8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2002 on ABC
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Bridget is ecstatic when the cheerleading squad has an opening for a new member. But after telling Kerry that she is not cut out to be a cheerleader, Bridget is completely dumbfounded when her sister tries out and is chosen for the team. Meanwhile, Paul tries in vain to wean Rory off video games and introduce him to the world of books.moreless

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  • what annoys me is that there is a lack of episodes where both kerry and bridget are happy!

    bridget is overjoyed how there is an opening in the cheerleading squad. when i watched this i thought 'o great bridget becomming a cheerleader, this is perfect' but oh no

    after saying to kerry she couldn't do it kerry actually becomes a cheerleader. i was shocked.

    i know it was something to do with the whole goin against my sister thing but it still seemed really out of character for her.

    bridget ends up the slit wrist sister and kerry is happy. i can't see why both of them can't be happy for once. it always seem when kerry is happy bridget aint and vice versa. good episode thoughmoreless
  • Extremely enjoyable!

    I loved this episode!


    1) The plot line was very unique and good. I loved how at first Kerry hated the whole 'cheerleading' idea and just to tick Bridget off, try out for cheerleading and got the only position on the team.

    2) It was very funny and has many memorable jokes to it!

    3) I found the thing funny with Paul being a 'cheerleader' in highschool and always insisting he was 'shout captian.'

    That was very funny.


    1) It seemed kind of weird how quickly Kerry went from thinking cheerleaders were potheads to thinking they were fun, it seemed so unlike her.

    Overall, great episode!moreless
  • It was great!

    It was great! I personaly loved it! It was very enjoyable! It was ha - ha - ha - larious! I loved the part when the cheerleading squad called the last name "Hennesey" when both Bridget and Kerry were sitting there! And then Kerry got up and made cheerleading look easy! I wish I was as good at cheerleading as Kerry, actualy I wish i could at least cheer lead! It looks like so much fun! I also wish that if I didn't make a team or squad and one of my siblings did I could stay home eating ice cream and drinking hot chocolate all day!moreless
  • This episode was not one of my favorites but it was very good. After all how can an episode centered around cheerleaders not be worth mentioning.

    This episode was not one of my favorites but it was very good. After all how can an episode centered around cheerleaders not be worth mentioning.

    i really liked the ironic twist that Kerry got in when she \"put herself out there\" as Paul would say. I also like the temperary shift when kerry becomes happy for a change and Briget becomes the moppy sad one. this helps build upon the replationship of the two sisters where one is happy the other one is sad. i would have given this episode a better score but sadly I believe so much more could have been done to improve this one.moreless
  • I love this episode, I thought Kerry did a very good at the tryouts and I'm glad she made the team, she look so great in her cheerleading uniform. I got 7 words "all that and a bag of chips".moreless

    I love this episode, I thought Kerry did a very good at the tryouts and I'm glad she made the team, she look so great in her cheerleading uniform. I got 7 words "all that and a bag of chips". Kerry was fantastic in this episode, she was so perky.
John Ritter

John Ritter

Paul Hennessy (2002-2003)

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

David Spade

David Spade

C.J. Barnes (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Joseph Hennessy

James Garner

James Garner

Grandpa Jim Egan (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Paul is telling Bridget, Cate and Kerry that he use to be the Yell Captain, the bottle of water in Kerry's hands alternates from being upright with the lid off, to on the its side with the lid on between scenes.

    • Kerry asks 'How does an owl stomp on you?'. Yet in her chant, she sings 'Liberty owls will STOMP on you!'
      Editor's Note: Just because she objected to the stomping cheer, her tryout was just a way to prove to Bridget she could be a cheerleader, and she ended up being better than Bridget, and she still objected to the whole popular crowd thing as well.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Paul: Bridget thinks the only reason Kerry's doing this cheerleading thing is to spite her.
      Cate: Well maybe she is. And maybe she's not.
      Paul: That was helpful.

    • (after Paul learns Kerry made cheerleader instead of Bridget)
      Cate: Tell me, Paul. What exactly do you think... (waves her hands in the air, strokes one hand near her neck, and holds up her finger to her lips) means?

