8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 16

Come and Knock on Our Door

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2003 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The following characters from Three's Company are spoofed in Paul's dream in order of appearance:

      Kyle: Jack Tripper
      Bridget: Chrissy Snow
      Kerry: Janet Wood
      Paul: Stanley Roper
      Cate: Helen Roper
      Rory: Larry Dallas

    • In the dream sequence, when Kyle and Bridget are in the kitchen, Kyle puts an oven glove on his left hand to take out the baking tray. Shortly after he grabs the tray with his unprotected right hand. Realistically, he couldn't have done this because he would severely burn his hand.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: Hey honey look at this stun gun, it's able to incapacitate someone with a bone rattling yet not lethal burst of electricity.
      Cate: You're not still fantasizing about punishing Kyle, are you?
      Paul: Why? Just cause he cheated on my daughter with my other daughter, never. Do you think this thing could go through a snow board jacket?
      Cate: Paul have you ever heard the expression two wrongs don't make a right?
      Paul: Oooo, a crossbow.

    • Paul: Disco was not my mistake, it was the mistake of the nation.

    • (Paul is pointing at Kyle and Bridget is pointing at Kerry)
      Paul and Bridget: You are SO dead!
      Kyle and Kerry: It's not what it looks like!

    • Bridget: Kerry? Who's Kerry?
      Rory: Backstabbing boyfriend stealer.
      Cate: She knows, Rory, she knows.
      Rory: Oh, so I was just rubbing it in.

    • Kerry: I thought we hid those shoes.
      Bridget: He must buy them in bulk.

    • Paul: Love you!
      Cate: Don't care.

    • Kyle: (To Paul) Before you come any closer, you should know I have a letter at my house instructing the police to question you in the event of my death.

    • Bridget: I just don't want anyone to get hurt.
      Kyle: Well, I think we are responsible enough too...
      Bridget: No, I mean my dad really wants to hurt you.

    • (Paul is listening by the door to the kitchen)
      Bridget: Those are some great buns! Wow! They're so round and firm!
      Kyle: Why don't you go ahead and grab one!
      Bridget: Oh Kyle, I thought you'd never ask! This is just what I've been needing.
      Kyle: Why don't I get Kerry in here, I have enough for the both of you!
      Paul: (Coming through the door) Okay! Get your hands off those...cinnamon buns, they're fattening.

    • Paul: You forget, I saw the breakup! Bridget ripped out Kyle's heart and stomped on it. It was beautiful!

    • Cate: You're wearing earplugs?
      Paul: Yeah, turns out Bridget isn't too great at the silent treatment.

    • Paul: Bridget broke up with Kyle. All is right with the world.

    • Cate: I'm taking you shoe shopping.
      Rory: I think I'm a little too old to go shopping with my mom.
      Cate: Yeah maybe. But the last time I gave you money for pants you bought a surfboard.
      Rory: It was on sale.
      Cate: We live in Michigan.
      Rory: Now.

    • (Kerry and Bridget are fighting again)
      Cate: Ok, You two are making this unbearable for all of us!
      Rory: Actually, I'm kind of enjoying it.
      Paul: Rory, get in the car!
      Rory: But we're home!
      Paul: In the car!
      Rory: Aww man!

    • (they are in Kyle's brother's apartment)
      Paul: Kerry? What are you doing here?
      Bridget: To finish stealing my boyfriend. Isn't it obvious?
      Kerry: (sarcastically) Yes. Then why would I bring our little brother?
      Bridget: I never said you were good at it.

    • Paul: (with his back facing Cate) Kids, do me a favor. If your mom asks, I didn't go to Kyle's, I went to buy some milk.
      Rory: Okay. Mom, dad didn't go to Kyle's, he went to buy some milk.

    • Cate: Bridget, you'll have a lot of boyfriends,
      Bridget: Oh yeah. That's true.
      Cate: But you'll never have another sister, tears of a clown notwithstanding.

