7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on The CW

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  • Christmas time with the Camdens!

    Rose and Sandy come down to Glenoak for Christmas. Rose doesn't want to be sucked into the Christmas spirit by the Camdens. Sandy becomes a Christian. Eric and Ruthie visit hospitals and nursing homes. Kevin wants a dog, but Lucy disagrees. Then at the pound, Lucy gets two dogs. Simon finds out that Rose can cook. The church is now sponsoring Sandy. Rose tells Sam and David that there is no such thing as Santa Claus or Jesus.

    This was a wonderful episode! It makes me want to go out and do good in the world. I'm glad that Sandy is now a Christian! I thought it was so cheesy when the lights came back on right after she converted. Katelyn is so hot!! I just had to add that, sorry. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Out all the season I wacth so far This was the best Chirstas epsiode I seen In a long time. It was even more amzing for Ruthie to her friend from the episode "Back in the Saddle Again" and it was even more amazing all the others pactipate in hel

    I so glad the Camdens are still heeping up with the Traditon at church of playing Jesus and his congregation and I hope it contiue in the future also that epsiode really brought back memorys and I hope it keeps up next sesaon with another Chirstmas epsiode also the family always make me feel like Im 7th Heaven
  • Another Christmas episode...!

    ...and what a great one!

    I'm glad they decided to do another Christmas episode, because it's one of the best season 10 episodes. Haylie Duff's character Sandy makes a complete turn-around and decides she wants to become a Christian. She has become humbled by how willing the Camdens have been to take her in and welcome her.

    Meanwhile, Rose decides to be a Grinch and unknowingly ruin Christmas for the Camdens, including Sam and David, but they put up with it. She herself makes a turn-around by cooking Christmas dinner for the Camdens, who are putting on the Nativity once again.

  • The Rose Who Stole Christmas(And Then Gave It Back)

    Well, this was a major step up from most of the episodes so far in the show's farewell season. I had high hopes for this episode, and they weren't all entirely met. This was a nice holiday episode, and was real Christmas-y and had the spirit down, but it wasn't great. It was good, but not great. Season three's "Here Comes Santa Claus" has nothing to worry about. The main problem I had with this episode was that it devoted too much time on Sandy and Rose. Granted, Sandy was really nice and very likeable in this episode, but there was too much screen time. And Rose?. Well, we'll get to Rose in a minute. The Camdens were all around and even Annie got more screen time than normal here lately, but it felt that the episode was not a Camden type episode. They were on the outer edges doing their thing with most of the focus on Rose and Sandy. I didn't quite care for that too much. It should of been more firmly centered on the Camden clan than those two. Martin was missing and, quite frankly, his abscence wasn't really felt. He's an okay guy, but when he doesn't appear, it doesn't really matter much to the show. But anyways, this is the first(and only second)Christmas episode in seven years. It was nice to have one final one before the show signs off forever. So, what happened?...

    The holiday season is upon us and the Camden's are getting into the spirit. The episode opens with Sandy and Rose walking along the promenade talking about Christmas and whatnot. They come upon a nativity scene with the Camdens playing Mary and so on. This part was kinda funny with Rose thinking this was the time of the year the family "recruits". It becomes all too clear very quickly that Rose does not really know or appreciate the holiday, or where it came from. We all enjoy the fun that comes with the holidays, like food, candy, lights, and presents, but we also know about the holiday and the people involved. Rose doesn't even know that. She doesn't get the real "joy" of the holiday season and doesn't understand why the Camden's are doing the living nativity scene. Now, Rose knowing all the good stuff about Christmas is fine and dandy, but when she starts going on and on about how she doesn't know the story or understand it, it got to the point of where Rose was no longer just a clueless square but came across now as just retarded. She should of known some of these things!. She and Sandy are staying at Casa Camden, and things get worse when it appears that Rose is now allergic to the Christmas tree. Annie takes it down and Rose thinks nothing of it. She then tells the twins that she does not really believe in Santa Claus or Jesus. This horrifies Annie, and the boys want to see Santa for their own clarification. Eric takes them to see Santa, who was Det. Michaels, and all is well. In the end, Rose somewhat redeems herself by cooking the dinner(after a power failure caused by a drunk driver hitting a pole ruins the turkey). Simon comes home in the end and is suprised with Rose's cooking talents and her holiday spirit with the rest of the family. As are we!. She has everyone dress up in their holiday pajamas as Eric reads a story to everyone.

