8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 3

Bridget's First Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2002 on ABC
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Bridget's First Job
After seeing how much money Bridget spends on keeping up with the latest fashions, Paul tells her to go out and get a job to learn how to be fiscally responsible. But when she lands a job at a trendy mall clothing store that offers its workers a 40% discount, Paul and Cate begin to worry that she may not be learning the true value of a dollar.moreless

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  • Showing bridget as she really is! A shopper with a brain!

    Now Bridget's character has always been based on the fact she is beautiful, blonde and not too bright but in this episode it shows how cunning she is.

    when her parents make her get a job, she gets one that gives her discount. she may not have learning the lesson but she definately used her brains for it!

    even though bridget is not too bright she always is cunning. when she gets her paycheck it turns out she actually owes money and cate is not too happy when she finds out she was planning to use the credit card.

    although any other parents would be mad, they are proud of her, like i think everyone was and surprised she actually managed to work. which for bridget it seems a big surprise even in the third episode she seems like the person who gets everything without doing nothing.

    good episode. i would of enjoyed seeing rory more in this. he always has a good side line story and it would be nice to see an episode focused on himmoreless
  • After Paul tells Bridget to get a job, things to go exactly as Bridget planned.

    Bridget had decided to take back some clothes from Carrie so that she could cut them up and use them for a car wash. When Paul finds out about this, he tells Bridget that she needs to get a job so she can learn the value of a dollar. She ends up taking a job at the local clothing store that caters to Bridget's crowd. Paul and the rest of the family show up to see how she is doing on her first day. It turns out that she is handling the job really well. For the rest of the week, she works a lot and is able to get the clothes at a 40% discount. This becomes a problem when her first paycheck shows that she actually owes the store over $400 because of these purchases. She decides to use the emergency credit card, but Cate finds out. When it is revealed what Bridget did, Paul and Cate are disappointed but are still proud that she is able to work the job. They cover the bill until Bridget can pay them back.

    This was an average episode with a couple of good lines. The plot line was predictable and, though her acting was good, I am not a fan of Bridget-centric episodes. Rory's side story was really good and I wish they could have fleshed that out a bit. Overall, it is nice to see Bridget working a job, which I hope they keep her doing since it would build some character for her.moreless
  • Its a great episode!

    Its a really great episode that i would recommend to anyone who has never seen it.


    1) Bridget has to get a job. This was quite enjoyable since Bridget isn't all that responsible.

    2) It was funny too! I loved how Paul was like "Hey no fighting!....so close to the tv."

    3) I like the whole credit card/too many clothes twist thing in it.

    4) The thing with Rory having a snake in his room i think, priceless!


    1) I'm not incredible happy how they ended it.

    Overall, i can't wait to see this on tv again! Watch out for it if you haven't seen it yet.moreless
  • it was great!

    I think that it was one of the best episodes of 8 simple rules that was ever made! it was one of my fav. episodes, i think that it rocked! (go 8 simple rules!) for my first job i hope that it is something like Bridgets because i liked the store, her work habbits, and especialy the clothing! but my one question is why Kerry did not want to admit that she liked the store that Bridget was working in before she did admit that she did like the store that Bridget was working at. But overall i think that it was great.moreless
  • To teach Bridget the value of money, Paul and Cate encourage her to get a job. While managing to start off quite well, she has a difficult time controlling her spending at the trendy clothing store.moreless

    Right from the beginning of this episode, the daughters, Kaley Cuoco (Bridget) and Amy Davidson (Kerry), steal the show with their comedic talent. Exhibiting timeless physical comedy to the perfect delivery of their lines, I'm eager to see more.

    I hope to see some more fun-to-watch fashions from both of them too!

    Experiencing parental growing pains, Paul Hennessy (John Ritter) exposes more of his sweet and tender side. As he laments to his wife that, due to the extra work hours Bridget's been taking on, he misses having her around.

    Katey Sagal continues to be under-utilized in this episode.moreless
John Ritter

John Ritter

Paul Hennessy (2002-2003)

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Joseph Hennessy

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

Amy Davidson (I)

Amy Davidson (I)

Kerry Hennessy

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    • Bridget: (at work) Tyler I need some more hiphuggers stat. (to Paul and Cate) That means I need them right away.
      Cate: I should use that at the hospital.

    • Bridget: Well, Kerry hacks out all of your old love letters at parties!
      Cate: Your father and I have nothing to be ashamed of.
      Bridget: Oh, not those ones. The one in the box marked "Taxes."
      Cate: (To Kerry) You are in big trouble!

    • Bridget: What about the emergency credit card dad gave to us?
      Kerry: The one were only supposed to use in emergencies?
      Bridget: Hello! Emergency!

    • Bridget: I'll take my break, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.
      Paul: Okay, sure! Wait, you drink coffee?

    • Paul: Kerry, is Bridget's hair safe from bangs?
      Kerry: For now.

