7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on The CW

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  • The Rose Who Stole Christmas(And Then Gave It Back)

    Well, this was a major step up from most of the episodes so far in the show's farewell season. I had high hopes for this episode, and they weren't all entirely met. This was a nice holiday episode, and was real Christmas-y and had the spirit down, but it wasn't great. It was good, but not great. Season three's "Here Comes Santa Claus" has nothing to worry about. The main problem I had with this episode was that it devoted too much time on Sandy and Rose. Granted, Sandy was really nice and very likeable in this episode, but there was too much screen time. And Rose?. Well, we'll get to Rose in a minute. The Camdens were all around and even Annie got more screen time than normal here lately, but it felt that the episode was not a Camden type episode. They were on the outer edges doing their thing with most of the focus on Rose and Sandy. I didn't quite care for that too much. It should of been more firmly centered on the Camden clan than those two. Martin was missing and, quite frankly, his abscence wasn't really felt. He's an okay guy, but when he doesn't appear, it doesn't really matter much to the show. But anyways, this is the first(and only second)Christmas episode in seven years. It was nice to have one final one before the show signs off forever. So, what happened?...

    The holiday season is upon us and the Camden's are getting into the spirit. The episode opens with Sandy and Rose walking along the promenade talking about Christmas and whatnot. They come upon a nativity scene with the Camdens playing Mary and so on. This part was kinda funny with Rose thinking this was the time of the year the family "recruits". It becomes all too clear very quickly that Rose does not really know or appreciate the holiday, or where it came from. We all enjoy the fun that comes with the holidays, like food, candy, lights, and presents, but we also know about the holiday and the people involved. Rose doesn't even know that. She doesn't get the real "joy" of the holiday season and doesn't understand why the Camden's are doing the living nativity scene. Now, Rose knowing all the good stuff about Christmas is fine and dandy, but when she starts going on and on about how she doesn't know the story or understand it, it got to the point of where Rose was no longer just a clueless square but came across now as just retarded. She should of known some of these things!. She and Sandy are staying at Casa Camden, and things get worse when it appears that Rose is now allergic to the Christmas tree. Annie takes it down and Rose thinks nothing of it. She then tells the twins that she does not really believe in Santa Claus or Jesus. This horrifies Annie, and the boys want to see Santa for their own clarification. Eric takes them to see Santa, who was Det. Michaels, and all is well. In the end, Rose somewhat redeems herself by cooking the dinner(after a power failure caused by a drunk driver hitting a pole ruins the turkey). Simon comes home in the end and is suprised with Rose's cooking talents and her holiday spirit with the rest of the family. As are we!. She has everyone dress up in their holiday pajamas as Eric reads a story to everyone.

    Sandy, previously, could stay or go for all I cared. I didn't care for her much or the storyline. I've changed my thoughts a little after this episode. She was really likeable in this episode. Haylie Duff is still no great actress, but she is doing okay and beats Sarah Thompson by a long shot. I wish Simon was marrying her. After watching this episode, this was the first time I had really thought that. The Camden's have really welcomed Sandy into the fold and want her in the nativity scene. She doesn't think she has the right kind of past for any of this, but the Camden's don't care. She is a good person and they know that. At the nativity scene, Eric makes a speech about how every year they save up money to donate to a family. This year?. You guessed it. They gave it to Sandy. Even though you saw it coming a mile away, it was still a nice moment. In the end, I hope Rose is out of the picture and Sandy is in Simon's life. It would be different since she will have a kid, but Sandy should be with Simon and Rose should be gone.

    A smaller storyline has Kevin hinting to Lucy that it would be nice to have a dog. Lucy agrees that having a dog would be nice and that she isn't against it, but she wishes to wait until after the holidays are over. Fair enough. There are a couple of scenes with most of the family members going to look at a dog at the shelter that is not there anymore(but a sign on it's cage says it was sponsored by Savannah Kinkirk). Lucy goes there and sees this little dog(I'm not sure which kind)and asks about the one Kevin liked. A family brought him back. It's a surprise to see that the dog Kevin and Savannah both liked turned out to be a horse. What was it?. A great dane?. Lucy feels sad for the smaller dog as the worker informs her that the little one only has a few weeks left. They can't keep them all. Lucy brings home the little one, and you could sense the disappointment in Kevin's face. Not to worry Kev, because Samson(and the little one is Delilah, of course)is right behind her. Lucy gets hers, and Kevin and Savannah get theirs. The look on Savannah's face when the dog came in was really cute. The end scene with everyone over was funny because here were these two new dogs and Happy. Happy is probably thinking "I used to be the top dog around here!".

    My thoughts?. "Xmas" was a nice episode. It really was. The spirit of the season was in full force and it had the right message, as did "Here Comes Santa Claus". It wasn't perfect, but nothing in season 10 has been. Less emphasis on Rose and Sandy would of been nice, and more of a part for Simon would of been appreciated as well. It would of been nice if Matt were there too. The part with Sandy telling Eric that she was reverting to Christianity and then the lights go on with the "hallelujah" music was laying it on a bit thick. It was more cheesy and uncomfortable than anything. That neat effect they showed going up off the earth with the lights was interesting and pretty out of the norm for 7th. But those are my only quibbles, really. You know, earlier in the season, before the cancellation, I wasn't feeling it for the show anymore. I thought that I would be okay if the show were to end. Then the news came that it was ending. I was shocked, but it hadn't really hit me. Now it has. Watching this episode and seeing the ad for the show counting down the "final 11 episodes of 7th Heaven ever" really hit me for the first time. I am now feeling it and I can't believe it. "Xmas" was a nice episode.