    • Bridget: This is all my fault.
      Paul: No, it's not. It's my fault for falling in love, getting married and having kids!

    • Paul: If you two can't be civil, I want you to both go to your rooms!
      Bridget: Dad, we share the same room.

    • Paul: I had a little chat with Kerry in the car.
      Bridget: He did?
      Kerry: Yeah.
      Bridget: I hate those things! The ones where he almost cries.
      Kerry: Yeah, he is such a cheerleader!
      Paul: Yell captain!

    • Paul: This is something new for Kerry, can't you let her enjoy it?
      Bridget: No!

    • Paul: (About Kerry) Have you ever considered she might be happy?
      Bridget: Oh please, like she's ever happy!

    • (At cheerleading tryouts)
      Kerry: Oh my god, my IQ is plummeting just by being here.

    • (Kerry and Bridget are arguing)
      Rory: I think I'll walk to school today.
      Paul: Nice move.

    • Cate: Paul, what are you doing?
      Paul: (concentrating on video game) Couldn't sleep. Girls fighting. Re-examining my life. Had to find out why Rory is so obsessed with these games.
      Cate: What time did you start finding out?
      Paul: About three am.
      Rory: And you're only there.

    • Cate: Kerry has the right to be cheerleader and Bridget has the right to be upset about it.
      Paul: What about my rights? I pay for everything.

    • Cate: Don't you read those parenting books I give you?
      Paul: No, I just skip to the chapters on how to keep them from having sex.

    • Bridget: You know how long I've been dreaming of this?
      Paul: Well let's see, Sabrina was busted on Monday. So since Monday.

    • Kerry: I don't know why you're so upset. They said you might make the squad. You can spend a year doing drill team.
      Bridget: You better sleep with your eyes open.
      Paul: Did she say drill team? Poor Bridgie. When I was in high school we called drill team "The Dork Squad."
      Cate: I was on drill team.

    • Paul: I'm a little stunned. Why would Kerry even want to be cheerleader?
      Cate: Same reason you wanted to be a cheerleader.
      Paul: Yell captain.

    • Paul: (About Bridget) Cate, she is so unhappy. Make it better.

    • Bridget: Kerry, Lindsay's called like seven times. (throws phone)
      Paul: Honey, in America we say it's for you, then we throw the phone.

    • Paul: Hey beautiful.
      Cate: Oh Paul please, I've been in catheter hell all day.
      Paul: I'm good.

    • Paul: I'm mad at you! It was something you said.
      Cate: What?
      Paul: Let's start a family.

    • Bridget: You know, you've made this, like, the third worst day of my life.
      Paul: This is worse than lost in the forest?

    • Kerry: Mom, did you know dad was a cheerleader?
      Cate: Well, I married him, so I guess not.

    • Tommy: In high school, I was a cheerleader...
      Paul: Me too!
      Tommy: ...magnet.
      Paul: Me too! Cheerleader magnet!
      Tommy: (To coworkers) Hey, back in high school, Hennessy was a cheerleader!

    • Cheerleaders: The owls will stomp... stomp on you!
      Kerry: How exactly does an owl stomp on you? It only weighs like one pound.

    • Kerry: Two! Four! Six! Eight! These mashed potatoes are really great!

    • Paul: When I was in high school, we called drill team the "dork squad."
      Cate: I was on drill team.
      Rory: Way to go, Dad.

    • Kerry: I can't believe you're encouraging your daughter to join the airhead squad. Aim high!
      Paul: They're not all airheads, Kerry.
      Kerry: No, some of them are potheads.

    • Paul: Nowadays cheerleading is qualified as a legitimate sport.
      Kerry: Sport? Ha!
      Cate: Besides, it would look good on Bridget's college application.
      Kerry: College? Ha!

    • (Bridget and Kate come in the door)
      Paul: So, is my little girl a cheerleader?
      (Kerry enters, skipping and throwing poms poms in the air)
      Kerry: Yes-she-is!

  • NOTES (5)