8 Out of 10 Cats

Tuesday 10:00 PM on More4 Premiered Jun 03, 2005 In Season





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  • A Good Show

    8 out of 10 cats is probably the best type of these shows going at the moment, Jimmy Carr is great and Sean Lock not a fan of Jason Manford I preferred Dave Spikey but Jason is still funny. I watch this show when I catch it its not one of the shows you are bothered about if you miss. 8 out of 10 cats is much better than QI (which is good but no where near as funny), Mock the week (This is probably the second funniest), Never mind the buzzcocks (used to be good but now it is really poor), have I got news for you (never been a fan of it, the caption thing at the end is the only funny bit) and Shooting Stars ( which probably dont count because its just not a panel show).
  • Hilarious!

    well first of all this is worth the watch just to hear jimmy carr's laugh!!!! its the funniest thing in the world! the team leaders sean and jason always make jokes and aren't afraid to offend the team mates who are random celebrities (some celebs that aren't really well known) They have a few rounds like they have to guess whats been happening in the news that week or having to guess some missing words in surveys...thye can make the most boring surveys into the funniest things possible. Jimmy carr is the best host for this and always makes it a laugh! it's great!!
  • A very interesting show with great laughs

    A show based on polls and surveys being funny seems unlikely doesn't it but 8 out of ten cats out layer manages to make it funny. Of course the poll questions are not too serious making it funny. At the end of the week days when all the news has been northing but bad 8 out of 10 cats highlights the funny side of things making the weekend look more foreseeable.

    The host and guest are always entertaining to watch. Jimmy Carr does a great job of hosting the show. The show can vary in its funniest depending on who the guest are. Never the less the show has never failed to make laugh at least twice.

    My only fault with the show is that it doesn't get the time it deserves. I know this show is worthy of another half hour. I know if it was an hour show it would not drag on like other shows.
  • Could be better

    Jimmy Carr isnt everyones favorite entertainer, and I find him mostly dull. He has some brilliant moments but the truth is this show doesn't need him at the helm to succed.

    8 out 10 cats can often depend on the guest panalist to how good a show will be, often finding that it those you dont assciate with comedy who turn out to be the funniest - Alan Carr and Joan Rivers aside of course.

    The concept of the show is fun and original, and often has some fun pub trivia throw in. The first half being based on the News, does also mean that if the News has been dull this week....

    Overall 8 out of 10 cats is a good show, I watch it when I know its on, but I dont go to any particular trouble to make sure I know when it's on. This show maybe passing the prime of it life now, but it could definatly pick up at any second. I dont like to see any fun concept that's basis is comedy disappear, this show needs to be rejuvinated.
  • A Comedy show that never fails to make me laugh.

    8 out of 10 cats is a comedy show hosted by Jimmy Carr along with the team captains Sean Lock & Dave Spikey (who was replaced with Jason Manford post season 5). Each team has 2 celebrity guest stars (usually comedians and/or people of current tropical interest).

    Pure Comedy then ensues with a number of rounds like a 'poll with a hole' & 'What have people been talking about?' where either the comic genius will make your sides split with laughter or the dumb input from the cute blonde who just made a silly remark, definetly one to make your eyes water with laughter.

    And as if that wasn't enough the show is actually fairly informative of the weeks happenings and various random facts that it is has throughout.

    I Definetly recommend.
  • Funny funny funny

    I think that this show is a really hilarious way to get to know about recent events. The comedy that comes from Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, Dave Spikey and now Jason Manford is outragously funny. The celebrities on each week have something new to bring to the show and it never fails to make me laugh.
  • British gameshow shows the rest of the world how it's done.

    Jimmy Carr is, without a doubt, the best choice of presenter for a comedy-gameshow combination. His subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sarcasm makes my day. Add to this a wide selection of famous guests (David Walliams, Trisha Goddard, Zoe Ball, Johnny Vegas and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson) who always make surprisingly funny quips and remarks and a fairly unique concept (the questions are first asked to the general British public, the contestants then have to guess what the public answered) and the end result is a slice of pure comedic genius. British gameshows have a new champion and its name is 8 Out of 10 Cats.
  • Pure comedy at it's finest!!

    This show has be cracked up every Friday, I never miss it. Not only do you get to catch up with world news... but it's funny!! Sean Lock is my ultimate favourite comedian and for him to be on the show every week is immense. The guests are always good for a laugh, and Jimmy Carr is fantastic! Nothing can stop me watching this, and it gets better each week. If you love comedy and have nothing to do on a Friday, then tune in and be prepared to wet yourself!! (Not literally of course :p)
  • Brillaint

    This is a brillaint show presented by Jimmy Carr Himself!! It is not just like a normal old and boring quiz show but a fantastic and extra extra funny quiz show. It has the best 2 team leaders you can have! They can make a joke out of anything! Must see it