7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning, after the opening credits, when Eric is almost finished singing his song, Annie and David raise their hands to clap too early.

    • The Camdens have to get rid of their Christmas tree because Rose was allergic to it. Why didn't they just go and get a fake tree instead?

  • Quotes

    • Rose: (discussing the nativity scene with Sandy) Come on! The wise men are real? What guy do you know would walk for days to go see a newborn baby and take him a gift? Have you ever even seen a guy at a baby shower?

    • (the Camdens are performing the nativity scene)
      Rose: Look at them! Isn't it horrible?
      Sandy: Horrible? What is so horrible about that? I think it's wonderful.
      Rose: I just don't get it. Are they begging?

    • Annie: (about Ruthie's elf costume) Oh, you look so cute!
      Ruthie: I was going for sexy.

    • Katelyn: Hey, Camden!
      Ruthie: Katelyn? (hugs her) You look great!
      Katelyn: Santa brought me a new set of lungs this Christmas.
      Ruthie: You got a lung transplant?
      Katelyn: Thanks to my dad and some of his friends who donated parts of their lung tissue to me.
      Ruthie: You look great. Merry Christmas!
      Katelyn: A very Merry Christmas. But the merriest Christmas of all will be when they find a cure for CF.

    • Rose: I don't understand why Simon has to stay at school and work. I mean, it's Christmas!
      Sandy: See that ring on your finger? That's why he has to stay at school and work.

    • Sandy: Are you insane?!?
      Rose: No one's here other than us. I figured I could take as long as I wanted to get ready. It's not like I'll have a chance to get in there once all the Camdens get home. (Sandy tilts her head) What?
      Sandy: I wasn't gonna say anything, but I just, I can't help myself. Did you tell the boys that there's no Santa? And even worse there's no Jesus?
      Rose: No, not exactly...
      Sandy: Then what did you tell them?
      Rose: What are you, the Christmas police?!?
      Sandy: They told Annie!
      Rose: I thought they were old enough to keep our little discussion to themselves.
      Sandy: They're not even 7 years old!
      Rose: And yet they accused me of not knowing the difference between Santa Claus and the Christ child.
      Sandy: Oh, they accused you.
      Rose: Weren't you the one who warned me we were dealing with a family of experts?
      Sandy: What is wrong with you?!?
      Rose: I didn't know they would turn the game on me. I was just trying to find out who all those people were in the Nativity scene so if we actually get roped into going there tonight, and we have to choose a character...

    • Kevin & Lucy: (to Savannah) Merry First Christmas Savannah!

    • Sandy: (to Eric who is dressed up as Santa) I don't want to be a "Christmas-ite" anymore. I want to become part of the community that gives, because I've been so blessed this Christmas. So what I'm trying to say Santa Claus, is this. I think I've decided to convert to Christianity.
      (Holy music comes through the speakers as the power comes back on)

  • Notes

    • Tyler Hochelin (Martin) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music featured in this episode was the song Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee, which can be heard when the Camdens and Kevin (with Savannah's help) are handing out presents to local charities around Glenoak.

    • Nicodemus A. Lim (Nicodemus), Jacob Puka (Jacob) both have a cameo in tonight's episode. They were first seen in Season 8 episode Lost and Found.

    • Katelyn Salmont reprises her role as Ruthie's friend (Rosman's real life half-sister) with cystic fibrosis from the Season 7 episode Back in the Saddle Again. In her scene, she was giving an actual update on her real-life status with her disease. Sadly, Salmont died a few years later, on Christmas 2008, due to complications from her cystic fibrosis. She was 22 years old.

    • This is the second time Christmas is celebrated on 7th Heaven, the first time was in the Season 3 episode Here Comes Santa Claus.

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