7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 7

You Take the High Road

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • Ruthie Is Evil

    Ruthie Camden started out as a cute kid but she grew out of and was replaced by the ***ed Brino twins. Then she became a know it all who unlike the other Camden kids got to go to a private school and started to laud it over. Then she outgrew that role and the final version of Ruthie is an incredible spoiled brat who is now the most hated character. She got to go to Scotland and when Eric and Annie went there to bring her home because Eric was dying did she show concern no. Ruthie acted like a resentful brat and Annie should have beat the living crap out of her.
  • Bad Accents.

    I like the episode, and love how they include Scotland its such a wonderful country. I just wish, Ruthie and Lucy would learn how to say Scotland, and that they got proper Scottish people or at least people who can do a decent accent for the Scottish Characters in this and the episode last season with the guy from Edinburgh, who did not have an Edinburgh accent.

    I enjoyed the rest of the episode, I just wish that Ruthie would not be such a spoilt brat. I felt sorry for Lucy, she has been through so much this year.

    The Sandy/Martin story line is getting on my nerves a wee bit. It seems like they are trying to use them to just take up some time since there is less Camdens in the show now.
  • I can't stand Ruthie!

    I've never liked ruthie she is a shelfish stuck up littlw know-it-all. I mean honestly, your father comes and tells you he only has a year lest to live and all you care about is Scotland. Well, Ruthie is soooo anoying. Episodes 1-6 were better because of no Ruthie. Whenever Ruthie is in the show, its alwyas all about Ruthie. And her boy probems. BORING! i loved the first three becuase of no Ruthie. Beverley Mitchell and George Stults delivered great preformances however. Kevin tells Lucy of her father's heart condition. Lucy (unlike shelfish little Ruthe) starts crying. Wow, she has sure been through a lot this season...
  • The return of Ruthie!

    Ruthie finds out that Eric and Annie are coming to Scotland. She is worried and doesn't want to leave. Lucy finds out about Eric's heart problem. Kevin finds out that Jane is married to someone in the army. Margaret reveals to T-Bone that Jane called his mom and she might want to visit him. Ruthie calls Matt, Mary, and Simon and says that Eric and Annie are getting a divorce. Sandy doesn't like Daniel anymore and decides to get married to Martin.

    This was a great episode! Ruthie acted like a spoiled brat though. I hated how her attitude was like in this episode! I really want Martin and Sandy to get married! I really liked this episode, but I wish Annie, Matt, Mary or Simon were in it. This episode gets a 10!
  • Lucy running away from reality, Kevin running a 'creche' for teenagers and Ruthie being a little spoiled brat.

    I liked this episode it has been one of the better ones from season 11. However, I do find the teenage girls Jane and Maragaret more than a little annoying. T-Bone is definitely the most tolerable of the bunch as I think his character may actually have a point.

    It was nice to see Lucy act like a grown up at the end and finally accept that you can't run away from bad news however much you might want to.

    I might be a bit controversial but I don't like the way Ruthie's character is developing she is turning into a really horrible spoilt little madam. I really hope she just stays in Scotland. Her character has been awful since the whole Martin thing in season 10.

    Overall a not too bad episode. I liked the end where Lucy talks to her dad on the phone and then says to Kevin that her dad is on the roof and not going anywhere if she can help it. I thought that was well written.
  • Eh. Average.

    The Ruthie thing was stupid. Wow just wow. Well, it\'s somewhat realistic. That\'s what kids turn out like who don\'t have parents like Annie and Eric around that \"care\". Ruthie leaves home for a few months and turns into a \"normal teenager\". Yeah, \"normal teenagers\" that everyone wants to be like in the real world have spoiled, bratty attitudes. The replacements are probably what a kid like Ruthie would call \"normal\" and probably weren\'t fortunate enough to have parents like the Camdens.

    Whatever. For Ruthie, it was crap. Her life as the \"preacher\'s kid\" wasn\'t even bad. What problems did she have because of it? Simon had it much worse than her with the whole virgin Camden thing. Ruthie\'s problems during highschool had to do with her new boycrazy attitude and obsession with Martin; nothing to do with her father\'s job. The whole school knows about her pathetic crush on a guy who wasn\'t interested in her and who got a girl pregnant.

    Ruthie freaking out and calling everyone saying they were getting a divorce was stupid.

    I didn\'t like how Eric couldn\'t tell Lucy himself either and had to have Kevin do it. I don\'t know why. Obviously Eric has a hard time with that, he couldn\'t even tell Annie. But as close as Eric and Lucy are, I would\'ve rather seen him or Annie tell her. I didn\'t like the Kevin and Lucy scene that much. The main reason I\'ve never really liked Kevin and Lucy is because Kevin always seems too mature and a lot of times seems more like a father figure to Lucy than someone on her level, an equal/husband. He talked to her like a kid when he said lets be grownups or whatever he said. WHO says that? That sounds like a parent telling their toddler they\'re a big girl now.
    I didn\'t like when Lucy came out with it either. \"I\'m going to be a grownup now\" or whatever she said. It was.... Lame. NOBODY talks like that.