    • Bridget: Take a whiff of that!
      Kerry: Corporate America?
      Bridget: Normal people call it money.

    • Kerry: I can see Dad is really teaching you the value of a dollar.
      Bridget: Uh, yeah! Everything is forty percent off!
      Kerry: For the handiwork of starving third world children.
      Bridget: Forty percent!

    • Paul: What's wrong with Strip Rags? It's just a clothing store. It is just a clothing store, right?

    • Bridget: I can't pay this! They'll take me off to jail! I'll miss the prom!

    • Bridget: What do you mean a job?
      Kerry: A job is where people work.

    • Bridget: You can't buy happiness? Well he is so wrong. You see all of those clothes? Happy! The car I'm going to buy myself, so happy! The cool private loft I'm going to get the second I turn eighteen, out of control happy!

    • Bridget: (To customer) Yes! Turn around! We have [those pants] in all three colors! And that plaid shirt we were talking about, goes with all of them. Quick go back and change! It's getting hot in here!

    • Kerry: She cut my favorite jeans into shorts!
      Paul: Bridget, you're up.
      Bridget: Okay, here's the thing. I'm working the pep squad car wash today and I have no clean shorts to wear. Well, none that will look good on my anyway. And these are my jeans to begin with anyway that I gave to her, because I'm generous!
      Paul: Well, when you explain it like that, you're buying Kerry new jeans.

    • Bridget: Kerry, tried to cut a chunk out of my hair. Do you know how long it took me to grow out my bangs?
      Paul: Do you know how long it took me to pay for that T.V.?

    • Kerry: Rory had a snake in his room.
      Rory: Not anymore.

    • Paul: I wanted to take you to the bank to open up a checking account.
      Bridget: Boring.
      Paul: Savings account.
      Bridget: Boring.
      Paul: Start a new car fund.
      Bridget: You can do that?
      Paul: Yeah.
      Bridget: I want a convertible. I have the perfect hair for a convertible.

    • Paul: It's worth being lonely if it means I'm being a good dad.

    • Bridget: You get a guy who cries, you own him.

    • Paul: Poor Bridget... I made her stick out the whole shift. Do you think she's okay?
      Kerry: No, I think she's spoiled and her looks will fade.

    • Paul: You know, sometimes to save time in the mornings, I would decide what to wear and lay it out the night before.
      Kerry: So this is what you look like with a head start?

    • (Paul is giving a long family meeting)
      Cate: Paul, I have a turkey in the oven.
      Paul: No, you don't.
      Cate: But if I did, it would be done by now.

    • Paul: I said you shouldn't ask your mother for any money.
      Bridget: I think mom should make her own decisions.
      Paul: You know, your mother and I are a team, and you shouldn't play us off one another.
      Kerry: It's hard to argue with success.

    • Rory: (to Bridget) Why do you hate me?
      Bridget: Oh, I don't hate you. I loathe you.

    • Paul: Your mother and I want you to get a job.
      Bridget: Fine, I'll get a stupid job.
      Paul: "I'll get a stupid job?" Jobs don't grow on trees you know!
      Bridget: (on phone) Hey can I have job where you work? Okay cool see ya tomorrow. (hangs up phone) Not that big a deal. (walks away)

    • Bridget: (looks at the clothes on the floor) God! I hate it when people don't put away their clothes.
      Cate: I have no idea what that feels like!

    • Paul: Did Bridget do something?
      Kerry: A good sister does not tattle on her sister.
      Paul: You've been sworn to secrecy, haven't you?
      Kerry: A good sister does not tattle on her sister.
      Paul: Did Bridget use the emergency credit card to buy clothes?
      Kerry: (nodding) A good sister doesn't tattle on her sister.

    • Bridget: Is that a top from Striprags?
      Kerry: No. Shut up. (turns out light)
      Bridget: (stands up on bed) You know this means your one of us now. Join us, Kerry... Join us!!

    • (Kerry's looking at the shirts)
      Kerry: Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it...cute!
      Cate: What was that?
      Kerry: I said puke...

    • Cate: Let's go see Bridget.
      (Kerry doesn't respond)
      Cate: It's her first day of work, she might be getting yelled at.

    • (Paul on the phone with Bridget)
      Paul: I'll get your DOB. Date of birth. Yes it does! That's what DOB means!

    • Paul: Hey hey no fighting...so close to the TV.

    • Paul: Bridget, you know, the first word you ever said was no. And now you act as if you've never heard it. It's a good word. NO NO NOO! You understand what I'm saying?
      Bridget: No.

    • Cate: Kerry couldn't find any jeans with character.
      Kerry: What's that supposed to mean!
      Cate: What's that supposed to mean!
      (Paul looks at Cate shocked)
      Cate: I know bad parenting.

    • Kerry: (Sarcastically) Yeah. Here's eleven million dollars.

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