8 Out of 10 Cats

Tuesday 10:00 PM on More4 Premiered Jun 03, 2005 In Season





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  • A very interesting show with great laughs

    A show based on polls and surveys being funny seems unlikely doesn't it but 8 out of ten cats out layer manages to make it funny. Of course the poll questions are not too serious making it funny. At the end of the week days when all the news has been northing but bad 8 out of 10 cats highlights the funny side of things making the weekend look more foreseeable.

    The host and guest are always entertaining to watch. Jimmy Carr does a great job of hosting the show. The show can vary in its funniest depending on who the guest are. Never the less the show has never failed to make laugh at least twice.

    My only fault with the show is that it doesn't get the time it deserves. I know this show is worthy of another half hour. I know if it was an hour show it would not drag on like other shows.