8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 14

C.J.'s Temptation

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2005 on ABC
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C.J.'s Temptation
While Cate finds herself becoming jealous of Principal Ed Gibb's (Adam Arkin, "Chicago Hope") new girlfriend, Cheryl (Pamela Anderson), C.J. is asked by Ed to help tutor Cheryl for her G.E.D.s -- and finds himself unwittingly being hit on by her. Meanwhile, Rory feels awkward after Cate accidentally interrupts him during a private moment.moreless

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  • C.J. is tempted by principal Gibb's girlfriend.

    C.J. is tutoring principal Gibb's girlfriend so she can pass the GED exam.

    She begins to come on to C.J.

    C.J. tells Cate and Cate tells principal Gibb who doesn't believe her.

    The girlfriend later admits everything.

    Rory keeps getting caught in the bathroom with lingerie magazines.

    It wasn't my favorite episode. I like the shows that deal more with the childrens issues and problems.
Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

David Spade

David Spade

C.J. Barnes (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Joseph Hennessy

James Garner

James Garner

Grandpa Jim Egan (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

Amy Davidson (I)

Amy Davidson (I)

Kerry Hennessy

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    • Ed: I think there's a curse for me in this house. It's like it doesn't like me or something.
      Cate: What do you mean?
      Ed: Well I've been poisoned, punched and now dumped.
      Cate: Well, they say bad things happen in threes. Maybe the curse is over.
      Ed: I'm going to use the bathroom. (Opens the door and sees Rory masturbating) Oh my god!
      Rory: Aah!
      Ed: (To Cate) Fours. Bad things happen in fours.

    • C.J.: You owe me! I finally found a job I like and you ruined it for me! You besmirched my name! And I cannot un-smirch it without your help.
      Cate: Your plan is insane!
      C.J.: Fine. I'll bounce back, I have other names. But what about you, Cate? If you don't prove this to Ed, he'll just think you're a jealous, petty, middle-aged woman.
      Cate: I'll have him there by seven.

    • Ed: Cheryl is sweet, and considerate and as hard as it may be for you, my ex-wife and the congregation at my temple to believe, there might actually be a future for us.
      Cate: A future? With Cheryl?
      Ed: Stranger things have happened.
      Cate: Name one!

    • Cate: Cheryl was studying with C.J. last night and she came on to him!
      Ed: C.J.? In what world would Cheryl be attracted to C.J.?
      Cate: The world right next to yours!

    • CJ: ...All forms of alcohol were illegal.
      Cheryl:Wait, all alcohol? Even body shots?
      CJ: Yes, these were dark times.
      Cheryl: But if people couldn't drink how did they get the courage to run topless through a crowded ball park? Or marry a perfect stranger after knowing him only an hour? This does not sound like my America!

    • Ed: Cheryl is gonna be taking some classes here. She's brushing up for her GED. Since we started dating she's been a little self conscious about not finishing highschool.
      Cate: Oh, she never finished highschool. I would have thought she had a PHDD (double D).

    • Cheryl: I had every intention of cheating on you with C.J.
      C.J.: Oooh! My good name is back!

    • C.J.: Now he just thinks I'm spreading a rumor that his girlfriend's a skank. My God, I'm never gonna get tenure.

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