    Sandy, previously, could stay or go for all I cared. I didn't care for her much or the storyline. I've changed my thoughts a little after this episode. She was really likeable in this episode. Haylie Duff is still no great actress, but she is doing okay and beats Sarah Thompson by a long shot. I wish Simon was marrying her. After watching this episode, this was the first time I had really thought that. The Camden's have really welcomed Sandy into the fold and want her in the nativity scene. She doesn't think she has the right kind of past for any of this, but the Camden's don't care. She is a good person and they know that. At the nativity scene, Eric makes a speech about how every year they save up money to donate to a family. This year?. You guessed it. They gave it to Sandy. Even though you saw it coming a mile away, it was still a nice moment. In the end, I hope Rose is out of the picture and Sandy is in Simon's life. It would be different since she will have a kid, but Sandy should be with Simon and Rose should be gone.

    A smaller storyline has Kevin hinting to Lucy that it would be nice to have a dog. Lucy agrees that having a dog would be nice and that she isn't against it, but she wishes to wait until after the holidays are over. Fair enough. There are a couple of scenes with most of the family members going to look at a dog at the shelter that is not there anymore(but a sign on it's cage says it was sponsored by Savannah Kinkirk). Lucy goes there and sees this little dog(I'm not sure which kind)and asks about the one Kevin liked. A family brought him back. It's a surprise to see that the dog Kevin and Savannah both liked turned out to be a horse. What was it?. A great dane?. Lucy feels sad for the smaller dog as the worker informs her that the little one only has a few weeks left. They can't keep them all. Lucy brings home the little one, and you could sense the disappointment in Kevin's face. Not to worry Kev, because Samson(and the little one is Delilah, of course)is right behind her. Lucy gets hers, and Kevin and Savannah get theirs. The look on Savannah's face when the dog came in was really cute. The end scene with everyone over was funny because here were these two new dogs and Happy. Happy is probably thinking "I used to be the top dog around here!".

    My thoughts?. "Xmas" was a nice episode. It really was. The spirit of the season was in full force and it had the right message, as did "Here Comes Santa Claus". It wasn't perfect, but nothing in season 10 has been. Less emphasis on Rose and Sandy would of been nice, and more of a part for Simon would of been appreciated as well. It would of been nice if Matt were there too. The part with Sandy telling Eric that she was reverting to Christianity and then the lights go on with the "hallelujah" music was laying it on a bit thick. It was more cheesy and uncomfortable than anything. That neat effect they showed going up off the earth with the lights was interesting and pretty out of the norm for 7th. But those are my only quibbles, really. You know, earlier in the season, before the cancellation, I wasn't feeling it for the show anymore. I thought that I would be okay if the show were to end. Then the news came that it was ending. I was shocked, but it hadn't really hit me. Now it has. Watching this episode and seeing the ad for the show counting down the "final 11 episodes of 7th Heaven ever" really hit me for the first time. I am now feeling it and I can't believe it. "Xmas" was a nice episode.
  • The camdens are in the x-mas sprit exept for ROSE!

