7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 10

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2006 on The CW
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Eric takes a new approach to counseling members of the church. T-Bone stuns Ruthie by telling her what he really thinks of her selfish and obnoxious attitude, then ending their argument with a kiss.

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  • hated it

    i hated it...it made me gag...i wanted to vomit when they kissed...i hope t bone falls off a cliff n dies....it should martin with ruthie...i really hated this kiss...i mean why do they like t bone n not martin...he is so much hotter...n he n ruthie belong together....marthie 4ever..marthie 4ever...
  • Didn't like it too much, but it was okay.

    Ruthie and T-Bone make out. Eric has counseling sessions and he acts rude and very blunt when dealing with them. He gets a kilt that was sent from Ruthie and wears it. Jane is offered another job, with help from Eric. Margaret is offered a job as a nanny. She excitedly accepts! Everyone that Eric counseled comes back to thank him. Stanley sees Eric and tells him to ask to live.

    This episode was average. I really don't like T-Bone and Ruthie together at all. I thought it was funny how Margaret reacted to the job. Kevin, Martin and Sandy aren't even in this episode, which stinks. Lucy was barely in it. This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10.moreless
  • I loved it- was refreshing and sense of reality it's about time they came back together as a real family. I also admired Eric direct and raw honesty in couseling- Message is clear- don't just complain about Life-deal with it honestly and move on.moreless

    I thought the show was one of the better written ones- its was refreshing and not the same old tired dialoges. I think the character development that was going on with all the changes in this episode was exciting. First with Eric taking such a raw and honest approach to couseling that it sends a message that quit complaining about life do something with it and enjoy. The live in guest are all showing signs of developing their character and it kept you wondering what you would see next. I liked the exchange between TBone and Ruthie- It's about time that they found a match for her and someone who could pull it off. Behind every good man is a good woman but behind every good woman is a good man - this is a must in order to bring out positive and exciting changes in other personalities and character. I loved Savannah short but oh so sweet exchange with Eric. It's so hearttouching. Keep it coming. Thumbs up!moreless
  • Nothing about this episode seemed possible.

    Let me start out by saying that was NOT a proper fight induced make out session. Not by TV or real life standards. A proper fight induced kiss should follow a screaming match, not a battle of non-wits. Seriously. A fight induced kiss should have yelling with people stepping closer and closer to each other with each biting comment. When I saw the summary, I was so excited because I figured I get to see a nice, real, screaming match, because there's nothing I love more than a song fight or a fight induced make out session in movies, tv, or Broadway shows. It's just more fun that way. And they really need to stop using all of these lame "write outs" on the show. It's really annoying. We all know that being where ever they were is not the reason Kevin and Lucy were in the eppy. This writing around characters is really getting on my nerves.

    Eric yelling at his patrons was pretty funny, but the results were WAY too forced. The twins are really getting on my nerves with their whole "I hope he has a good heart" kind of stuff. With Ruthie being a complete witch (mods won't let me use the other word) this season, we really need the twins as comic relief. Not aditional voices of reason in the household.

    If I wasn't so incredibly OCPD and could stop watching this show, I would, but after four years of solid viewing, I can't stop. Because if I could stop, I wouldn't be watching Gilmore Girls any more. Oh, well. This show will continue pissing me off, but I will still keep watching. I bet The CW wishes everybody was like me, huh? Next week is going to be insanely painful to watch. I just really hope he doesn't start singing. Really.moreless
  • Eric solves everyone's problems and has a heart attack.

    I really did not like this episode. It was evident from the beginning that it was going to end with Eric having a heart attack. It was very unrealistic with him being so blunt during the counseling sessions and--amazingly enough--helping all the people in one session where he had been working with them for years. I am really disappointed in this whole season of 7th Heaven. I was glad when I heard it would be coming back but sometimes I think it would have been better to end it last year.moreless
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Gary Kraus


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Keith David

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Ruthie: Stop acting like you know more about my family than I do.
      T-Bone: Maybe I do.
      Ruthie: No, you don't!
      T-Bone: Well, I know that your father is critically ill.
      Ruthie: Yeah, but he's not going to die. He's not.
      T-Bone: Okay. I certainly hope not. I mean, I don't want anything to happen to him, but he's walking around with a bad heart.
      Ruthie: You think I don't know that?
      T-Bone: I think you don't act like that.
      Ruthie: I don't act like it because it would be a burden on him.
      T-Bone: And it's not a burden acting as if you don't care?
      Ruthie: I do care. He knows I care!
      T-Bone: How?
      Ruthie: I mean, I showed up, didn't I?
      T-Bone: You had to.
      Ruthie: I wanted to!
      T-Bone: Well, I think that would be news to everyone.
      Ruthie: Well, I mean, everyone should just understand that it's not easy coming back under these circumstances. It's hard. I mean, I love my dad, but I have to leave every morning, knowing that I may never see him again.
      T-Bone: But you didn't even say good-bye to him this morning!

    • T-Bone: So am I supposed to act like I know you or not?
      Ruthie: Or not.

    • Woman: (to Jane) Reverend Camden says you're the talkative one, so you must be the one who likes children. (looks at Margaret)
      Margaret: I do.
      Woman: Would you be interested in mine? (Margaret looks shocked) I mean, Reverend Camden suggested that you might make a great nanny, and I'd be willing to pay a lot of money. A lot of money. I don't want to send Georgina back to daycare, and well, I have to go back to work. I have to. We have this family business, and--well, would you?
      Margaret: YES! I mean, yes, I would love to, I really would! I'm gonna try to go back to school, but I can take classes at night, or on the weekends.....or online, even! And in the meantime, we could be such great friends. I love the park, I love animals, I love to read books and watch the same videos over and over. And I can make odd things out of play-dough, and I love playing dress up and braiding hair, and I know how to make cookies from refrigerated cookie dough--
      Woman: Hired!

    • T-Bone: You came back from six months in Scotland as quite the self-centered, I'm-better-than-everyone-else, I'm-smarter-than-everyone-else-pain-in-the-neck, didn't you?
      Ruthie: You can't talk to me like that!
      T-Bone: Oh, I sure can. I actually just did. And I'm not finished. You better wise up. Your dad is seriously ill.
      Ruthie: Yeah. My dad. Not your dad, it's my dad. It's not your family, and it's none of your business.
      T-Bone: What was that, a threat?
      Ruthie: Maybe. What are you gonna do about it?
      T-Bone: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do about it. (grabs her and kisses her)

    • T-Bone: (to Eric and Annie after just secretly kissing Ruthie) Thanks again for daughter-- (surprised look on his face) dinner!!!

    • (talking about Eric going to try on a kilt ruthie had sent him from Scotland)
      Sam: He's brave,
      David: And funny,
      Sam: And smart,
      David: And kind.
      Sam: I just hope he has good legs.
      David: I just hope he has a good heart.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In the earlier season 11 episode And Tonight's Specials Are..., T-Bone tells Kevin that he is 15 after getting caught with a fake I.D. but when T-Bone and Ruthie are talking in the kitchen, they both say that they are 17.

    • Tyler Hoechlin (Martin), Haylie Duff (Sandy) and George Stults (Kevin) do not appear in this episode.


    • Episode Title: You Don't Know What You've Got Till He's Gone

      This is a variation on the lyrics from a classic song; "Big Yellow Taxi" and was written and orginally performed by Joni Mitchell.

    • Episode Tittle: You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone

      Is a song by Cinderella.