruthie WOW... who know Mackanzie could act! yea we all know she was this cute adorible little annoying kid but wow she defiantly won me over in this episode. I thought she was amazing in this episode when she was talking to her sister about what her teacher called her. kids getting called stupid by there teachers is also wrong! I loved how Louis helped Shelia and Bill with there son Bill's breakdown was just fabolous everything about it was just beautifully acted and written. great job ..moreless
Elizabeth Ruscio

Elizabeth Ruscio

Ms. Riddle

Guest Star

Shawn Pyfrom

Shawn Pyfrom

Bobby Carver

Guest Star

Michael Milhoan

Michael Milhoan

Bill Carver

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Andrea Ferrell

Andrea Ferrell

Heather Cain

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • GOOF: When Mary is checking out her butt in the mirror, Lucy comes in and laughs. Mary said she'd appreciate it if she wouldn't spy on her. Lucy said she wasn't and she said, "Now that we actually do share a room..." they have always shared a room!

    • When Hallmark Channel first aired this episode, they cut out the word "butt" during Mary and Lucy's conversation about what was making her upset with Simon.

    • Simon says his mom and dad don't believe in video games. However, he has played them before, such as in the 1st season episode "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil," when he was seen playing a Gameboy. In addition, in the 4th season episode "... And Expiation", a Nintendo 64 package can be seen in Simon's closet.

    • Nitpick: When Simon is playing "Tetris" on the Game Boy the images don't match the music.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Annie: Okay, I'll get right to the point.
      Matt: What point?
      Annie: The point I want to make. A lot of things in your life will be difficult and challenging. In fact, some of the most wonderful things in your life will be difficult and challenging. All I'm saying is, break up with Shana if you don't love or care about her anymore, but don't break up just her just because long-distance relationships are hard. You're tougher than that.
      Matt: All I came over for was a sandwich.
      Annie: Every sandwich served in my kitchen comes with a free lecture on the side.

    • Eric: (about Bobby) Do you know him?
      Simon: I know of him. He's new at school. He's not very popular.
      Eric: Why is that?
      Simon: Everyone thinks he's weird.
      Eric: Because of his outbursts, like the one in church today?
      Simon: The jocks really make fun of him, especially Brian, the captain of the football team. He calls him Spazz Man. (Eric gives him a look) Well, I don't call him that!
      Eric: Do you remember when I told you that all is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing?
      Simon: Yes. (pauses) Let me guess. I'm the good man doing nothing.
      Eric: Good and smart.

    • Eric: Bill!
      Bill: Look, you don't understand, okay? Nobody understands!
      Eric: I'm trying to--
      Bill: Please just leave me alone! Please!
      Eric: I want to understand. Your wife wants to understand. Hey, I'm here, but you have to open up to somebody. You have a lot of pain and anger. You can't keep it bottled up inside, or else you'll explode.
      Bill: When I was growing up, I had a cousin with Tourettes. We didn't know it at the time, but later, we found out that was what he had. He had these horrible facial tics. I teased him all the time. I was really just mean. I tortured him relentlessly.
      Eric: I'm not quite sure I follow.
      Bill: I just can't stand to think there's some kid out there doing that to Bobby. Torturing him, making his life a nightmare, the way I did to my cousin. I mean, every time I look at him....it just reminds me of how badly I've acted in the past. Look, I did the research. Tourettes is hereditary, so basically, Bobby is the way he is because of me! You know, ADD I could deal with, but this, you know...I just don't think I can bear it.

    • Mary: Hey! I think we have Biology together.
      Girl: What are you doing?
      Mary: I'm talking to you.
      Girl: Why? So you can distract me, and your friends can do something behind my back, and then you can all laugh at me some more?
      Mary: I don't laugh at you.
      Girl: You hang out with Laurel and those jerks she calls friends, don't you?
      Mary: Sometimes. Look, I'm just trying to--
      Girl: Do you have any idea how much you and your friends hurt my feelings? Do you think I'm deaf? Sometimes I wish I was, because then I wouldn't hear every little whisper and nasty comment that comes my way.
      Mary: It's not fair to lump me with Laurel. I have never said anything bad about you.
      Girl: Yeah. You just stand by and let it happen, which, for your information, is worse! Knowing that something is wrong and doing nothing to stop it is worse than just doing the something that's wrong.

    • Annie: Nothing justifies calling a child stupid. NOTHING.
      Ms. Riddle: You have your opinion, and I have mine.
      Annie: Yes, but your opinion is wrong!

    • Mary: You have no idea what you did.
      Simon: Exactly!
      Mary: You called me Big Butt!
      Simon: (laughing) What?
      Mary: When we were playing basketball, I fell on you, and you called me Big Butt!
      Simon: But I was just kidding around. I say those kinds of things all the time.
      Mary: I know, but you're not a kid anymore, so I take what you say a little more seriously.
      Simon: I'm not a little kid anymore? (pauses, sighs) I mean, I'll watch what I say from now on, okay?
      Mary: Well, you better, because words can really hurt a person.

    • Miss Riddle: I think it's time for you to go.
      Annie: I'm not going anywhere.
      Miss Riddle: Don't make me call the principal!
      Annie: Oh, go ahead, make my day! Call the principal. Go ahead!

    • Annie: Ruthie says you asked the class who the first president was, and when she answered Abraham Lincoln, you called her stupid.
      Miss Riddle: (chuckles) No. I didn't say that. I told her that her answer was stupid. There's a difference.
      Annie: She's eight. She doesn't know the difference.
      Miss Riddle: Ah. I think I see where this is coming from. Every parent wants to believe their child is perfect. But in reality, most of the time the apple just doesn't fall far from the tree.
      Annie: Did you just call ME stupid?

    • Annie: Well, it turns out there was no mistake. Miss Riddle has been calling Ruthie stupid.
      Eric: What?
      Annie: Yeah, and when I confronted her about it, she acted like it was nothing.
      Eric: Unbelievable.
      Annie: She called me stupid, too.

    • Annie: I think you better tell me what's going on.
      Lucy: Ruthie's new teacher has been calling her stupid. She asked me not to say anything, but--
      Annie: She called her what?

    • Annie to Ruthie: "Do you know why I got so mad at your teacher?"

      Ruthie to Annie: "Because she was mean to me?"

      Annie to Ruthie: "Yes. But also because when Ms. Riddle hurt your feelings and made you feel like you weren't smart, then school and learning became a bad thing. And if that happens enough, it won't be long before you don't like school at all. And that would be wrong. Because learning should always be enjoyable. And school should be like this safety zone where students not only learn about the stars, but reach for them as well."

    • Annie to Ruthie: "You might think about forgiving Lucy, too, honey. She loves you so much, and she was just trying to help you the only way she knew how."

      Ruthie to Annie: "I'll think about it."

    • Annie to Ruthie: "Have you finished your homework?"

      Ruthie to Annie: "What's the use? Haven't you heard? I'm stupid."

    • Simon: "Oh my mom and Dad don't believe in Video Games."

    • Lucy to Mary: "Ha-ha! (Mary checking out her but in the mirror)I wasn't spying I was entering, entering my room? Now that we do acutually share a room, I think I'm gonna have to know why you were checking out your but in the mirror."

    • Mary to Lucy: "I'd appreciate if you weren't spying on me."

    • Ruthie to Lucy: "Don't just stand there. Do something."

      Lucy to Ruthie: "Well, what am I supposed to do?"

      Ruthie to Lucy: "Teach me how not to let words hurt me."

  • NOTES (4)