    This was a pretty good episode. I just really hate Rose. I think that Simon shouldn't marry her. She is un-smart, dull and doesn't know what she's doing. But I think that this epiosode was pretty good in general. I still em annyoed by Rose. she needs to get a life.
  • sandy is so great in this episode all she wants to do is make rose a better person around the camdens

    · Rose is so stupid
    · Sandy is one of the most level- headed person in this episode
    · It was so nice to see Katelyn again
    · How can rose think Jesus is not real
    · Sandy is becoming such a good person
    · I was happy to see that the church is going to help out sandy
    · Ruthie was so great and understanding to sandy
    · I wish martin was in this episode
    · They should have shown something about the accident
    · The only part of this episode I didn’t like was when the power came back on and the music started playing
    · It was so cool that he Camdens, Sandy, and Rose were all in their pajamas listening to Eric read the story of Jesus’ birth
  • Its Christmas time at the Camden house and everyone is ready and excited to celebrate except one person....Rose!! Rose hates Christmas and she is obvious about it.

    This was a really good episode. 7th Heaven hadn't had a Christmas episode since before the twins were born. I just want to say that I HATE Rose. She should not have been talking to Sam and David like that. I love Sandy. She is so sweet and is going to be a great mother. I can't wait until she has her baby. Only 11 more episodes to go. I am not looking forward to the end. I will be forever sad that my favorite show is ending.
  • I thought this episode was good. I couldn't believe Rose told the boys that there was no Santa or Jesus but it was nice of Eric taking them to see Santa which it was Det Michaels. The dogs that Lucy got was cute.

    This episode made me cry. It was a touchful episode. Katelyn looked great. I thought the woman that was dancing with Eric was funny because she asked him if he was single. Savannah looked cute in her santa hat. That was nice of Rose cooking for the Camdens but there was alot of food though. Dogs seemed okay around Happy at the end. Really wish Matt and Mary was in that episode though since it was a Christmas Episode or at least Carlos and Charlie and then Matt and Sarah. I wonder if Rose was really allergic to the tree? I couldn't believe that had to put it down because of her. I wouldn't've put it down i would've kept it up.
  • i liked that sandy is becoming more and more into the show and not known as th girl ruining martins life.she finally told rose off with the santa/jesus-thing and-ring and-everything-i cant believe what rose did!i dont know if anyone noticed but i think ro

    i think rose lied about being allergic to the tree because shesneezed at an akward moment for her, and then sh tells Mrs.Camden that she saw the truck ram into the electric wiring when she dragged the tree to the curb, but why would she even go near it or touch it if she was alergic? i can't belive what she did! i am sooo happy they gave sandy the $. i saw it coming. It was a great eppy. i cant wait till sandy has the baby. i hope martin is there. its hard enough going through labor, but alone with a doctor and a nurse or 2 is even harder. i feel soo bad for her. oks, well byes!!!
  • It is Christmas time at the Camden household and everyone is getting into the spirit, execpt of course Rose and Sandy. Rose sees images of Christ's birth and doesn't even know what it means! Sandy is interested in finding out more about what the Christmas

    As Rose watches everyone get into teh Christmas spirit, she can't ehlp but ruin it. First, with making the Camdens take down their tree because she's allegric, and then, telling Sam and David there is no Santa or Jesus! Throughou the episode, Sandy becomes more interested in the story of Jesus and more upset with what Rose is doing. After watching the Camdens give on Chritmas eve at the hospital and to the homeless, she decides she wants to be like them and tells Eric she wants to become a Christian. She ends up playing the Virgin Mary at the live Nativity scene the Camdens are doing and the church decides to give their yearly money support to Sandy. The episode ends with Eric reading the Christmas story to the whole family. This kind of episode really makes me realise how special this show is!!
  • Its about the camdens who are church people. This show goes to prove that church people have problems to.

    I really enjoy watching this show because I wish my family could be like this. It helped me realize that everyone has their share of problems even if they are church going people. My favorie character is Martin because he's so hot and I feel sorry for him cuz he got rose pregnant and I dislike her. I would love to meet Martin because he seems like a down to earth person. I watch this show every week.
  • A great episode and very informative on christmas. I escpecially liked the part where Sandy says she wants to be a Christian and the electricity goes back on.

