8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • perfect

    Rory steals a police dog to try and earn himself a title in school as a legend. Bridgit refuses to wear a helmet when on her boyfriend's motorcycle. The police dog, who sniffs drugs, finds marijuana in Kerry's backpack. All her children are getting in trouble, what is Kate to do?

    Good episode. My favorite part was CJ asking if Kate was glad CJ brought the dog home, after finding weed, and Kate's dad getting in trouble at the end because glaucoma being illegal in Michigan. Good episode, I thought, I liked it a lot, definite A+ grade for sure.
  • One of my favorites for season two!

    This is an extremely pleasurable episode! I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

    1) I loved the plot in this episode. I love the idea of how Rory stole the drug dog and then discovered that Kerry has drugs in her bag.
    2) Loved the whole Kerry/drug deal thing, it was interesting and neat to watch.
    3) The thing with Bridget trying to be a "biker chick" was funny.
    4) I liked how the grandpa had to cover C.J. and pretended the marijuana was some medication, and then found out that was illegal in front of the cop.

    1) I didn't like how they ended it, with Rory getting a reward in the end. That didn't seem right.

    Overall, incredible episode!
  • Cate realizes all her kids have changed. A pretty good episode! So funny!

    A really funny and cute episode about Rory who is keeping the secret of having a missing drug dog in the house, and Bridget who is going on motor cycles without her helmet on, and Kerry who is caught with pot in her bagpack. This episode was really shocking when the drug dog finds the pot in Kerry's bag. I gasped to death. (Well, not as much as I gasped when I found out about John's death)

    Loved it. So funny. :D