8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 20

C.J.'s Real Dad

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on ABC

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  • Good Episode. We find out a little about C.J.'s biological father.

    Well this episode is mainly about C.J. which isn't a bad thing. So his dad comes home for C.J. They play ball, try to pick up chicks, and some other things to bond. So after they have some good times he tells C.J. that he has an appearance on television tomorrow and he would like to take him and discuss a book about him finding a long lost child. When really the reason he came home was to get his long lost son on the show when secretly the book has been worked on for a while before he found C.J. and just wants to make more money. I liked the part where he stuck up for his grandpa and then they threw ball at the end.
  • A very unrealistic idea.

    This episode was quite unrealistic. I mean, CJ's real dad finding CJ so he could write a book about connecting with long lost children. It seems very unrealistic.

    1) Well, some of it was pretty funny. Like this scene: "'C.J.: I have an urge to give you a big hug' 'Grandpa Jim: I don't know, the last time i gave someone a hug, it was your grandmother, and it was something more then that.' 'C.J.: It's all gone now.'" I loved that part! XD
    2) Kerry was happy in this episode. Just because it seems unrealistic, Kerry was happy in this episode. I loved how everyone thought she was on drugs because she was happy!

    1) Like I said above, a very unrealistic plot line.
    2) I didn't like the father's character, not at all!
  • This was one of the funniest episodes of this show especially when the character of a dad had gone off.

    I often watch this show and I was little bit disappointed when "Dad Hennessy" had gone off the show. The show was still funny but not that funny as it use to be. So I think that this was one of the best episodes of the new "era" of the show. It is totally funny but little bit with an expecting ending. I like the relationship between C.J. and Grandpa and they are, for me, the best part of the show. Rory isn't funny as it used to be, and Kerry and Bridget have their good moments but not that often as they used to have them.
  • CJ gets a call from his real father and they met.The turns out to be around 3ft tall and an author.So he gets to know CJ and only wants him to write a book about it so CJ is angry and sad and happy he has his granpa.

    It is great and very fun and one of my favorite because you get to see CJ have emotions and see his soft side and it makes you forget about his womanizing self and see him in a new light in a more methaphorical term. This show is very funny and interesting and is a great family show because personally I can relate to the teenager part and understand how it feels to be used by your father and the heart ace that he endores and the way that he feels when you see your dad then find out he only wants to see you for his personal happiness.