    • Cate: I was just thinking that with the kids going out and no craziness for awhile we could have a romantic dinner and then later maybe in the words of Marvin Gays there could be some--
      Paul: Tears of a Clown?
      Cate: Sexual Healing.
      Paul: Oh, right. "Tears of a Clown" was by the Miracles.

    • Kyle: Bridget, we really need to talk.
      Paul: Talk to the hand.

    • Bridget: (to Kyle) What do you want? Kerry's not here. Oh, and I don't have any more sisters.

    • Paul: (after busting in though the door) This looks familiar.

    • Kerry: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... No, no, it's not what you think, is it Bridget?
      Bridget: Uh, no... Yes... Uh... Kyle's....
      Kerry: (Whispering) Gay.
      Bridget: Kyle's gay!
      Paul: He is?
      Kyle: I am? Oh, I mean I am. Very. Oh my, look at those drapes, they're filthy!
      Paul: Wait a minute! You expect me to believe that three single people are living under the same roof and nothing is going to happen because he's gay?
      Kerry: As crazy a premise as that sounds, yes.
      Paul: I'll buy it.

    • Bridget: Oh! You just overheard something and assumed it meant something else. It was a misunderstanding!
      Kyle: That happens a lot around here.

    • Rory: Oh, by the way. One of my sources tells me that Kyle is staying at his brother's bachelor pad, and he invited Bridget over this evening.
      Cate: And what source is that, Rory? You hiding in the closet?
      Rory: I'm like a Navy SEAL. Here's the address.

    • Bridget: I'm going to Ashley's for support. She went through the same thing with her boyfriend.
      Rory: Kerry kissed Ashley's boyfriend too? Man, she gets around!

    • Cate: Look, what Kyle did was wrong, but all teenage boys make mistakes.
      Paul: Not all.
      Cate: Paul, your yearbook quote was 'born to boogie'.
      Paul: Hey. Disco was not my mistake. It was the mistake of a nation.

    • Paul: Kyle, I have just one question. Are you gay?
      Kyle: No.
      Paul: Wrong answer.

    • Paul: Cate, I had this terrible dream that the girls lived with Kyle and he said he was gay but he really wasn't.
      Cate: Sounds like a stupid TV show.
      Paul: ...Not that stupid.

  • Notes

    • At the end of this episode's theme song, Rory sprays the camera with silly-string.

    • This is the very last time that Don Knotts and John Ritter would ever appear together due to both of their deaths.

    • The first time since 1984 that Don Knotts played Mr. Furley even though it was only in a dream, also this would be the last time that Don Knotts ever takes on the role of Mr. Furley.

    • When this episode aired on ABC after John Ritter's death, several scenes were different, including Paul noticing Rory's chest hair, the talk between Kyle and Bridget at the apartment, and Cate's line about it sounding like a "stupid TV show."

      In syndication on the Daytime WB (January 10, 2006), the original version aired.

    • Don Knotts was the first and only "Three's Company" co-star to work with John Ritter on the show.

    • The Classic "Three's Company" Set Was Recreated for This Episode in Which Paul Dreams that His Daughters are Living with Swinging Bachelor Kyle

    • Tape Date: "Three's Company" Dream Sequence taped on Thursday January 9, 2003; rest of the episode on Friday January 10, 2003.

  • Allusions

    • After Paul entered Kyle's real apartment he does a prat fall over the couch. This was John Ritter's signature stunt on "Three's Company".

    • During the "Three's Company" dream sequence, Paul (as Mr. Roper) agrees to look at the broken light-switch in the apartment. Kyle (as Jack Tripper), pretending to be gay slides up next to Paul, puts his arm around him and bats his eyelashes saying, "Thanks. It's so great to have a man around the house." This is an allusion to the British sitcom "Man About the House", of which "Three's Company" was the American remake. John Ritter's character Jack Tripper was the "man about the house." The character in the original British sitcom was named Robin Tripp.

    • Don Knotts: Nip it, in the Bud.

      This was a saying that his character Barney Fife used on The Andy Griffith Show.

    • This episode is an allusion to the show Three's Company, which also starred John Ritter (Paul).

      "Come And Knock On Our Door" was the name of Three's Company's theme song.