    The replacements were annoying as usual and I could\'ve done without them. I couldn\'t care less about their issues. The redhead seriously needs to consider a career change. Besides her being Fugly, she\'s a horrid actress. Just get rid of them already.
  • Ruthie's in a panic when she finds out Eric and Annie are on their way to Scotland to bring her back home; Kevin decides to tell Lucy about her father's heart condition.

    If Eric really is dying, this episode should have had the dams bursting and the tears flowing freely. When Lucy is told about her dad's heart condition, I wanted her (the over emotional, super sensitive, old Lucy we all know and love) to run into her father's arms. I wanted them to comfort and console each other. I wanted them to cry and hug and, then, cry some more. I wanted some sorely missed Camden Drama. Granted, this is a reality that's hard for either one of them to face, but I wanted them to do it together, in person, not over the telephone, chin up, using their "adult voices" (although, Eric did choke up a bit by the end of the conversation). I was begging for a display of raw emotion. I was truly disappointed.

    This episode marked the highly anticipated return of Ruthie. Even though she was bratty and selfish and extremely burdened by the fact that she is the daughter of a preacher/"control freak", I welcome her back with open arms! Her lines may have only amounted to a variety of conclusion-jumping cell phone conversations, but I still found her refreshing and familiar and safe-- in comparison to Jane, Margaret, and T-Bone, who have dealt us nothing but filler ever since they arrived. I am liking how Kevin is with them, though. He never lets them get away with anything. Lucy impressed me, too, in the way that she laid down the law with Ruthie regarding her abhorrent behavior. The more Ruthie whined, the more Lucy dished out her own sisterly say.

    Typically, Brenda Hampton writes the scripts for 7th Heaven, however, in this installment, writer Jeffrey Rodgers took over her responsibility. Maybe that's why the story content was a little off-- what could have been one of the most gripping episodes of the season turned out to be just okay.

    As the show closes and fades to black, viewers are left with "to be continued" on the TV screen. Maybe Ruthie will be coming home after all. It would do her, and us, a lot of good!
  • Lucy tries to avoid reality. Kevin babysits teenagers. Sandy is dingy.

    Ok, lots of you will not like this so I will keep it short and to the point...Ruthie has always been a spoiled brat! I have wanted them to knock her down a peg or two since she started, but that makes me an abuser right??? Well I dont care if she comes home..with that attitude her father doesnt need her negitivity. Stay in Scotland, ungrateful preacher kid! Pretty sad when kids (who I dont even care about) are more concerned with her father than she is.
  • wow i thought the episode was pretty good. "He's on the roof"

    Wow, I thought the episode was pretty good. I didn't get just teary eyed, I was balling when Lucy was on the phone with her dad. I was trying not to, I was like OK, I'm crying harder than Lucy is. But i thought it was really good and the story that he told was nice too. I don't really mind the blonde girl, forgot her name, and T-bone is growing on me because he is somewhat funny but that Red Head NEEDS TO GO. She is annoying and doesn't talk and last episode what was up with her screaming about how much Eric meant to her, what the heck did Eric really ever do for her? Anyways, it was nice seeing Ruthie and I'm glad to see Sandy/Martin back together. I absoloutely loved the "tell Sandy i have a boyfriend now" and Sandy saying "she's always going to have a crush on you" i thought that was nice to see some things in the past go in this episode. All in all very good tear-jerking episode.
  • ok...now we are getting somewhere!!!

    Finally, the 7th Heaven i know is returning!

    More importantly...and more to the point, the cast i know and love is returning.
    This will be the start of a beautiful season.

    I must admit, i wasn't too pleased with the starting of this season, mainly because it diverted from the original cast that made 7th Heaven what it is.
    However, i see they are returning, one by one, and for that i'm grateful!!!
  • This episode was really good and a tearjerker.

    I loved this episode. I think, now this is just my opinion, that the season keeps getting better and better. i love 7th Heaven and all the original characters, but I love the characters that are on now too. In this episode Ruthie is a spoiled brat! She was being so selfish. All she could think about was herself and not wanting to leave Scotland. I hate it when a character cries. It makes me feel so sad. Like when Lucy and Eric were crying. It was really funny when Lucy threw the book through the office window. When we later found out that the book hit T-Bone in the back of the head I laughed out loud. I hope that when they gather all the kids together to tell them about Eric that they bring back Simon, Mary, and Matt! That would be a good episode. It would be like a reunion episode. When Ruthie told Lucy off about being a minister and helping people and on and on, I wanted to slap her! That was so mean. Mackenzie did a terrific job with that because I'm sure that that is what they were tryiing to do with her. Anyway, I loved this episode and I hope they keep getting better as the season goes on.
  • Ruthie is Back! 7th Heaven keeps getting better and better!

