8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on ABC



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    • Cate: (Reading Kerry's emails) Look at this one. A-T-T-I-C. What could that mean?
      CJ: Always...take time...in Cancun?

    • Cate: I don't tell you enough what a good kid you are.
      Kerry: Ummm, I snuck Bruno into the attic tonight. We almost got back together, but I realized he was a jerk and made him leave.
      Cate: I read your emails.
      Kerry: Okay...good night!
      Cate: Good night!

    • Bridget: Mom read your emails.
      Kerry: What!? I'm going to kill her!
      Bridget: Meanwhile, you have a guy in your bedroom. Good luck with that argument.

    • Kerry: I can't believe this! The minute I find out I shouldn't be alone with him, mom sends me back up there with him!
      (Bridget Slaps Kerry)
      Kerry: Why did you do that!
      Bridget: You were quite hysterical!
      Kerry: No I wasn't!
      Bridget: Well, you should be!

    • C.J.: The nerve of Bruno and Kerry, making their private letters practically unreadable.

    • Bridget: Why aren't you going? [To bookclub]
      Cate: Didn't read the book!
      Bridget: You never read the book.
      Cate: I didn't watch the DVD either!

    • C.J.: Hurry! Faster!
      Cate: I am! I am!
      C.J.: WAIT!
      Cate: What!?
      C.J.: Is that English chedder?
      Cate: C.J.!

    • Kerry: Oh my god! You do care about me!
      Bridget: Don't flatter yourself. I just like getting away with stuff.

    • Bridget: There's only three ways to get over a guy; one, date his best friend, two, date his worst enemy, or send his email adress to a million gay porn websites.

    • Bridget: You cannot be friends with an ex unless you were the dumper, not the dumpee! The one who's heart was crushed! The one who's world came crashing down....
      Kerry: I get the idea.

    • Cate: I would never ask you to betray your sister's confidence.
      Bridget: Oh no, I have no problem with that.

    • Rory: My science group is coming over tonight.
      C.J.: Maybe you could study everything that's growing on the toilet and on everything else in there.

    • Bridget: Give him the vicious haiku!
      Kerry: He is not worth the breath!
      Bridget: That's right!
      Kerry: No, that was the first line.

    • Kerry: What were you going to do? Dial randomly until you got my number?
      Bridget: Which by the way doesn't work, I know, I've tried.

    • Kerry: What are you watching?
      Cate: Oh you know, just watching a tear-jerking movie.
      TV announcer voice: We now return to watching 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'

    • Bruno: Wait, was that a smile?
      Kerry: You could see?
      Bruno: Yeah, I've got raptor vision now. I just wear the coke bottle glasses because they're such a chick magnet.

    • Kerry: It was an accident!
      Bridget: Oh no, there are no accidents! Well, except Rory.

    • Grandpa Jim: What if I tell your parents you were up here gambling all night?
      Riley: What if I tell yours?
      Grandpa Jim: Good luck.

    • Kerry: I broke your glasses!
      Bruno: Oh no, no, no! It's fine! I only use them for vision.

    • Kerry: Let me clean some of this stuff and get it out of the way.
      Bruno: You don't have to clean up for me.
      Kerry: No, I was supposed to clean it up three weeks ago.

    • Cate: I'm trying to show you how much I love you damn it! Now go up there and wait for those snacks!

    • Cate: Why did you just slam the door in my face?
      Bridget: You freaked me out! I thought you were a burglar!

    • C.J.: We gotta bust into this laptop and snoop!
      Cate: You just said there's nothing lower then a snoop.
      C.J.: What do I know about morality?

    • Rory: Are you going to punish us?
      Grandpa Jim: Oh you're going to get punished all right, deal me in.

    • Bridget: Look, Kerry. A lot of things I don't understand... Most things I don't understand.

    • Bridget: Mom's looking for you. She read your e-mails.
      Kerry: What? I could kill her!

    • Cate: You know, this e-mail code is like a different language. LOL. What's LOL mean?

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    • Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Reference. In this episode, the famous horror movie 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is referred too.