    This episode was amazing, it had people from old episodes that made it even beter. Including ruthie's friend with c.f. and the lost boys that ruthie and peter met in season 7. It was also very nice to see the camdens doing the nativity scene that they did in season 3. It reminded me how different they used to be.
  • A Great Reminder of 7th Heaven's Charm!

    WOW!This was such a great episode. At first I wasn't quite sure if it would live up to the other Christmas episode. But it totally does. If anything it proved that still after nine years on being on the air 7th Heaven has still got the charm. With the exception of Rose, I enjoyed the humor and the compassion. The Camden's really do go out of their way to make others happy and feel grateful.There was even more christian themes in it, that hasn't happened for a while. One of my favorite scenes is where Sandy tells Eric she wants to convert to Christianity. Oh, but it was so funny when Sgt. Michaels played Santa. What he told Sam and David about Santa Clause and how he needs people to help him out with gifts was so cute. I was fascinated with what Eric told them about Santa Clause's history, I never knew that. And at the end, everybody wore their pajamas and listened to Eric read the christmas story, was certainly a scene to remember. All in all, it was definitely a Camden Classic.It will truly be missed.I am so sad that it is ending.It was the first show I ever watched that truly had an spiritual impact on me.
    "Xmas" proved to be that memorable episode reminding me once again of the laughter, smiles and tears I have endured throughout the years of watching 7th Heaven.
  • The usual Camden schlock with one redeeming moment.

    Along with an even heavier than usual dose of sap and not even thinly veiled Christian messages, this episode continued to explain to us in excrutiating detail why Rose is bad, that Ruthie is growing up, and that unwed mothers aren't the sinners we once might have thought they were.

    However, this episode had one redeeming quality that jumped out at us. As volunteers at the local humane society, we were delighted to hear Lucy's strong statement about why people should think carefully before acquiring pets as gifts for others, only to have them returned a couple of weeks later when the cuteness died down. We've never heard this message spelled out quite so nicely.
  • The 7th Heaven Christmas episode. The Camdens spent Christmas Eve doing something for others.

    This episode of 7th Heaven was fantastic. Recently, the show had begun to bore me. They had the same story line repeated over and over. But not this time. This episode was a 7th Heaven classic. This Christmas episode reflected the true meaning to Christmas, as it should. We all seem to get wrapped up in our lives, and many people tend to forget that Christmas is a Christian holiday in which we celebrate the day of Christ's birth. The day our Savior was born. The show did an awesome job of getting this true meaning out. I appreciated Sam and David having an actual role for once instead of just being these two mini actors with insignificant one-liners. This time they actually became characters. I also continue to despise Rose for her self-centeredness and pushiness... why doesn't Simon ever see this in her? Every time he's around she's a perfect angel. She cooked them all dinner and was really sweet about it, but at the same time insulted their kitchen. "I only like to cook when I have a real kitchen." Then she had the nerve to say that theirs was "almost real." What nerve! She is so spoiled. Yet at the same time, the writers must be doing a good job for me to dislike her this much! Finally, Sandy... I loved what they did for her. She definitely deserved it.

    Thank you, 7th Heaven staff, for reminding us why we watch this show.
  • Charlie Brown music at the end?

    After Rev. Camden read the Nativity story from the Bible, we heard the first few lines of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.".

    I could SWEAR it sounded just like the kids from "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

    Anyone agree, or was it wishful thinking on my part? (I confess, I have expected the Reverend to finish up with, "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.".) ;-)
  • I did not think their was any way to redeem Rose but in this episode at the end they seem to do it. Also the gift that the family gives Sandy is wonderful.

    Rose has always bothered me and her anticts at x-mas did not seem to help her any. She makes the family take down their tree because she is allegic and she tells the boys that Santa and Jesus do not exist. But at the end she cooks a banquet dinner for the whole family and it is beautiful. It seems that Rose has more than meets the eye. But it is the gift of money for the whole year that the family gives to Sandy is the most heart warming. It is also Sandy's transformation throughout the episode that make their gift so special. I loved this episode and these are the ones that make me so sad that this will be their last season.
  • This episode was just like the old Camden ones.