    WoW!! This is by far the best episode of the season. Funny and Heartwrenching. "Women" that's classic! It was funny, with Lucy throwing that book out the window, and T-Bone, calling Rev and Mrs. Camden, Mum and Dad, I couldn't help but smirk. I am glad Ruthie's back, even if she's not happy, judging from the previews, she's going to regret acting the way she did. The addition of T-Bone, is a good choice-he brings flavour into the mix, hearing him talk about, life-a big school in itself-hehe! Jane's secret is out of the bag-she's married to a solider, only for the benefits-its good to see, 7th Heaven do its thing-like the old days, Kevin tries to get her to do the right thing. Thanks to him, she's doing something. It was cute the way, Matt, Mary and Simon phoning all at the same time in a panic, it made it feel like the whole family was back, in a way. Like the old days! Honorable Mentions:Beverley Mitchell did an excellent job, she's killing me with Lucy-I feel so much for her, as she begins to show the strains of her workload as a minister, we see her border on hiding behind Crazy Emotional Teen Lucy, and her finally coming to terms with being an adult and taking responsibility. The first scene with her and Kevin is priceless, it had me near tears. Beverley is doing such a great job. And then, in my opinion, the best scene in the whole episode, between Lucy and Eric on the phone, it was so heartwrenching, making me cry-I SO don't want Eric to die. But I couldn't help myself from losing myself in this particular scene, beautiful writing and acting from both Bev and Stephen, and that joke about the cat on the roof, had me smiling, giggling and crying all at the same time. At the words, 'Everything's going to be fine" I sure hope so. Beautiful work on their part. ...to be continued~added suspense~now I can't wait for the next episode.
  • i wonder

    i wonder if they are going to end the show with eric dying??? i almost cry every episode i really hope that they bring everyone back on the show to tell everyone that he has a inlearged heart beause that world be wrong i want them to all come back again and i hope they dont drag it on like a afternoon soap gerrrr
  • Nothing really happened.

    I was looking forward to this eipsode as Ruthie has always been one of my favorite characters but it was, I must admit, a disappointment for me. I thought there was a lot of filler in this episode. There really was no point to the three teens storyline in this and the Sandy/Martin deal was nonsense imo. There really isn\'t a story there. Mitchell did a good job with what she was given and I was glad to see Stephen Collins maintain his run as the only member of the cast to be in every episode. And while I understand the phone call between Lucy and Eric was a way of showing how difficult it will be for them to literally \"face\" each other and the reality, I think that was a blown opportunity for some really good drama and family closeness that made the show for the past decade. Those two should have shared that moment in person again, imo. It would have better demonstrated the intense bond they have as father and daughter. But apparently, based on the promo for next week and Ruthie\'s comment that she doesn\'t know if she\'s strong enough to be around him right now, this is how Hampton is going to play it out.

    I did laugh with a few of Ruthie\'s lines such as \"This is a kidnapping!\" and \"He\'s a control freak!\" in regards to her father but she\'s turned evil or something. I hope the visit changes her back to how she was.

    Next week looks very good as the Camdens are reunited with Ruthie.
  • I would have gave this full 10, but Ruthie whoaaaa!

    Ok well i haven\'t particular liked Ruthie all that much ever since last season since she has changed and not for the better! I mean what happened to that sweet little girl!? It was better of her to not have been in this season at all! It was wrong of her to assume that her parents were getting a divorce then call up her older siblings and tell them that! Crzy! I\'m starting to like Sandy more and more this season she\'s learning from her mistakes and not wanting to mnake the same mistake again, but I mean ciome on marrying Martin all the sudden?! Does she even know him well enough to see if she loves him or not?! Martin\'s been iffy this season I don\'t know if I even like him much anymore. As always Lucy was awesome! So was Eric! Aww Kevin! I want him all to myself! Miine! I really like this T Bone kid! Jane is sort of meh who does she think she is!? i like Margaret though. Overall I really liked this eppi! Yay 7th heaven!
  • Who abducted Ruthie?

    What's with the spoiled brat bit that Ruthie is putting on? I really hope the true Ruthie returns soon. This season is turning out to be a downer all on its own. No help needed by changing the whole personality of one of only a few original remaining characters. I hope the writers have something great up their sleeves (and that is definitly not the death of Eric). Otherwise, i think i will find myself wishing they had hung up their hats last year as planned.
  • Ruthie is back!

    First, I gotta say I'm very glad to see Ruthie again! Yes, she was a brat this episode, but she doesn't know about her dad yet, and by the looks of the preview for next week, she's going to regret having acted this way. It's like with Lucy, she was crazy for one episode but she got better. I'm glad they add the 'To be continued' line to keep tonight's audience back next week. Hopefully the ratings are up.

    David - "Women!" Classic. Lucy was great tonight, as was Eric in his short time on screen. Jane, witty as always but the husband thing came out of nowhere.

    Here's to next week!
  • Wow! Ruthie just came back and I already wish that she was gone again!

    The show starts out with Eric and Annie going to Scotland to bring Ruthie home. Ruthie finds out and begs Lucy to stop them. Ruthie was being really selfish by wanting to stay. I hope she relizes in the next episode what is going on and how much time she has left with her father! Kevin found out that one of the girls that are staying with them is married. Kevin telss Lucy what is wrong with Eric! I think that the scence that Lucy had while talking on the phone with Eric was so touching! The next episode is going to be really good!