8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 12

A Very C.J. Christmas (a.k.a. A Very Cool Christmas)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2004 on ABC

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  • In order to stop C.J. from spend Christmas alone in Las Vegas, Cate and the family go all out to create the perfect Holiday.

    Cate tries to recreate Christmas from an old family photograph for C.J.
    Everyone in the family does everything that he asks of him.

    While some Christmas carolers are over C.J. begins to feel like he hasn't deserved all the family has done.
    He leaves with a caroler to go to Vegas.
    While there he feels guilty for ditching the family and decides to go back.

    Rory has a rich girlfriend that buys him a really expensive jacket for Christmas. Since he cannot afford to get her something nice too, he feels he has to break up with her.
    She comes to see him on Christmas day, and the family helps them straighten it all out.
  • cj is going to las vegas for christmas but will the hennesys stop him

    its christmas time at the hennesy household and cj is going to spend christmas in las vegas but cate and the family stop him from going, the family made a promise to cj that if he stays for christmas they will do whatever in the picture from cates christmas past including, carolers,grandpa dressed as santa, big christmas tree and so on. but when cj leaves for las vegas after all the family have done for him they are really angry at him, but cj feels sorry so he comes home for christmas dinner and everyone is happy,well after throwing part of their dinner at him.