    This special "xmas" ep felt like an ordinary old episode that could have almost aired in any season. i missed tyler hoechlin, but im pretty sure they gave him the time off to try out for that arizona college baseball team in early november, but martin was still missed.

    either way, it still felt like rose and sandy were guest stars and the episode was entirely camden-related. i absolutely loved the religious themes and how the twins were very involved. captain michaels playing santa was funny too! a fine example that this series will be sorely missed next fall if there is no spinoff.
  • I can't believe 7th Heaven has only 11 new shows. I knew the show would eventually have to come to an end, but I feel like it is to soon! I love the characters there will never be another show nearly has close to the great quality of 7th Heaven!

    I can't believe 7th Heaven has only 11 new shows. I knew the show would eventually have to come to an end, but I feel like it is to soon! I love the characters there will never be another show nearly has close to the great quality of 7th Heaven!
  • Rose slightly redeemed herself.

    In this Christmas episode of 7th Heaven, I must say that when in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the episode, Rose go my nerves very much, with how she was talking of the Camdens and how in the holiday season, they were going to try and recruit she and Sandy to the Christan faith. With that, and a little while later telling the boys that Santa and Jesus aren't real, I was wishing I could have gone through my television and give her a piece of my mind about how she was acting. However, I did find her somewhat redeeming herself when she cooked a gourmet dinner for the Camdens while they were at the Prominade acting out a living Nativity Scene.

    Other than my not liking how Rose was in this episode, I really like how the commericalism of the holiday wasn't played up. Granted that it most likely wouldn't have been that way anyway in the show, I really liked how instead of getting presents, the Camdens donated their time to worthwhile causes that are special to them. Out of all of the different things that the family did on Christmas Eve, I would have to say that my favorite was going down to the animal shelter to check on the dog that Kevin and Lucy sponsored in Savannah's name and finding out that Samson (the dog) went to a seemingly good home who unfortunately in the end, didn't want him. What I really enjoyed about that part of the storyline was how Lucy came down to the shelter to adopt Samson and his neighbor Delilah in order to make Kevin happy.

    In all, the great storyline put a smile on my face and I thought that the episode was well written.
  • I agree.. Rose is anoying and I think she has to GO!! BUT, I was thinking about Rose and 7th heaven's theme of teaching lessons..

    I agree.. Rose is anoying and I think she has to GO!! BUT, I was thinking about Rose and 7th heaven's
    theme of teaching lessons..

    I'm wondering if in this episode they are saying that you are supposed to love, care, and accept everyone, NO MATTER how anoying they may be, or tough that may seem. No matter how anoying Rose becomes, the Camdens are still accepting and loving. I'm sure I would have kicked her out of my house before the end of that day!!

    Annie might have been anoyed when she told the boys that Santa and Jesus were NoT real, but she managed to turn it around. You can't tell someone something, you have to show them. Engulf them with kindness, and love. The Camdens always come back to loving and helping and accepting others no matter what. They hardly ever judge people. I think Rose is in this show to teach yet another lesson.

    I mean.. look at the end of the episode. Rose made dinner for the whole family. That is a start to giving back and helping others.

    let me know what you think!! :)

    p.s. I love this show and am sad that this is its last season!!! :.(
  • I think we saw the first good quality of Rose ever.

