8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 16

Come and Knock on Our Door

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2003 on ABC

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  • Fans of "Three's Company" will love this episode. Fans of solely "8 Simple Rules" might not.

    That's the risk of any series, whose star gets a dream sequence where they play the role of... the role the same actor played in a tv show from 30 years earlier.

    It's a homage to fans, but has to be cleverly done if new audiences are going to take an interest.

    One has to wonder if they would have done a flashback dream for Katey Sagal (Married with Children, Futurama)... A Futurama nightmare might be rather fun, though a MWC dream would be more instantly recognized, which is essential when aiming at mass audiences. It's always best to know the material being parodied. :)
  • So maybe it's cause I am not american and I didn't get the whole taking something out of an old tv show..

    but i can honestly say i watched this episode with that look on your face that says. what on earth, like seriously. i get the whole omg visiting the past and weird dreams but weirdd.

    i have no idea even how to review this episode. i like the block it out of my memory cause it just stands out in the whole series of being completely random, cringeworthy yet at the same time quite funny. it stands out though for me in a bad way. it didn't fit in with the whole 8 simple rules theme and yes it was meant to be different but i didn't enjoy it.
  • Great episode, and not just because Bridget and Kerry were not talking which made a great storyline, but they revisited "Three's Company".

    Bridget boyfriend, Kyle cheats on her with another girl, and that sounds normal, but it's even worse that he kissed not just any girl, but he kissed her sister, Kerry. Wow, that was bad, and Paul is upset and he really just wants to murder Kyle because he already didn't like him and now he is about to date his other daughter. So, he has a dream that is exactly like the classic "Three's Company" show. Two women living with a man who has to pretend he's gay and it was a great show back then, and it still was a good storyline to put on this show. It was an excellent episode.
  • Flashback episode of three's company; truly awesome!

    This was a great episode! Actually, i think it's one of my favorites. I love the whole Kerry/Kyle/Bridget thing, and this one just added onto it. Paul has a dream that he's on the old popular show called "three's company" that starred John Ritter before he became Paul on 8 simple rules. The humor in this episode was great as well, and i loved the role that Rory played, you noticed him more in this episode so to say. Overall, i love this episode, and i'm sure you will to if you haven't seen it already!. . . . .
  • Paul has a dream...and it's awesome!

    Definatley one of my favorite episodes. It was awesome, funny, and just plain hilarious. They went back to the set of Three's Company, a popular show in the 70's starring John Ritter, before he got the role of Paul on 8 Simple Rules. I loved this episode! Kyle was Jack, Kerry was Janet, and Bridget was the "dumb blonde" Chrissy or Priscilla. But the most funniest person there was Paul who was Mr. Furley. John did such a great job of it, especially when he was playing Jack when he was originally on the show. It was also good to see a come back of Three's Company.
  • Haha hilarious! 8 Simple Rules meets 3s Company!

    There was not a moment during this episode I was not laughing! I loved Paul's dream where it's Kerry and Bridget living with Kyle... And then how he mishears Bridget and Kyle in the kitchen and barges in. And how they tell him that Kyle's gay... Oh and Kate was hilarious!!! She was so funny in her costume and stuff. Plus who can forget Rory??? With his twins and jumpsuit? Oh My GOSH! I could not stop laughing when I saw him like that, it was hysterical!!!

    This was such a great episode! Definently a classic!

    Three's Company Too!
  • This was a great episode!

    I am a big "Three's Company" fan and really love John Ritter. So it is not a surprise that this my favorite episode of the series.

    They did a great job recreating the set and the cast's performances were very convincing . It was also a surprise to see a reunion with Don Knotts ala 'Strange Bedfellows'.

    But that isn't all. At the end of the episode, we see that the kiss between Kerry and Kyle was not so trivial, and opens up a new storyline.

    John also gave a hilarious performance as usual. For instance, his many desires to kill Kyle. "OOH! A crossbow!"

    This is a great episode, and for all "Three's Company" fans, a must-see!