    OK I am not jumping on the we hate Rose bandwagon here. Rose had one redeeming quality tonight with her flair for cooking the dinner at the end. Not htat everything she has done can be redeemed but it was a start. I think everyone deserves a fresh start even Rose.
    OK I have lots of props for this episode. First to Captain Michaels and his explanation to the twins about Satna Claus needing helpers. That had to be they best way to teach something to little boys to help them understand. I loved that scene. It needs to be in the highlight reel.
    Tonight's episode for all of you who did not get to enjoy this awesome episode was kinda like the muppet show. We have Rose and Sandy who are learning about Christmas (they were the guys in the Balcony) from the Camden point of view. Sandy was just quicker than Rose in the understanding part. Sandy tells the rev Camden that she would like to become a christian. There was a great deal more religion in this episode than there has been lately. I thought they did an excellent job in presenting the big picture christianity thing to every one. I also found it interesting that we kinda saw follow ups to people we had seen in the past. Also Lucy, Kevin and Savannah got 2 new pets.
    This was just such a fantastic episode. When it re runs watch it.

    I've been watching 7th Heaven, since before I could even remember. I've grown up watching this show, and it has really taught me a lot. I do not think you should cancel this show at all! It it is my favorite show, I drop almost everything on Monday nights at 7 o'clock to watch it. If its skipping dinner with my family, or not going out with my friends, I will do anything to watch 7th Heaven. On Monday nights once a month my Best friend, Callie and I get together and have a 7th Heaven night! We truely love this show, and it has been a blessing to see it on tv. I am a Christian and there aren't many shows on tv that support my religion, to tell you the truth I actually dont know of any other television shows that support that. My family and I are very greatful for this show and how it spreads the word of God. Especially in this episode tonight, it taught all of the viewers the true meaning of Christmas and the history of the birth of Jesus Christ from the Bible. I know somewhere out there someone has been touched by this episode and got this message. I have witnessed something of this sort just tonight, when my friend called me after it was over and asked me what the true meaning of Christmas was. That to me, really meant a lot and I finally got to talk to her about my religion and what I believed. All I am saying is that people arent going to like this show but others are, like my family and friends. People like us are the ones that have been touched by this television show. WB gets one more vewier than MTV and BET on Monday nights at 7 o'clock. I am not aloud to watch those types of shows because of the language and types of things they show on that channel. This show really means a lot to me it teaches me a lot about life, family, religion, and the community around me. I know a 15 year old girl like me can not doing anything about not canceling the show but I just wanted the cast and crew of 7th Heaven to know that I have been truely touched by this show and it really means a lot to me. I am extremely sad that this is the last season, as well. But, I ask for one thing, send me an email telling me why this show is being canceled, that would be great! Thank you for your time.
    Christa S. of Wisconsin
  • i HATE rose, she needs to be gone she is useless,not good enough for simon, he needs to be with the pregnant girl. i realy liked the show tonight, but it would be better if rose would find her way out.

    rose needs to be history, she is not good enough for simon,nor the entire family, why should they have to put up with all of her selfish crap, the one who should be with simon is the pregnant girl, and getting both dogs was a good idea,but the big dog was the best of the two.
  • Quite good, quite good.

    Call me a sap if you will, but I liked the overall happy, \'let\'s be good to others\' theme of this episode. Ruthie and Catelyn\'s reunion was so touching, and Catelyn\'s news was a pleasnt surprise. The Lucy and Kevin plot was awesome, but I hope raising a baby and two dogs doesn\'t drive them crazy! And Sandy\'s scenes with Annie and Eric and Ruthie were so heartwarming.

    The only flaw of this episode was Rose. I wanted to drive a railroad spike through her head every time she went off on one of her selfish little tangents...the scene with her and Simon at the end kind of made up for her earlier behavior, though, but I was still skeptical because I couldn\'t tell if she was doing it for her and Simon or if Sandy\'s words really affected her. So I\'ll just hope that her future appearances will come with more maturity on her part.

    I also wish Matt and Sarah, or maybe Hank and Julie and their kids had made an appearance. Would\'ve been nice to see them again.
  • Anyone else annoyed by Rose?

    On top of the fact that Rose is just a bad person, she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. Something else that was annoying was when the lights came back on, then the camera panned out, and showed the entire city, then the US then the world. Seriously...what is with that!? Did they get new writers this season, cause it just isn't the same as it used to be.
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